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hi guys thanks for tuning in to another episode of Nuggets news in this week’s technical analysis I want to cover the big three as well as Bitcoin cash neo and a us now I’m gonna rename his segment crypto market update rather than straight technical analysis because I do often dive into the fundamentals I go off track a little bit but you know that that’s really my passion and what I like doing is rolling it all into one to tie it together to give you guys what I think is gonna happen in the next week or so so last week Bitcoin was training it around 8900 and we’re looking at a number of things here we’re very wary of the overhead resistance you know I spoke about the need for consolidation and by just about every metric were getting extended as soon as Bitcoin touched this level here where we look for the RSI to get overboard on the daily and had a pullback but it was more this four hour time frame that we’re looking at and yes it was extended or was away from there moving averages that Bollinger Bands that’s why I’ve got all these indicators on the chart that global consciousness what are all the other traders looking at and I painted this box here is very stiff overhead resistance guys so we got up there you know strong rejection from the resistance we had another and other attempts rejected but we did form a high low and their third attempt we’re pulling back but we often see this light trading volume and what I said was you know don’t be afraid if we run into that resistance it’s likely to happen but watch for the volume on the sell offs now we did have a large sell-off here but compared to some of these these big green bars we’ve had you know it really hasn’t been too bad there’s no fear in the market as such so I’m gonna give you my predictions for what I see playing out now as always all good technical traders and a lot of you follow numerous channels and we talked about percentages so I’ll outline some of the unlikely scenarios and then to what I really feel is going to happen so the first scenario is might unlikely scenario and that’s that we pull back for a number of days this cycle bracket bottoms on the fourth of May I think we need some bad fundamental news I really think that Nasdaq news we had is probably enough to spark the market and it was kind of digested in the stock market well the market often takes a day to digest some news you know the our guys look for keywords on the spur of the moment but well you have to sit back and think what does this mean in the biggest scheme of things now in crypto I think that’s even more so sometimes it can take a couple of days for certain announcements to be digested particularly over the weekend where all our usual no markets activities businesses a lot of those are shot so I think I’m looking for some strength when the US market is open you know in a couple of hours from now a time of recording and that brings me to my most likely scenario so what I’d like to see here is you know these started test is higher make a make a higher higher than last time we have we tested this box even breakthrough then come back and use it as support you know support resistance become support vice versa now that could perfectly line up with the the fourth of May here for that next leg higher that’s my most likely scenario guys I guess the other scenario is that we don’t really get anything we just get a bit of a chop sideways in this tightening pattern but if we look at how much this is early tightening on the 4-hour here this would have to you know have broken right around there on the fourth anyway so it’s all lining up to look for that date as the fourth of May to be really important to watch but I really think that knows that news is super positive I’m really excited to see how the market reacts on US open in a couple of hours so onto aetherium now last week a theorem is trading at six hundred and thirty dollars I’ll just zoom out again you guys take that off the log scale for you and we’ve got our cycle brackets there that if God is so well look at look how well this called it again here you know right to the day we’re getting these strong pushes higher each time so again we’re approaching that bottom a theorems the next cycle brackets on the fifth of May so roughly lining up with with Bitcoin as well but those overhead resistances were what we were aware of when you in theorem and had a tremendous run you know very extended there on the daily outside more so than Bitcoin it seems like only yesterday I was a couple of weeks ago now and be I was a in the 300 dollar range now we’re looking at these levels between 666 and $700 we’re spend a lot of time here as we’ve said a number of times support can become resistance just there so I’ve been drawn that the best sorry guys I hope you know that laser level that’s the one I wanted so yeah all these times here that’s you know support resistance support spent time here and we’ve gone up there and tagged out on the Bollinger Bands but a theorem has outperformed Bitcoin they’re getting over that 200-day moving average and coming back and using that as support now so same again guys we can have another little leg high here but at some stage we need to have that little correction and I’m really looking for the strength to come in around the fourth or fifth of May so I’m to litecoin last week training around $150 I gonna laser level again so it was you know areas where that have been previous resistance or support that we’re sort of looking for there and that was the last time we had a lot of trading volume look at all that volume that was there that was spent around that mark that became you know support and resistance overhead a little bit high here rejected so you know we’re up around that level we’ve got that overhead resistance on a number of coins like one just got ahead of that 200-day moving average hits the Bollinger Band they’re all coming back you know where this bracket is pushing up now for the next few days so like coin maybe can be a little bit stronger than the others play catch-up if the big three all get moving I think like one’s definitely got that room to catch up there and really no correction until the 12th of May so like coin would be the strongest next week now Bitcoin cash interesting one so training it around $1400 last week and we were aware that it was getting very extended on just about every measure so you know right up there in the 80s and the the daily hour saw but it was more the four-hour that we were very wary of getting up here into the 90s so the for our our size in the 90s it doesn’t mean it can’t go higher but we just have to be aware that were especially when we’re noting you know this diverge it’s where the RSO starts to lose strength so the relative strength index such a lose strength as well as you know the MACD rolling over and that was really a signal that hey we’ve run tremendously hard you know we’re up over 100 percent but we do have to take a breather now what I said would be really