Litecoin could take only 6 upswing days to reach +$1000 at any time now

good afternoon folks this is Marius from Marius lengthen that comment from the Twitter handle land aim underscore Marius we are the only authentic twitter handle account in the entire world and please make sure that you do follow us there ok just quickly this is going to be an update from the litecoin video that I did earlier I think it was last month that we did it and I showed you the historical view of litecoin now what I’m going to do is to give you a little bit more confidence and show you what we see in litecoin we see like when reaching $1,000 and beyond and in years to come in the in the next two to four years we even see litecoin reaching a twenty thousand dollar mark per litecoin you have to understand that litecoin is only four hundred and ninety sold approximately at one point we had Microsoft weird Google weird Apple those coins were at once that’s 30 cents one dollar five dollars and these stocks are 50 years old and Platt and more so you look at like coin which is only four hundred and eight days old and we already standing on one hundred and fifty two dollars per coin guys the this thing is gonna blow up it’s gonna it’s gonna make the stocks that are already huge like Facebook Apple Microsoft old stocks it’s gonna make them look really small in years and years to come because we are about to do have a hyperbolic increase in crypto currencies that the world has never ever seen before I get goose bumps if I just think about the knowledge that I have now with regard to cryptocurrencies and I see where these things are going I see no huge downside I see increase an increase that makes me say that listen we’re gonna have certain coins eleven thousand percent increase certain points will have a thirty thousand percent increase over years and years to come and litecoin will definitely reach the point where it’s going to have a twenty thousand dollar price point per like coin those those figures are true they are going to happen if we look at litecoin now where I said about a month ago that litecoin is going to reach one thousand four hundred ninety three dollars I want to show you what I show but also remember that you as a investor in litecoin need to have a little bit more patience if you wait 30 days or 60 days or 90 days just they have enormous profits it doesn’t matter guys so be patient hold your coins invest smart but I’m gonna show you something really remarkable and this is why I say that you you must not get out of light coin I said and remember this video is not financial advice okay I’m only gonna show you what I see and why I am holding light coin now as I go into this is the big picture that I want to show you on my screen and then I’m gonna go into this little India right at the end which says one day so you can see that I’m on the five day marker and I’m going to zoom in to show you what happened with light coin right at the beginning when when it first started and this will actually open your eyes really when you see what I see and you start to see the big picture okay now way back in the day when I wanted to invest in light gonna shoot us but I never did exactly like people now should invest in like on when it’s a hundred and fifty two dollars and going to 160 180 then two hundred and three hundred and a thousand dollars people are gonna look back when it’s a thousand dollars and say listen I could of God into my coin when it was 150 dollars okay the same we’re looking back now and saying we should have bought when it was three dollars okay now look at this to go from this low to this high took about thirty four days and if you look at that percentage gain that was 84 percent okay let’s move on now we look at February 13 the season 2017 we look at from that point they write you that high point there okay we look at that point there and we say that litecoin took 78 days to achieve that okay now look at what happened here it took one day for litecoin just to push up and reach a high point and another one day just to reach the high point and remember this as I will come back to this at some point or we can just carry on and I’ll show you what I see okay so pay very very close attention here now this little move here for like going to actually go up let’s say to either that little point there was approximately 242 percent okay the next parabolic move and have a look at this guy said this one day and another big day they say one day two three four five six so within a week it just jumped up completely okay and that is 242 percent that it jumped up the next I purple hyperbolic move in my opinion was another two hundred and fifty-six percent here let’s let him make it from about there see look at about a hundred fifty one hundred ninety-five percent we’d actually went up right down to that little weak there and that again took approximately if we look at this you look you look at approximately twenty nine days it was a little bit longer there ninety days see look at 34 days 89 days 29 days again folks this is not exactly to the T but I just want to get a point across okay now another 43 days to go from this little low point there to that little high point there and you look at that a hundred and ten percent and that although this took six days this one you took one two three four five days okay so keep that in mind and then 10% now we get to this one year took six days again from that low point one two three four five six days they reach that high and again if you look at this attic 66 days and then the last one that we had was a hundred and six days more or less from that low point there approximately there and it went up to approximately six hundred and fifty six percent and again that took one two three four five five days to move up now let’s go to where we are today and I’ll quickly show you what I see yeah okay now look at that move there 656 percent if we say this is 656 percent again now remember this took 90 days 89 days don’t you think that we are well well well well overdue for a move upwards okay so we look at about here 98 let’s make that a hundred and eighty days perhaps from our calculations we say it should happen close to that point there which we say it could be under in 51 days and if I were to draw a line we can possibly say that that could be the line where we could find a hyperbolic move hyperbolic move is anything there if you look at this line on the outside here where it’s going up and then suddenly takes six days to do the same movement that is done there now if that were to go up to let’s say that point there you look at $1,000 litecoin but if you if you look at a more probability