Crypto News πŸ”₯ Making History in Colombia & Succeeding Where Others Failed [Fixed]

welcome to another episode of crypto riot coming live from Colombia guys I wanted to provide you with some quick updates on the crypto cucit our project now if you follow the text base you’re probably already aware of initiative that’s been going on for about 13 years it’s called the One Laptop Per child initiative and the goal of this and the idea behind this was that if we could create a rugged durable laptop that cost less than a hundred dollars that it could be distributed to children around the world and really change their educational opportunities and I think one of the biggest problems with this project was that it might have been cited just a little too early because the tech wasn’t ready so over the last 13 years this project has really failed to get off the ground and deliver the number of units that they’d promised to deliver now one of the biggest complaints people had about these laptops is that they were so stripped down that they really weren’t able to be used as laptops they had their own Linux distribution which meant they had really limited access to the amount of software that they could put on there and that meant that when the children were saving them yes it was better than nothing but it was nothing like having a full functional laptop like you and I would use in the West well one of the things that I’m really excited about is that when we went and started to research this project because one of the complaints that I’ve had about the crypto cucit our project is what are we going to do for people that don’t have cell phones what are we going to do for people that don’t have computers so we have done a lot of research into paper wallets and I do believe that’s a very viable alternative but while we’ve been doing that we’ve also been looking at a lot of low cost solutions as to basically how to benefit the entire city of cou Qatar through crypto and through educational resources so one of the things that we wanted to do was find a way to make a laptop and to make a fully usable computer for under $100 and I’m really happy to report that in the last two months that we’ve successfully achieved that goal and I have the first 20 units right here now I know what you’re thinking when I say that I’ve built a laptop that costs less than $75 delivered in Columbia that it must just be well not that great must have a lot of things missing and that’s absolutely not the case I personally use these machines over the last week they’re fast they’re efficient they have all of the specifications all the features that you would expect to find on any modern computer in fact when I’m using first my iPhone eight I don’t have I don’t notice a massive difference between the two when I’m using do lingo when I’m using Google Chrome any of the documents on this it’s fast its responsive the screens are high resolution the cameras are HD everything on these machines does everything that you would expect to see on a much more expensive computer now the reason I was able to achieve this goal so easily is because before I was even finished with my business plan I was contacted by the team over at digi byte and they were actually one of the first supporters of this project but we don’t know if you’re going to choose didja byte as the currency that you’re going to use for this project and they said it doesn’t matter we want to get behind this project because we believe it’s good for the overall crypto community and we believe in what you’re doing so without any questions the digi byte community gave me a very large amount of digibytes to go and basically spend any way that I see fit so the first thing that I did was really reach out to the schools in cucuta because they’re struggling the most and I believe that the children are our future and they’re really the the best resource that we have so for me figuring out a way to get laptops into these schools which are in really tough situations in Qatar now is a very high priority so I was able to identify the first two schools and we went in there and we’ve already delivered the desks and the tables we’ve already connected the Internet now we have the first 20 units to go to the schools we have some basic school supplies as well crowns we’ve got scissors blue all of the things that they originally requested from us that the One Laptop Per child project had been trying to do for so long and one of the other things that makes me really proud of this project is scalable so while I’ve been able to build these units at only $75 a piece now and there’s 20 sitting on the table if I had the funding I could easily get a hundred of these if I had more funding I can get a thousand I can scale up to 10,000 units in under two months so that means that I don’t have to rely on manufacturers I don’t have to rely on the political climate anywhere it means that all we need to do as a crypto community is to get together around projects like this and we’re gonna provide basically direct funding to these schools we’re going to be able to sponsor individual schools so it’s my hope that after we get the first few schools completed after we’re seeing the results that maybe we’ll come in and they’ll want a sponsor at high school or maybe nano will come in and sponsor another high school so as we’re preparing for the larger launch of the crypto cucit our project every week or two we’re going to be delivering hundreds if not thousands of these computers into some of the poorest neighborhoods instead of some of the poorest areas of the world and we’re going to provide these children with the really world-class top-of-the-line educational resources and tools and I think that that’s just going to open up a world of opportunity for us and that’s also going to provide just so much positive PR because one of the other comments that I’m getting about this project is people are asking me what’s going to happen if the government shuts