EOS – The New Paradigm

good morning crypto sports fans back hey I got a couple responses from that video I did on the price of pls hitting 889 dollars I got a couple people calling me clickbait saying I’m going after clickbait imagine that I don’t even have thousand subscribers I’m talking to my friends out here people the spreadsheet I put together was based on I mean it was based on an order of magnitude more money coming into the crypto market which has happened every year for the last nine years an order of magnitude more money has come into the crypto market I’m not trying to be you know some no at all I’m just saying hey if history repeats itself this is what’s going to happen and if Els holds it same position in the market this is what’s gonna happen in fact the spreadsheet came out with the number 888 dollars and 88 v EO s is about to launch in June right up until now they’ve been putting out two million coins new coins a day and June they stopped the price the supply stops and the demand continues to increase okay second Els has this weird feature about it that that not too many other coins have and I liken it to say this if you had bought imagine if you had bought one aetherium token when aetherium first launched and then because of that you received one of eat one token of each of the I cos that launched through a theory that would be pretty amazing right I mean I was that’s a lot of new apps they knew I cos that came out on a theorem that you would now be a proud owner of well cos has adopted that philosophy OS I said hey if you buy into us the platform then you can get a little chunk of everything that comes out on Els not everything okay but a lot of things and why would they do that to take advantage of the EOS distribution it took a year to distribute the tokens hopefully it has a very wide distribution because of that so other ice other companies that want to build on Els can simply take advantage of that audience you know that’s the less probably the most important thing that no one thinks about is who holds your token he can be as decentralized as you want to be but if you if ever if one person owns all your tokens or a a two or three groups on all your tokens then your days are limited your days are numbered all right so there’s there’s another reason why the EOS coin is going to continue to skyrocket if that doesn’t translate yet it’s people won’t want to sell their coin why would you sell your EOS coin if you know that you’re going to get more coins based on that you know I was talking to a buddy of mine Brian yesterday and I said it’s almost like you know this is the this is the only ticket in town if you don’t have this ticket you don’t get into the concert and if you don’t get into the order I should say not a concert but it’s more like a festival if you don’t buy the ticket to the festival you don’t see all of the concerts if you don’t buy the ticket to this festival the ELS festival then you miss out on all these new action and and acts that come out on the program or on the software so yeah you you need to have this ticket it’s a pretty important to get to have in fact I’d highly recommend and this is not financial advice because I’m not an expert but I would highly recommend buying as many Eos tokens as you can get your little greedy hands on because it’s going to get you more of the future systems that come out on top of it that was the second reason third reason that I believe Els going to continue to skyrocket is little something called storage and it’s we haven’t seen this yet and it won’t it won’t be really it won’t really affect the system until probably about a year in or so where you start to see people storing data and as they store that data they have to let the pledge a certain amount of tokens to keep that data stored if they want to delete the data they get their tokens back but as Dan Larimer put it some data has the effect of needing to be stored forever which means those tokens that are locked up to store that data will be stored forever and as the blockchain continues to grow okay more data needs to be stored more tokens need to be locked up so that that data can be secured that gives the the effect of reducing the circulating supply if you reduce the supply and your demand continues to increase you’ve got a really inverse relationship there so you can see this guy the price skyrocketing the u.s. is going to create a new paradigm in this cryptocurrency world it’s not just another coin people it is not just another token when iOS launches in June it will have concluded the longest ico period today dan Larimer knew the importance of that and that’s why he scheduled it out a full year now what’s that got to do with the price well is my opinion that when Els launches it will launch in oh so the perfect market because two things both sides of the equation on one side we have all of these developers that have been dying to create their apps on the etherion platform to be a little disappointed in the outcome of the etherium project this isn’t this this isn’t my opinion this is the developer’s opinion that it’s difficult and it costs money okay so iOS will transform that in a way that the developers can now freely develop on top of the iOS platform with no you know obstacles in front of them like etherion has put so that all this demand that has been you know here since the back in 2014 2015 when the idea of etherium developed and they began to program thus if the system you know people that’s when the wheels started turning man people had ideas that they wanted to create things on the etherium on the yeah the etherium network and when that didn’t pan out they’re scratching their head where do we go where do we go and yes I know there’s people developing on other platforms but here’s my point the OS is the first one to have parallel execution along with the ability to communicate with other chains on the EOS platform so EOS brings this