Ethereum Heading To $2,500, Bitcoin Cash Fork And Verge TokenPay Partnership

hello everyone welcome back for another video hope that you are all doing well and that you were all having a great day to start things off independent financial consulting company Devere group which provides investment and wealth management services has predicted that the price of etherium could hit two thousand five hundred dollars by the end of the year the financial consultancy firm said that the second largest cryptocurrencies a significant rise predicting its fourfold increased thanks to growing adoption of the digital currency as well as the use of smart contracts nigel green who is the founder and CEO of Devere group told market watch the price of a theorem is predicted to increase significantly this year and could hit two thousand five hundred dollars by the end of 2018 with the further increase by 2019 and 2020 the general upswing will be fueled by three main drivers first more and more platforms are using etherium as a means of trading second the increased use of smart contracts by etherium and third the decentralization of cloud computing me personally I feel like 2500 is still a very conservative number if you will the amount of upgrades that are planned for aetherium and the things that will be coming out to the platform and the amount of other ICS that are going to be built on top of a theorem once the new upgrades have rolled out I have constantly said I think three to five thousand dollars per aetherium is definitely a possibility to see I know some other people may disagree with me but just because of what aetherium is and what Ethier iam stand for and once again there are a lot of very wealthy people who own aetherium they are going to do exactly what they have done with Bitcoin they’re going to make sure that aetherium survives I’m a very big believer in both EOS and aetherium there’s a lot of talk that EOS could potentially pass by Ethier IAM sometime this year but I think if he theorem is quick enough I think they may be able to stay ahead and realistically once we have plasma and Casper on aetherium I think it’s like a lot to bring them down next up there is news about Bitcoin cash and how they plan on adding a bigger blocks and smart contracts to their form Bitcoin cash is next upgrade maybe even more ambitious than its first in fact announced in November in slated for May 15th packages together a number of features that all seem to help the network process more transactions than the original Bitcoin while adding more variety to its features perhaps most notably the change will quadruple Bitcoin caches block size parameter from 8 MB to 32 MB which is crazy allowing for vastly more transactions per block indeed Joshua Abbott who contributes to the Bitcoin cash protocol main software implementation Bitcoin ABC said he doesn’t expect any protests at all when users are finally giving the choice to upgrade software on top of this they also plan on adding smart contracts that they say that Satoshi Nakamoto originally had in the software but took out for some reason not only did Bitcoin cash developers pack in features but they’ve also added back some of the old capabilities that Bitcoin big Bitcoin Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto stripped from the original protocol early on the most notable here is the addition of new kinds of smart contracts or dynamic if-then programming statements that can give added functionality to how Bitcoin cash tokens can pass between users they’re trying or at least they spoke about this on the original Bitcoin as well talking about that they planned on adding some type of smart contract feature I’m not exactly sure if they’re still going ahead with this or they’re focusing on other projects but it seems like in order to be able to keep up you need to implement smart contracts because a lot of these things will be used or the idea is that they will be used by many companies and countries in the future when you’re trying to do transactions or to prove that things have happened on the blockchain if you were trying to sell something if you’re trying to sell property a car say something is in your name these things will go through smart contracts once you know the one side has paid their money than the other money will eventually go through so it seems that they’re also trying to make sure to grab a hold of this market we’ll be talking about Bitcoin cash a bit later on in the video verge is once again in the news a lot of people weren’t too happy or thrilled when they announced their last two partnerships but recently token Pei has mentioned a partnership with verge and the xvg debit cards which are scheduled to be launched token Pei recently tweeted our bank deal in Germany as outlined an ecosystem report has now been signed several weeks ahead of schedule closing is expected to occur before the next weekend and an official announcement will follow t pay in xvg debit cards coming soon so there was I when we got the news that Virg was releasing their partnerships and it was these two companies a lot of people weren’t too happy and then there was other news that they actually have other partnerships also in the works but they’re kind of I guess holding back or waiting for the right time but I’m pretty sure that they probably have other partnerships in the works that they’re trying to work on in some sort of fashion because Virg is a very popular coin there up there is Virg Tron and there’s another one card on oh and maybe a fourth one these are like the next generation crypto coins a lot of people