Here’s Why Bitcoin’s Price Will Likely BLAST OFF Next Week

[Music] well ladies and gentlemen it looks as though the recent string of bad news related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is soon going to come to a close as a lot of financial analysts are beginning to predict that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are metaphorically pulling out of the station in terms of price so what do I mean by this well Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies prices have been up relatively high over the past week especially when compared to other recent prices now obviously we saw a huge boom in December followed by a pretty substantial drop in January through February March started to see a bit of a pullback and April so far has been alright now I stated in a previous video that I think quarter 2 is usually one of the best quarters of the year for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin specifically but let me go ahead and give you some 7-day price changes for some of the biggest cryptocurrencies to kind of give you an idea of what exactly is going on so Bitcoin over the past seven days has grown by 17.5 3% etherium has grown by a whopping 21 point seven four percent ripple has recovered thirty-seven point five six percent and Monteiro has recovered thirty five point eight four percent so first things first obviously these prices are rising pretty substantially and I think that some of the driving factors for that are possibly one tax day somewhat concluding and people feeling a bit more comfortable about cryptocurrency purchases and exchanging and – as cryptocurrencies begin to gain more independence from Bitcoin and its price fluctuations as is indicated by the varying prices as we can definitely see in the percentage increases that I just named off for the past seven days many crypto currencies are starting to deviate slightly from the norms that are dictated by Bitcoin or that were previously dictated by Bitcoin we used to often see you know if Bitcoin rose by 10% we would see ripple rise by 10% monitor rise by 10% and it was usually pretty well aligned with Bitcoin so I’d like to see that these percentages are starting to deviate slightly so the cryptocurrency rally comes as market shake off a host of negative news ranging from regulators cranking down on cryptocurrency exchanges to large Bitcoin sales by major investors and tax sell offs and extends across the entire chain with ninety six out of the top 100 cryptocurrencies advancing which is honestly quite good so over the past seven days 96 of the major cryptocurrencies of the world actually rose and priced only four of them declined which is pretty remarkable once again so do these numbers mean that the cryptocurrency train is leaving the metaphorical station well Todd Rowan president and CEO of rewards token dot IO thinks so Bitcoin is the current engine pulling the crypto train said ruin it seems to have found good traction post tax season sell offs this is good for everyone cerium is finding stronger support along with ripple and others next week will tell us if we are leaving the station we could be off for another bull run and I honestly completely agree with that I think though with current price changes in place and with the recent history they’ve seen in the past seven days or so even extending to the past two weeks with us you know even three weeks ago avoiding a bit of a depth cross which would have I think continued the bearish run for Bitcoin I think that we really could see a pretty substantial reversal and even see the start of a bullish run in the next week or two weeks that’s what I personally think I am buying a couple more cryptocurrencies right now that are slightly deviant from Bitcoin and the other big ones so you know this just me expanding a little bit but I still have some pretty substantial holdings in Bitcoin aetherium some holdings in Bitcoin cash and some in litecoin although not all that much but I am personally taking this opportunity to buy in a bit more than out that’s just what I’m doing of course obviously do what you’re comfortable with because everyone differs and their investment strategies if I would recommend anything it would be gradually investing over time not investing in lump sums because even though the market might be you know down slightly right now and I believe it’ll probably pick up in the next couple of weeks that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go out and buy a ton of crypto okay I do want to go ahead and stress that because I think it’s pretty important so Benway CEO of digits Don IO also thinks that the crypto train could be leaving the station for icos with real value that is so he says the train has definitely left the station for entrepreneurs trying to do an IC o—- on the back of a napkin he says however just like the shakeout in bust the ICO is with real value and real technology and concepts we’ll be in good shape this happens in almost every market at some point next we will see the same in AI and robotics which is a pretty interesting statement from him now furthermore Michael Collins founder and CEO of GE and compass is bullish on Bitcoin and Cardno and he’s quoted as saying after a four-month bear there are now strong indications that we are heading towards a bull which is exactly what I just said Bitcoin dropping to about 6600 on the 5th of this month was probably the bottom for the year it’s price will continue to climb we’ll probably hit a peak of 15,000 this year other coins are following suit with Cardno being the most impressive so far end quote so his outlook is once again I think realistically bullish and we have seen a bearish run for a short period of time you know relatively speaking for months or so so I do think it’s time for a bit of a reversal so Roman who ll fee Gibbs CEO of lead systems designer pinnacle brilliant Systems Inc thinks that investors have little time to get aboard the cryptocurrency train and he’s quoted as saying investors have some time to make up their minds before the train leaves the station but they will have to decide soon galuf e gibbs sees bitcoin heading to 10k once crossing the $8500 mark and what about aetherium obviously we can’t discard aetherium aetherium has been recovering nicely over the past few weeks and was able to surmount the $500 hurdle which it recently suffered below so whereas bitcoin has been subject to some wild swings aetherium has been moving steadily upward I would expect that trend to continue after a brief pullback to support Roman G Gibbs is also quoted as saying so with these professional testimonies and my own testimony I feel pretty confident in my opinion that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies just my opinion I personally think that they are recovering pretty well which is definitely good news I feel like a lot of people are starting to gain more confidence in cryptocurrencies once again even after suffering that pretty substantial drop in January and that could really do with the market good so as always folks let me know what you think down the comments section below I’ll see all of you in the next video have a fantastic week and a day and everything else and adios

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