level of like competitiveness to the market where if you developed your software previous you’re going to now want to probably rethink it and maybe even develop on EOS to take advantage of all the things around it at the EOS launch in the platform network in fact okay so it I’m almost saying pretty much everything pre EOS is going to eat is going to need to rethink their position and either adopt the EOS software software which is a win for us or rewrite on top of EOS which I don’t know the difference the second thing is is you have Google YouTube Twitter and Facebook all openly censoring our population openly blatantly and it has it started you know a long time ago but it’s become to a point where you know some of these large personalities on like YouTube for example are getting ticked off and they have such a huge following that they talk to about these things that the the word has spread quickly that the censoring has become unbearable and they’re looking for other ways they’re looking for other platforms and you know if I’m a developer I would have built on the platform that’s going to last the longest that had the widest distribution that has the most money behind it for future success and if on the personality on YouTube I also want to choose a platform that to you know to upload my videos to where I don’t have to re-upload them to a new platform in six months or a year because this one is centralized or it’s also censoring or whatever the case steam is a great example steam is on a blockchain and it’s picking up speed tremendously and the only the only negative on steam is it’s gonna have competition on EOS or in adopts EOS one or the other but there’s no doubt that there will be social media in fact there’s already been one announced Oh No Oh n Oh at of China that’s launching on EOS but there will be many you know different social media platforms that launch on on a OS to compete with something like a steam now I just watched a streaming video the other day on D tube which is decentralized YouTube essentially which is built on the steam blockchain Wow okay we can’t get crypto kitties to run on ethereum but I’m streaming on D tube which is the steam it block J why is all this important that’s all dan Lammers resume that’s what he built and now you’ve got his third generation software coming out vos which will incorporate all the bells and whistles and ten times more and it includes its own constitution governance model security it has hacked account recovery password recovery parallel execution interoperability with other chains okay blablablabla black you know what it really has it has the network effect in a huge way and behind that network effect is over 1 billion dollars that has been pledged to write software on that chain 1 billion dollars people I don’t I had a guy say hey what about neo Neil has all these things well neo doesn’t have all these things neo does not have a constitution I don’t think but also neo doesn’t have a billion dollar war chest to put into development and it did not have a 1 year long distribution so I would only imagine that it has a much more centralized audience subscriber base you know so all other chains all other chains will have competition on Els and a TOS provides the new competition with a leg up it has a platform that they can talk to the other chains on so I mean you you have way more functionality there when you can now literally you know communicate across chains and do it instantaneously so you got to thank every current blockchain out there we’ll see competition on EOS I commented to a friend the other day I said you know in the last several years it’s been all about blockchain blockchain blockchain blockchain and what iOS does is it makes it not about blockchain and and what I mean is all these developers that have great ideas like decentralized uber they have to develop their app after they develop a blockchain to put it on okay so there it takes a whole nother level of abilities to be able to do that so it hasn’t yes there are people been they have been doing it and some of them they’re great at blockchain development not so good at the app some of them are great at the apps not so good at the blockchain so Dan Larimer comes along and says hey I know how to build block chains you see the proof here’s my new system you can build apps on top of it it’s completely self governed you know it’s it’s everything you want it to be and it can be upgraded unlike etherium we needed a fork when they had a problem or a Bitcoin who needed to fork obviously a lot of that’s due to their proof of work mechanism but gos does not have to fork to upgrade so gos is a chain of chains so you could launch your own blockchain on the EOS protocol which allows you to communicate with anybody else that launches on the EOS protocol that’s pretty cool you know I mean I don’t know if you guys remember the days when AOL first popped up yeah showing my age here but AOL would only allow you to email other people on AOL it was like you were your own tight-knit little group and that’s really what all these other chains look like right now they look like little AOL Z you have to be in their community and you have to subscribe to their notion of way of doing business and you know and he could possibly be centralized so we have so what we have is we have a lot of little aol’s out there that are their own small tight-knit communities many of many of them somewhat centralized based on their token distributions you know there’s been token distributions that only lasted a week or a month was the average and you know EOS comes along it does a full year they want to spread that out they wanted to give everybody a chance to buy it as well so all other chains are like AOL and that they communicate with themselves vos comes along and says hey we could let you communicate with anybody else that wants to build a chain as long as you incorporate this new protocol this new EOS