have their sights on so I’m sure that they’re going to try and pull out all the stops especially when they’re trying to make a name for themselves next up this is kind of crazy so ëthere IAM Omi’s a ago and Cardinal creators have announced that they are boycotting consensus 2018 after some crazy stuff went down according to Bloomberg the creators of aetherium card on O&M ez ago some of the biggest public blockchain protocols and cryptocurrencies are boycotting the largest cryptocurrency conference consensus after a controversial report about Omi’s ago surge in price was published on April 26 consensus 2018 is the latest leading cryptocurrency conference hosted by a cryptocurrency media outlet coin desk who I use often the event which is often hosted in the second quarter of every year attracts many of the most and shoe projects developers investors and public figures in both the financial sector and cryptocurrency industry however aetherium creators metallic butyrin and Charles huskin bee Omi’s a go team and the says cosmos aperture supposed to be Cardno team have announced that they will not attend this year’s consensus 2018 event after coin desk reported about the rise in the value of amis ago which included a section about a fake Omi’s a go giveaway so to put it clearly one consensus is a major event and etherium is always there they’re always there everyone looks forward to the Omi’s echo area out of the etherium area to see what they have to say what’s going on what are the next things that are going to be happening in the project and the fact that they’re not going to be there Cardinal or Army’s they go is a literal slap in the face but it comes down to coin desk post is something I’m sure you’ve seen these things on social media before especially on Twitter where someone says send me 0.3 of this coin and I will definitely send you 3 of this there was something online that says send 0.3 owe me a ago and you will get 300 means ago the fact that people still fall for these things is kind of spectacular and the shows what kind of world that we live in but apparently coin desk reported that they were actually in on this that this was not indeed a scam that it was something that amis day ago ran and that they were trying to pretty much get people out of their money which is absolutely ridiculous and when this was found out they kind of came forward and said how dare you say all of this about Hermes they go especially because metallic is one of the people I think he’s one of their what’s the word not one of the developers on Hermes they go but he’s one of the people oh gosh what’s the word who helps the old me say go team however you want to call it so this is causing a huge amount of backlash who is left to be seen if other crypto teams will kind of come forward and say that they are also not going to be there but coin desk has had a lot of problems in to be fair to be completely 100% fair there are about seven ten eleven somewhere in between that number that are reputable new sources for cryptocurrencies and at some point or other they have all leaned to a certain side and if you like I said always read between the lines make sure to read the good in the bad and what you’re reading who have all come out at some point against a certain coin or have said something like not even negative something that was completely false and they they posted it anyway because I’m pretty sure there are a lot of there’s another website not going to name the name they’re obsessed with Bitcoin and it’s not Bitcoin calm it’s another website and when you read their articles about any altcoin and I don’t mean even cerium like on anything anything that is not Bitcoin they make sure to drag it through the mud as much as possible they’ll give you good news while still spitting in your face I’ll kind of say it like that so every single different news website is responsible for these things but it seems like a coin desk may have done this one too many times and as of now it seems that coin desk has actually taken down the article which they’ve done many times before in the past and they’ve apologized not to say that they’re off the hook but I think this will have a few shockwaves especially because they are the people who are doing the consensus event so kind of crazy next up France is in the news they have apparently changed the tax on crypto to down from 45% to 19% indicating that it is now movable property Francis Khan say data the council of state has changed the tax rate on cryptocurrency sales to a flat rate of 19% rather than up to 45% like it was before local news outlet loom owned reported on Thursday the Council of state said that the tax changes tax change comes from the new classification of a Bitcoin separate from commercial or non-commercial activity the fact that it was ever 45% or could have ever gotten up to 45% is just a complete mistake this is I you know what I said before the the countries that have the highest tax will not benefit from cryptocurrencies these are also the countries that are the most opposed or trying to regulate trip currencies as quick as possible because they simply don’t understand and they also said something else about yeah about mining about crypto mining as well I think this will still be taxed at 45% in the country not to get into French or European politics there are a lot of millionaires and their few billionaires who actually live in friends who are now moving to Monaco and are now moving to Switzerland because there was I think one point that France was trying to tax people like millionaires in general I think almost 