Litecoin = #1 Holding, the Halving, the Story! (Bix Weir)

alright alright litecoin ask any crypto ever their favorite coins gonna be like coin yeah I mean it and why isn’t going crazy yet I think it’s been controlled but that’s what I think about everything cuz I know it is yes beyond control on the exchanges with the price that it makes huge runs when they’re ready usually a little slam before a huge run so keep an eye on like coin we’re getting into that time when a means of exchange will be necessary when the bank’s collapse Deutsche Bank came out with the worst earnings ever and they’re on negative outlook so they will be downgraded at the end of May that triggers a whole lot of backroom type of agreements so we’ll see it all depends on how big that downgrade is if it’s to junk you can kiss the whole thing goodbye Aling it will because he stopped at last a few more months before the years out so just keep a eye on that but in the meantime just by liking with both this you might even want to look at your some your alt coins that you’re probably too heavily weighted in and say you know I would really like to have some long term line that I opted to sleep about long-term crypto is likely absolutely so much better than Bitcoin it’s like silver so much better than gold it’s obvious other than those who have ideological things they can’t get by it it’s gold only your Bitcoin only I just the theory wasn’t wrong anyway so litecoin is hovering around 150 about half of what it was in the boom days of December I think the real interesting like plug that up to four hundred three sixty six in that range but that was almost instantaneous that was part of the manipulation just like they manipulated silver more than they manipulate gold they manipulate like coin more than the manipulated Bigfoot oh I do have something coming out either later tonight or tomorrow on the mountain Doc’s trust fee issue yes the amount got trustee is back and doing some crap it’s not the same type of manipulation but it looks as similar I do not think he has the authority to sell all 16,000 big coin that he pulled out of the wallet 140 million plus 20 million in Bitcoin cash I do not see any need to sell that because you only need about 30 to 40 million to pay off all the expenses in the bankruptcy including all the creditors so I don’t know what they would use to justify that now having been busted so badly for the last maneuver I do think the sales a few days ago were part of this mouth Cox Ford sales type of thing and I heard it was with Kraken Kraken is the company that the large exchange that went to the SEC after giving or was a it was some regulator out of New York City I don’t remember it might have been a state regulator but they sent letters to all the exchanges saying after you have to comply let us know about any manipulation that happens on your exchange who’s doing it volumes and stuff like that and crack an answer and said eff off no not a chance in the world and then the rumors are that the mount cox trustee is dealing with kraken there you go probably small manipulation going forward started a couple days ago i think it partially maybe the the 30 to 40 million in bitcoin has been sold off officially and they’ll do something else with those coins i don’t know somebody was saying they they’re going to Mexico and not how sure how they figured that out obviously you can’t tell from the address but maybe someone knows someone in Mexico has that address I don’t know but I want you to remember this that as litecoin becomes more and more as we needed potentially more and more in the in the coming days weeks and months because the old banks are crashing you’re gonna hear more news like this real cryptic news and this is from the litecoin foundation it goes right down here Blakeman foundation does your business except kinda like message us for a chance to be included in a cool project we are working on could that be light pay 2.0 could it be another could it be the rumored long rumored smart contracts on light coin there’s like a million things it could be but because it says does your business accept it I think it’s gonna be what what’s the most important thing right now for the management of the financial system is to get a means of exchange in the hands of the people so that we don’t have to turn to the bankers and say oh here’s here’s another bailout and I think that’s all coming we will find out sooner rather than later on that one but that means that like coin and all the other Kryptos that are gonna be used as a means of exchange need to be ready to go need to be implemented and the best thing is if it was implemented long before the crash meltdown of the banks and banksters which i think is planned for the end of the year so if we can get by late spring early summer a couple big rollouts doesn’t that be everything you could be Amazon and accepting like coin or Starbucks accepting like coin those are the two big rumors and I don’t think either has denied it so keep an eye out on that and don’t forget this the light coin having happens in 467 days the miners reward goes down from from 25 coins to 12.5 coins what happens in a halving yeah let’s just happen only once before right every four years so once before it went up like eight times what it was before the halving and they don’t crash back down you could say it’s everybody anticipating it and then people getting out to you know take their profits but four years ago the light coin market was so tiny it was absolutely teensy weensy tiny tiny tiny tiny market so it doesn’t take more than