protocol and that’s fantastic for everybody moving forward but it’s not so great for everybody that currently exists they’re either going to need to somehow incorporate the EOS protocol into their software which in many cases won’t be possible or they’re going to need to rewrite on top of the u.s. protocol they certainly don’t have to however any new ideas that pop up on Els to compete with them will have the advantage and the advantage actually comes in the fact that it they’re they’re able to communicate with all these other chains just I mean things that we we can’t even think of right now and you know it we’re in the fundamental stage we just need to be able to communicate cross chain that everybody knows that that’s like the what are they calling the holy grail in the crypto spaces cross chain communication well Dan’s got it and it’s coming out and I’m just saying that anything previous TLS is gonna want to rethink some things okay and anything that’s built on EOS will have the advantages of the network effect of EOS and that billion dollars that is being pumped into development on the platform the price of the LS is going to continue to rise for many many many years to come you know barring any unforeseen events this this type of software which is completely upgradable doesn’t need to be replaced you can add to it and we don’t need multiple multiple current you know working block chains we need one good one and then we could put whatever we want on it and protect the heck out of it and I know that’s not gonna happen there’s gonna be more than one okay I’m not trying to suggest that it’s a monopoly out there but the truth be told is if we have one good one we can get started man we can get started I know how many people have been many developers have been ready to put apps out and they can’t because the technology’s not there well it’s got to be there in June a couple things real quick about EOS that is different from other chains one with a OS if you have a OS then you could be privy to new coins that come on that chain so nude apps that are developed could opt to provide you with free coins because they’re getting money from the block one the because they’re getting money from block one to do the development so they give the coin to you to take advantage of the distribution and to make sure that you vote accordingly and that’s that’s how they keep it from becoming centralized that’s gonna be the big new thing and I mean it’s always been the big new thing but you know when you do an ICO and you only do it for a week then you run the risk of whales coming in and buying up all your tokens now your centralized not completely but take steam for example steam has an unfair distribution I’ll just say that so because you have this new paradigm where by owning EOS coins you maybe get you may get other EOS coins which by the way this already happened the EOS DAC which is not a OS it’s a DAC on top of us but it’s called a OS DAC z/os DAC already launched their new token and gave us token holders the tokens gifted up to them gifted gifted it two of them Wow right so do you want to sell your Els right now knowing that two days from now you might get another coin a week from now you might get another coin okay this is essentially reducing the circulating supply you know with Bitcoin for example if the price goes up you have no risk and selling it and waiting for that price to come back down before you buy it but with EOS if the price goes up and you sell it to wait for it to come back down and buy back again you may miss out on two three four coin drops air drops which they might not be worth a lot today but what will they be worth in the future and that’s really what you have to weigh that against you know if you own a hundred EOS tokens well then when the EOS DAC launched you received 100 els tokens 100 gos DAC tokens you didn’t do anything for those tokens you didn’t have to buy an either but they’re currently trading at 20 cents so there’s 20 bucks now imagine if that was imagine if you owned a thousand eos tokens you just would have gotten $200 whoo there’s not too many people that are gonna want to you know start trading their Rio s tokens like they would bitch Bitcoin to make a buck because making the buck involves holding your EOS coins not trading them you know and then there’s that there’s the storage idea which is brilliant because it allows anybody who wants to store data on the OS platform can and the block producers will manage that and storing data sometimes involves storing data forever and if you have to store data forever then you’re locking up tokens forever essentially also reducing the circulating supply anytime you reduce the supply and the demand is continuing to rise or even stays the same the price is going to shoot up so you see EOS has a lot of reasons to rise it has a lot of reasons to jump up it hasn’t even launched yet so I still predict a you know 170 hundred and 80 dollar Els coin by the end of next year the end of 2019 I don’t see that being any issue and I think by the end of 2020 we could we could potentially see an eight hundred nine hundred dollar US you know that would be that would be you know if I did a video on this recently but that would be one order of magnitude greater for the entire market and it would be EOS assuming more of that market if you haven’t been paying in it and ye OS has always been in the one and a half two percent of the total crypto market recently it jumped up as high as four at one point but it it’s been at three and a half three percent so it’s already creeping as a percentage of the whole it’s already creeping up so as that continues to happen and as more money continues to get pumped into the market I see really good things for us people I see really good things for us I’m not a financial adviser but this is absolutely financial advice pick up some EOS we’ll see ya

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