90% of their yearly income I pretty sure it was 90 because I remember seeing it on the news so France is going to have a really hard time and if they don’t get it together when it comes to cryptocurrencies because a lot of people will be leaving their country there’s a lot of controversy floating around Bitcoin cash at the moment which we will slowly work our way into biotech company turned a cryptocurrency investment firm riot to blockchain is not long on Bitcoin cash that’s one of several revelations from a recent public filing that provides an overview of the colorado-based companies 2017 financial results the nasdaq listed firm which reports that it had three thousand five hundred bit main miners which is crazy deploy to the data center in oklahoma city at the end of march and intends to have eight thousand miners running by the end of may said that it presently converts any bitcoin cash mind to bitcoin on a regular basis in march ride blockchain mined approximately 69 bitcoin in 44 bitcoin cash collectively worth about six hundred and seventy thousand dollars at the time of writing when fully deployed riot expects it’s presently owned hashing power to be over 110 pedda hash that’s insane which it believes would rank the company among the largest publicly listed cryptocurrency mining operations there’s a huge movement and I’m not exactly sure why I mean as of now we know that bitcoin is king this is we can’t dispute it as much as you know like I said I I but I believe it is another point another coin will push Bitcoin out the way say what you will but there are a lot of organizations and companies who are mining cryptocurrencies who are completely cashing out of Bitcoin cash and they’re just buying into Bitcoin especially because of all the crazy price predictions that we have for Bitcoin over the next coming years there’s also a controversy behind Bitcoin cash we spoke a couple of days ago I can remember exactly who’s doing it but someone or some company or organization they’re burning their Bitcoin cash so that they can decrease the supply that is kind of floating around and a lot of people think that this is just being done to kind of have a scarcity with the coin in order so that more people think that there’s less of it and then therefore will start dumping their money it’s a Bitcoin cash I am in favor of bitcoins simply because this was the first coin that I ever saw and I’m not against the Bitcoin cash but there seems to be a dramatic shift in what’s happening with Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash right now and I this is not going to end anytime soon I don’t think it’s going to end probably within the next 10 years of the world of cryptocurrency sliding in to this one there’s now a huge thing going on with 600 Bitcoin the original Bitcoin users are actually trying to get a lawsuit going against Bitcoin calm which is the official website of Bitcoin cash they got the domain name very early and as you might imagine there at least to a lot of confusion a community movement that has grown to over 600 individuals in just two days is pursuing legal action against Bitcoin calm and its owner Roger ver for deliberately misleading new users into buying a Bitcoin cash instead of Bitcoin without going into the entire thing when you type in buy Bitcoin on Google the first thing that you get after the ads is Bitcoin calm which is the official website of Bitcoin cash and a lot of people are saying that they have or they feel that they were duped allegedly be cuz when you are on it it says buy bitcoin cash with credit card and right below it it says buy Bitcoin core and as many people have never heard of Bitcoin core they assume that it is something else entirely different from what the original Bitcoin is so they end up buying this one first especially as a number of websites I’m sure you may have seen it around if you are buying or selling or trading or I’ve clicked on anything that says Bitcoin cash this is usually a green symbol if I’m not mistaken so a lot of people say that they have been misled when they are trying to buy it even further is that they have I believe changed the name of these things on the website they have changed the name of Bitcoin cash on the website to simply Bitcoin and I believe Bitcoin like the original Bitcoin is now called Bitcoin core as you can see BTC Bitcoin core so this leads to a lot more confusion I think they have a photo of it so you know earlier this week Bitcoin comm underwent changes to present Bitcoin cash as Bitcoin most notably the block Explorer which change from BTC as Bitcoin cash to Bitcoin core and Bitcoin as bch so as you the so rod fair is a huge backer of bitcoin cash he says that this is the original idea behind Satoshi nakamoto’s vision I believe he says he also knows him or has met him or they know each other they talk on Facebook or something like that they tweet each other whatever the case might be he says that Bitcoin cash is what it should be and as such I believe he’s one of the few people in the world who actually refers to it simply as Bitcoin and he calls the original Bitcoin and altcoin not going to get into it I have my own opinions but a lot of people are not too happy with what is happening and there’s just so much controversy going around Bitcoin cash and I wish that there was kind of a way to simplify it or kind of like clear the air because I think they could both have a place in the ecosystem but it’s just like this ravenous community crypto is very tribal if you haven’t noticed I’ve noticed in the comments section if I say anything slightly negative