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welcome back to fast money we did Times start do we have free will and as the 31 cents surge in Bitcoin in April for real well we’ve got a Bitcoin alert with the chart MasterCard or before so macro who’s got the answer to one of those questions I wonder which one Carter so gotta go back to the old format my old videos got flagged that’s why you haven’t seen any new content for a little while so hopefully you’ll like this new format well I try the answer but let’s try to see if we can figure out possibly the answer a lot of fun I was the most dynamic thing in all markets and it’s both ruined people and made people great fortunes but here is a chart for the past four or five years and I want to sort of zero in on this volatility now but let’s put in the trend lines put in the percentage declines and so and when you’re doing this stuff remember they’re going off of historical numbers the market cap was never that big and I believe in in the future they’re gonna bring that up so forth so what we have here again is every drawdown of import over the past three four years and you and you see the numbers I mean down 36 down 41 21 down 38 and and this one’s the most extreme down 70 but if you go back we had two declines there were in the 90 percentile category in in 1314 but so now if we put in the trendline get rid of these percentage draw downs what we have is the following there’s obviously a lot of volatility so I’m sure you guys already know that a well-defined moment of big movement meaning when you have lower highs and higher lows it represents equilibrium and there’s a debate so I’m love this thing and something it’s of course the greatest fraud of all time but this is going to get resolved violently and if we triangulate a little more let me just zero in to the here and now this is the thing that’s important when it made it slow on Feb 6 the market of course made it slow on Feb 9th we revisited that low and we held and so now if I put the wedge back in in this so there you go that’s what they’re really basing their charting on that the February low as you can see on my chart over here they didn’t hit it and so they’re signaling possibly a bull run and so far it looks like it hasn’t and it won’t be going to back down to that February low so they’re they’re all about it the mainstream media since that dip has been really pumping crypto and personally if you’ve been watching this channel we’re getting closer and closer now to ten thousand subscribers and I would highly recommend getting into crypto currency if you haven’t please check out Robin Hood or coinbase one of these accounts get your account set up and be ready to buy if you can I would buy now if you still want to wait a little longer go for it it’s never too late to purchase but like I said if you have never followed this market I wouldn’t rush into it and obviously you want to invest a small amount but I’m gonna go ahead and break up the next video because they’re gonna go into more of an analysis but they are really recommending a buy in the futures and I totally agree and you should consider doing the same so let me know what you guys think and I will talk to you soon

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