you down so it’s my belief that in countries like this what’s really going to be the determining factor on whether crypto is accepted into the community or not is the use cases so right now I think there’s a big race in Colombia we can either let the Silk Road take the dominant stage and we can have everybody that’s talking about crypto say oh look this is all being used for illegal purchases this is all being used in the black-market all we can come together as a community and we can start finding and really pushing all the legitimate uses of crypto we can start distributing these laptops all around cuca tile we can even in pre-load crypto wallets so each student that gets these laptops will also have a few dollars of crypto so they can get some exposure to it so now I’m gonna walk you through exactly how we were able to achieve this goal exactly how we were able to configure these computers and what that means for the future what you’re looking at here is one of the latest Amazon fire tablets they have a 7 inch high-definition screen HD camera if you look at them here without the case you can see that they’re extremely light they weigh about a pound and they have a battery that lasts all day now one of the things that we were able to do with these is a we were able to sideload the Google Play Store which meant that we don’t just have to use the Alexa software we’re also able to use any of the Android applications so what this did is this really drastically cut our cost for any of the software that we needed and you can see that here is the budget for the tablets in quantity 10 and quantity 100 now one of the small mistakes I made or during the first ones is just using a very cheap Bluetooth keyboard this at the lower quantity was only eight dollars and I’m it works ok you can see you can see how I’m using it here but at the everything else about this unit is such high quality the case is fantastic it really lets you use this device so many ways it really protects it as well I’ve dropped this off tables I’ve dropped them off you know probably four or five feet and I haven’t been able to break the unit price for each Amazon fire is around thirty nine dollars the phone case in the lower quantities is seventeen dollars although I was able to find a source on Alibaba so I’ve upgraded the $8 keyboard to a sixteen or seventeen dollar keyboard and once I get those I’ll finish testing these units but like I said everything is running really great with the Google sheets you’re able to use it offline so you’re able to have a word processor and an Excel spreadsheet and then when you get back on line that’ll resynchronize your Docs if a teacher wants to for example share any of the instructions or any of the homework it’s very easy to do amongst her whole class and I think that if you’re looking at what these students had verse bringing something like this in there I think it’s pretty easy to see what a substantial difference these will make so you have a regular Chrome browser but you also have do lingo and for those of you that aren’t familiar with duolingo it’s some incredible free language learning software this is actually how I learnt Spanish up to an intermediate level see everything’s just so fast everything’s so responsive it just makes it so easy to use we have YouTube of course which you can learn almost anything and then what’s really neat as well is that I’ve installed a few of the blockchain wallet so blockchain the blockchain world is great for aetherium and Bitcoin jacks is a mobile wallet which I’ve used for a long time I really enjoy it I guess my only complaint with Jack’s right now is it’s not supporting digibind and since did you buy it was the blockchain that sponsored these original run of computers I was really hoping to install you know a digi byte wallet and even three or four dollars on each of these machines as we were all out so if anybody knows any of the developers over at Jack’s I’ve done a recent tweet and I’ve asked them to integrate that I’ll include a link down below but this would be a really great time and I could really use your help getting did you buy integrated to the jack’s wallet so as we get ready to launch our project in cucuta we’ve been working with a lot of the local charities and a lot of the local politicians and we’re just trying to basically make everybody aware of our project and really what our goals are so what we’ve also been doing is just doing some food drives over the weekend here’s a food drive that was done by one of our members two Sundays ago now what’s interesting is most of our volunteers don’t have bank accounts they don’t have access to the financial system but we are able to send them crypto they are able to use a local exchange to convert that into Fiat and then in this instance they’ve been able to actually go and prepare all of these meals and then they’ve driven around the city and just gone distributed food so I find that just incredible because I’m just one guy on YouTube and I had to dream three months ago that we could help these people and when I went in and I first made that video I didn’t know anybody here I didn’t know all the details about how we were going to get this project off the ground but already in just this short period of time now we’ve made so many huge steps and now we’re you know as we move forward we’re going to be basically working with the teachers working with the students and building our core team and building our base of supporters and then when we are ready for our main project which is obviously to get crypto to a tipping point where it reaches mass adoption I think that we are going to be very welcome in this city and I think that we are going to have a huge group of appreciative people that are going to be very receptive to this technology so that’s really why I’m so passionate that’s why I’m so excited about this and this is really the reason that I moved down to Columbia

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