about any coin people try to tear me and other commenters apart kind of just what it is I guess a lot of people have a lot of time on their hands I don’t know what it is but I think this is going to be going on for a long time and I hope that Roger there I don’t wanna say he’s scamming people but he has his own beliefs I whatever I’m done I’m not gonna even go into it because it’s it’s it’s it’s such a deep pool to dive into last stop the SEC is once again in the news without reading the entire thing the US House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations held a hearing with the Wall Street regulator on April 26 and they explored regulating cryptocurrencies and what they still seem to believe exists in a Wild West environment SEC chairman Jay Clinton was looked to as an authority on the topic of cryptocurrencies and what was his maiden testimony before this specific committee it comes down to they are saying that overall they do not think that bitcoin is not a security but they believe that every single other coin and ICO that they are all securities and therefore should fall out of the jurisdiction of the SEC and I want you to let that sink in for a second I spoke about this a day or two ago as well when there were some other news and part of the problem is is that if I mean okay other cryptocurrencies that have already launched aside all the new IC OS and what they’re saying about potentially aetherium and ripple and especially any other coin that we have been talking about over the last couple of weeks or anything that is going to launch the sec is saying that if these coins launch you should have to register your coins with the american government tell them exactly how many you have where you got it from and they’re supposed to know about the movement of these coins and i’m you can see how that might be a problem to a lot of people especially for the people who are creating these coins they did not create these coins under the impression that they would be or at least people in America would be required to have to come forward and tell the American government exactly how many that they are owning there is a slight silver lining a lot of people have started coming forward and they’re saying that America is risking throwing so much dirt on top of cryptocurrencies because they’re so afraid of it as opposed to just waiting and seeing exactly what they can do that they’re going to hamper the creation or the building of the cryptocurrency movement and blockchain movement in America and people will simply move to another country there was a guy he was saying a day or two ago he said so many countries don’t understand what’s going on he said can you imagine if in 1994 a whole bunch of countries heard about the Internet and they were like no one’s gonna use the Internet and up to this point in like today they had an integrated the internet what would have happened to these countries what would have happened like what would have happened to their infrastructure no one would be sending them Telegraph messages or like carrier pigeons to let them know exactly what’s going on in the world so it’s all kind of it’s kind of ridiculous what’s going on I understand that countries are afraid but I’m glad that we have a lot of companies or organizations and other people who are creating cryptocurrencies coming forward to talk to these people to let them know that this isn’t some scary dramatic thing it’s one thing to regulate to cryptocurrency exchanges but to think that they’ll be able to regulate the coins themselves might might indeed be the silliest thing that I think I’ve heard this entire year thus far I’m hoping that the SEC and the US government kind of does more work and a lot of people are saying also that’s because cryptocurrencies are in a completely new world which they are the people in traditional finance have said that they had they had expected finance to go the same for the next 100 years they hadn’t expected it to change or change so rapidly because there current laws do not apply to cryptocurrencies because they’re different and as such they may even be possibly possibly possibly possibly be looking into creating new laws that would affect cryptocurrencies themselves because things that laws that we have now should not be affect that were made 7080 years ago should not be affecting some type of new technology and makes no sense it hampers the creation and innovation of these coins and as such it probably should not be going through but yeah and not to spend too much time on this as I already have on this one topic that is going to do it for this video once again an extremely heavy news day there hasn’t been one day that has gone by that hasn’t been absolutely insane with the amount of news that’s coming out but it’s kind of good it’s good that we’re getting um very optimistic very good news well I mean not this story but you know it is what it is that we’re getting things kind of when the market was going down we didn’t we got maybe like two news stories in the entire day because I think it was such a pessimistic area that was kind of floating around but now with all these new price predictions all these new upgrades all these new partnerships I’m still fairly confident that 2018 is going to be a very exciting year for cryptocurrencies I hope you guys all have a great day great afternoon great evening wherever you are wherever you might be whatever you might be doing thank you once again for all of the support and like always I will talk to you all soon see you you

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