a couple million bucks to rig the price now it would take a lot more obviously there are 56 million coins in circulation I like this website litecoin block capcom gives its countdown currently there is 56 million coins out there in circulation total like coins ever to be produced will be 84 million four times everything with litecoin and bitcoin is four times just like silver so there should be four times the price of like a big cook like Lloyd should be four times the price of Bitcoin just like silver should be four times the price of gold there not because it’s a manipulation and an awakening game and more people that come into Bitcoin will be buying likely because that’s pretty much their option on coinbase besides Bitcoin cash which is a good one I mean I’d rather own that than Bitcoin but we will see what happens it’s very exciting because litecoin what will it do now that litecoin has an 8 billion dollar market cap what will that having do and having happens a year before yeah that was a year before Bitcoin so really exciting stuff and they’ll be excited a bit but so just keep an eye on like coin we all know the story let’s quickly check out this video the first part of it explains about the having with light coins first ever having soon to be upon us we are already beginning to see the effects so by the way this was done in 2015 when the first light point having happened really spike became down wind up like last 700 percent it was crazy discuss exactly that so sit back as this is gonna get interesting by no means is litecoin the first coin to be hard in fact back on November the 28th of 2012 Bitcoin underwent its first-ever harping so we already have a good idea of what to expect just by looking at history okay so what do we actually mean when we refer to a coin as having well it’s pretty simple that means for modern award haves so in the case of light coin miners are currently awarded 50 new coins for solving Glocks after the harvick – only be rewarded 25 light coins per block this process only again that that was the last having it’s every four years so this next one coming up in 2019 is gonna go from 25 to 12.5 takes place once part of all the coins are in existence and then another half and another half and so on and so forth so the harlan process doesn’t just happen once for both bitcoin and litecoin this is set to happen every four years as it stated in their code but for other coins this may vary but while nobody really knows for sure when the last few coins will be mined we expected to be around 21:42 the litecoin and 2144 bitcoin based on reward over this time of course five I’ll guarantee you that Chris Duane still gonna be saying I know it’s a fraud and Jamie diamond will say no in 21 40 or whatever the last grain is mine it’s funny to think about all right so yeah you can check that out it’s called the having explained for like coin in Bitcoin here are some of the stats for like coin they’re all pretty cool to look at percentage of coins mind people ask me this all the time like 67 percent of the coins in in like coin and Bitcoin have been mined and they said well how can it possibly you know go on for much longer if it’s gonna be a hundred percent of the coins mine that won’t be till 21 forty 2130 21 40 because of the having every four years it haves it goes in half and a half now at the end they’re gonna be mining really small tiny amounts of Bitcoin so yeah at the beginning obviously in the very beginning a whole lot was mine and now it’s you know 67% of all the like point has been mined but it just slows down to a crawl it’s the deflationary aspect of kryptos uh see market cap eight point five billion not bad like coins generated per day fourteen thousand four hundred inflation rate nine point seven nine percent inflation rate per year at next block having event 4.0 nine percent litecoin inflation rate per day in u.s. dollars two thousand dollars light point coin inflation rate until the next having event 1 billion dollars that’d be cool I think they’re talking yeah her coin no that’s not right I have no idea what that stat is blocks until my near award is half two hundred and sixty nine thousand blocks generated per day five hundred and seventy-six difficulty eight million and the hash rate is two to sixty eight so that’s kind of a rundown on litecoin absolutely should be the number one holding it’s the number one I’m holding in my I can’t tell you what to do if you’re smart do what you think is best it is the number one holding over fifty percent now in like plane and I want more so yeah it’s that big and that’s the funny thing is like coins gonna go absolutely ballistic when the banks have issues because it’s the best means of exchange and it is the go-to it’s pretty much if you run around all the crypto guys what would you want to use as a means of exchange to buy Starbucks coffee they’d say light point you know the big fun cash guys will say pick on cash not bad but like things better anyway so yeah I have the majority of my Kryptos in light point and I like it there I know it’s manipulated to one of the good things about like point is the the trustee doesn’t have any the mount GOx trustee obviously like wearing will move with all the kryptos wherever Bitcoin goes they follow like dogs or like sheep or like lemmings um but a lot of that manipulation so who knows where it really goes but litecoin is the call yes I would sell my Bitcoin for like point today but I’ve already done that this is big swear oh dude calm we’ll talk to you later

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