Federal Reserve calls Bitcoin a CURRENCY! $10,000K BTC coming.

what’s going on crypto addicts you know what the market effing beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful we are seeing what we need to see to show signs of stability don’t forget this is crypto currencies and don’t forget with a market cap even a 400 billion volatility is still an issue you could wake up tomorrow morning and be at the 250 billion market cap alright so make sure you manage expectations I check it out this isn’t financial advice a lot a financial advisory these are my opinions don’t buy crypto currencies because you heard someone from YouTube say hey I like this I’m gonna buy it you should buy it my research says this I’m blah blah blah no youtubers are not accredited actually first aren’t licensed financial advisors or not professionals or just sharing opinions that’s what I’m doing sharing my opinions alright so do your own research utilize objective thinking and make an informed decision before buying any crypto with your hard-earned money alright so we had a really nice point yesterday we had a lot of green yesterday we seen a lot of gains with a lot of coins today seems like we’re seeing a little bit nope yeah I’m like in a 24 volume of Bitcoin right now being in your like 9 billion like I said won’t you see a 10 billion dollar consistently I think we’re gonna be in the ten thousand dollar range actually Yahoo Yahoo Finance has some thoughts on that I was reading on them but basically they’re you know they’re saying there’s a possibility it could be this weekend or next maybe as far as us hitting a ten thousand dollar Bitcoin now they do mention something in here that you know it’s just really frustrates me the prospects of Bitcoin cash hard work for that is expected to liver a competitive edge over Bitcoin has yet to be reflected in a market app type of market barometer so Bitcoin base pays like the market barometer and you see me highlight that all the time I’m always pointing out what is Bitcoin do to me I pay attention a Bitcoin first anything else second because Bitcoin he’s going to tell you what happen with the restaurant market so I mean with this big point cash a you know hard fork it just makes no sense it’s garbage no it’s a desperate desperate desperate thing don’t forget bitcoin caster Roger uber right now is being sued by over 600 people for misleading them into buying Bitcoin cash versus Bitcoin telling a hate project I hate that’s in behind it but anyhow a ten thousand dollar Bitcoin seems like it’s in the horizons could be sooner it could be lost sooner than later now a few videos ago and we’re talking about a de Cardona and I did a video saying why I’m not buying a de Caro no yet because we were still in that phase to where we had to be cautiously optimistic and we had to take our time with investing now if you knew and you don’t know what area card on is it Accardo know is basically another a theorem created by Charles Hoskins and who is also the co-creator of a theory basically aetherium without the flaws and a lot more better I can say add-ons a lot more better actually better for blocking the Broadway actually provide better services and even a few more extras that the theorem that had a through him had it they’d actually be dominated but aetherium is never crazy like a Dakar da know if everyone’s wondering why we’re actually seeing you know yesterday he was up like thirty percent some points why we’re seeing this eight Accardo know is set to launch to test us you can check it out we’ll be here ambi crypto gecko dunno is set to launch to test and that’s very soon and I think this right here is what’s got everyone kind of pumping into there right now getting excited I know that they’re supposed to go to Tel Aviv for crypto conference and and probably probably have some news there but remember when it comes to crypto currencies actually any kind of investments by the hype selling news so make sure if you are in this if you are investing in a card on right now and if you got in within the asked I don’t know a couple of days carefully watch the news make sure you keep up what’s happening because a moment any news hits if it’s really nothing significant even if it is something significant you probably see a sell-off so I mean you know don’t want to get caught in any kind of traps there take a look at it a card on them those have a lot of coin definitely has a lot of coin but having a lot of coin does help with volatility so I mean you know can get you some room with you catch something late to maybe get in or get out but again use your own judgment don’t do this because I’m saying so don’t buy it don’t sell it because some of youtube said so I’m just trying to say hey look out for this now some really bullish freaking news st. Louis Federal Reserve says bitcoin is like regular currency now I know some of you guys right now have the knowledge to know that the Federal Reserve is not a government agency it is a private entity it’s a privately owned business okay is not a government agency federal jurors basically who controls the US dollar now this is a this is actually big big news because of the fact that many been arguing over the intrinsic value of Bitcoin right and saying no Bitcoin doesn’t have an intrinsic value Bitcoin doesn’t haven’t triggers value it’s not worth anything because it can’t be backed by any kind of commodities and blah blah blah well these freaking Fed Reserve said right here in the first paragraph if you really want to see this some of you guys want me to tell you persisting yourself with Bitcoin units have no intrinsic value but added the currency such as the US dollar of the euro and the Swiss France have no intrinsic value either okay this is because we have one from going we’ve went from being backed by commodities right from rural commodity as you can see right here to being backed by trust everything is basically backed by trust even our fiat currencies Bitcoin is no different so it’s actually kind of a game changer to me that’s like a door opener you know I mean that’s like the first step to true acceptance into the financial world especially the Federal Reserve acknowledges hey yeah this isn’t another currency it is a currency nope it has no intrinsic value but neither the US Dollar Euro or Swiss France so you know this is very interesting guys very very interesting definitely something I would look up and research for you if I were you guys because 2018 is a year we’re going to see a lot of regulation and I haven’t mentioned this in a while with the regulation that we’re gonna see this year there’s gonna be two coins that I feel or two kind of coins I feel gonna be really really big this year mainly okay so first because of regulation privacy coins Jorma narrows and yours n caches maybe even some – people right now no regulation is coming people right now know that you know that you’re gonna be hunted down for taxes so I really feel that this is gonna be the year of privacy coins especially the closer to December that we get and the second most common coin I feel that it’s going to be really big is artificial intelligence things like syndicator things that can forecast what’s going to happen the market and if you don’t have any C and D the definitely do your own research on this bad boy because D&D has made some market predictions that have been very spot-on even as far as the market cap where we’re going and basically they’re saying that the market cap that we have right now we’re not going to be following anytime soon it is forecast it’s really bullish bullish news C and D is a phenomenal project if you have not looked into it you need to look into it yes they have a lot of coin there’s a there’s 2 billion total supply but this is the kind of stuff I’m telling you syndicators me one of those points that whenever it’s institutional money starts pouring in they’re gonna buy syndicator because of how dangerously accurate this bot is how dangerously accurate forecasts it’s about 90% it does get things wrong I’ll be the first one to tell you it has got things wrong but definitely take a look at syndicator just like you’re looking at a card on wanna make sure you guys don’t forget about seeing deets indicator is it’s it’s a it’s a yeah stop there but anyhow guys that’s all I got for today figure I do a quick video sharing that bullish news about the Federal Reserve and acknowledging that cryptocurrencies is like a currency okay bitcoin is like a currency that is bullish news so hell yeah guys I think we see some I think we’re gonna see some really good things coming in May I really do any other guys appreciate you watching peace out

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