bullish is if we get this cool off of the for our aside but we don’t give a lot back so let’s just give out a fib tool here see if we want to take it from sorry that’s the extension you know it’s one of the favorite tradesmen let’s just see and this is what’s really bullish when we come down you know we 38.2% but then we consolidated around the highest field level and that’s what we’re looking for we haven’t given a lot back after a tremendous move but the eye our size had time to cool off and get back to 50 our side 50 is where we tend to see a bounce if things are gonna stay bullish so again if the market in general is recovering I’d expect Bitcoin to surpass 16 Bitcoin cash to surpass $1,600 next week that was with the strong picture that we were looking for if it was gonna continue higher that’s what it’s giving us so Bitcoin cash remains strong now the others I wanted to touch on just now and this is why every name is sigmund because I want to talk a bit about the fundamentals so I first covered neo and a full fundamental analysis when it was around $7 I believe for you guys we first started looking at it even before that when it was a couple of dolls and I know there’s a few of you that got it under $1 so well done if you’ve held that entire time but what I see for neo now is a lot of people not talking about what they maybe should be talking about and we often see that baton get changed in terms of trading between Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin who’s trading what but we also see the baton get changed in terms of – what coins flavor the month what coins hot right now and that’s why I want to talk about EOS next as well but I think neo is setting up for a tremendously bullish year because it is where aetherium was you know maybe 12 months ago it’s just getting that stage now where China’s starting to have a bit more good news as I said silence can be golden if we don’t get any regular taury push back if cha if now and trying to become that platform for icos to launch just look what a theory ins price did and look what it’s doing now with all these icy OS that need a theorem to raise capital a lot of them sit their capital in aetherium especially those projects that are early on dive had tremendous capital gains but because they’ve held a theorem instead of holding dollars in a bank you know a lot of people in this ecosystem are believers in the entire space and they want to support whatever coin they’re raising rather than liquidate at all so a lot of neo would be you know hot held off market drying up supply all those fundamentals I really think Neos setting up you know it already got to two hundred dollars you know months ago and the huge run-up but you know that tool again since we’ve had that run-up it’s had a big pullback guys just about gave it all of it back but I but I’m looking for strength so next overhead resistance we got to this level here this is proved to be a little bit of overhead resistance but next stuff you know a hundred and twelve dollars there for neo but if the market really runs I think this is gonna surprise a lot of people and that’s what I’m waiting for for the baton to be changed back to me you guys know exactly I’m talking about you know everyone will be talking about this for a week Neos having all these I SEOs it’s gonna cause a huge run-up in price guys when it comes and that’s why sometimes huddling is the best thing you know I don’t necessarily have a lot of time to trade these days with all the Australian I SEOs and projects that we’re helping so I’m holding you know I’ve got my now I own it it’ll go up when it’s time when it’s its turn and I love it when everyone’s not talking about a good coin that’s when you should be accumulating so finally a osios is a very interesting one there’s a lot about it that I that I like and it’s very promising and there’s also some aspects that that I’m not keen on that I would do differently I guess if I was writing it now needless to say if you’re a trader or you bought some here you’ve had a tremendous run I actually first put eos at $0.50 and i sold it in this first run here at about four dollars or so because i thought it was getting a bit ahead of itself you know we didn’t know what main net was even going to look like at the time and all that sort of thing is a year-long IC o—- you know and it got back down here as well so now I’m seriously looking for an entry point for long term so I’m open-minded a lot of people think you know maybe your auntie this coin or auntie that coin guys you’ve got to be very critical respect your capital before you put it anywhere and if I get into EOS it’s gonna be once I’ve done my full fundamental research on which I’m working on a right now for you guys because I believe this is a very promising technology and I was I remember very clearly in the early days when everyone was probably Bitcoin you know twenty thirteen fourteen fifteen and know some of the people that were you know Bitcoin maximalist close minded to eighth and I never want to become one of those people I want to be open-minded to the fact that EOS could be very different to what the theorems doing yes it’s slightly more centralized with with the node system and whatever I’ll talk about all that but it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter to a lot of people a lot of business cases if we have a huge run in crypto this year and the herd come flooding in and else has got billions of dollars to spend on marketing the fact is it’s gonna have a huge run-up in price you know regardless of what that underlying technology is currently doing or its current state so all those things apply to every coin guys we put out a poll last night so on Twitter and it was pretty much 50/50 you know Twitter was actually more bullish and I put out a poll in my the crypto Academy that I run and we’ve got traders with a lot of experience that have seen this happen time and time again and it was by far and away bearish just for the next few weeks now a lot of people in this group onie offs and they’re bullish a us but when we put this out yesterday at about six o’clock at night he also was around twenty two dollars and had a little leg higher but that was a perfect opportunity and I know a few people you know group do you answer that short so I look I’ve been looking to re-enter and accumulate around this market fifteen dollars if we get back there it needed to cool off guys it was so extended on the daily and the four-hour chart but as I said let’s let’s be open-minded I’m really excited to see what es can do and if they have that system of dropping air air dropping tokens for all the I SEOs and finding them themselves thereäôs and that if you’re in war chest that they’re sitting on this coin could be very big over the next 12 months to two years so I hope you’ve enjoyed that analysis guys please hit that like button subscribe if you haven’t already share these videos around and as always thanks for tuning in guys Cheers

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