you can probably say that we could experience this in effect what I’m saying is that we could perhaps go like this and suddenly just have a hyperbolic move up which will propel light going to that phase here and this is why we initially say that our initial target for light going was 1 4 8 3 now that target we initially that target could easily be achieved ran about that level there okay so if we if we are there now and we say right let’s say we move the timeline on then we could easily say that that this looks plausible even if you take the same percentage there that like on has moved up there and go out and break up here somewhere so folks in our opinion what we believe is that between now and the 20th of May is something that we need to carefully have a look at and at this point in time I’m very cautious to give you a time frame everything in the cryptocurrency market in our opinion has has probably been slowed down by between four and six weeks and this happened exactly at the point of 10th of March where we predicted the ebrake alphabet going to happen exactly on a certain date and time and it actually did not happen as a matter of fact that’s actually really interesting and I just spoke to one of her clients today was in our office today and we had a look at Bitcoin and we exactly at zero point zero zero zero hours – for UTC time which is the New York time but coin literally went and broke down on the 10th of March instead of going up as what we predicted now that folks that’s manipulation that’s something that we do not have control over and exactly the same with like when at the moment you know we we thought that like when would have been at least by $1,000 well at least about $600 now and hidding year into lesser the end of this month that we could have a break out to around about 600-700 and eventually $1000 but in my opinion we look at another 25 days that could go sideways for a while and maybe break out year later in June but what I can tell you this is that what you see on the screen here and I want to really try this this is the move that light coin is going to do now whether that is prolonged and it stretches out if it stretches out it just means that litecoin is going to go higher okay you you can’t go you can’t go lower than that you know you the point will actually just become higher if the time stretches out and then you look at $1,900 litecoin eventually and then that is close the June July August but I tell you now that we believe that this can be very very close to around about that figure and let’s just keep that hyperbolic segment in there now remember this is only for you know this is not a technical analysis folks it’s just a visual to show you where we see like when going now let me show you what we see way way ahead now if I were to delete all these little let’s see we can delete them just a little bit here just to clear up the screen a little bit so because I want to give you an understanding of where we are heading okay now on your screen what you can see is the the graph for litecoin and remember okay let me just go through this maybe perhaps I’ll show you what we see yeah and then we can we’ll carry that on okay okay first of all what we saw so here is a break out okay we saw another break out there as we head into this we saw another break out there we saw another one day okay okay so you saw the break-up there one two three four and then there’s another breakout and you saw there’s gonna be really interesting when you actually have a look at what I want to show you here now we saw another upswing year where it broke down when sideways and then suddenly there it breaks up okay now so that’s number one two three four five six and then we’ve got to number seven now what we are saying is that if he’s three repeats itself and we have another one of those it’s gonna go like this okay there okay there you go one two three four five six seven okay now this is Thal where our target is now I know a lot of trading analysis guys will eat me here on YouTube and say this is really bad bad technical analysis this is not intended to be technical analysis this is just to show you plain and simple what we see if this from the $3 point went up to where this now a hundred and fifty two dollars which is now they should impress that this will actually go up and break that point and break the oil all-time high really really easily what if this thing does the same comes down there and does the same kind of ratio and we look here at March 2019 and let’s squash that up again and is becoming really really small and what if it does it again and the same proportional and goes up to six hundred and nineteen or $6,000 and a coin and what if going further into the year that it does that in and does that again and the reason I’m doing this guys is just to show to you now that we’re how why that is really really important that you actually just be a little bit patient because what if this then breaks out again and does that same move and there we are at the $20,000 point which is not impossible when you think about this for this now we have to go to the week range and when you look at all these assimilate together and you look at it from a larger viewpoint you can literally see that is not impossible for Bitcoin actually to reach those levels and it makes it actually really really little on the chart now let’s just zoom in a little bit and look at the volume just on the weekly chart I might have to go there to the dye chart just to show you a little bit there okay okay let’s just have a look at the other one here quickly okay to get back to this one now if you look at this where we had that I think that was a better idea 84% rise we had volume coming in there okay now you can literally let’s just like this one away there and you can literally see the volume there then at that point they we had a one hundred and eighty percent increase but every single time we actually had a look at volume that actually increased and there we go again – huge volume there what is missing here between this time frame of let’s around about where are we around about 50 45 days around is only the volume now one of the top things that you need to look at here and this is something that will give you a warning signal for you to know that bitcoin is due to break up is if we see these long weeks of volume coming in here and it’ll start similar to that it will go up and down up and down and similar to that now this volume year should actually probably outshine that top and once that happens you’ll see that litecoin will simply just break out so yes we are keen to look at litecoin breaking out around but again I don’t want to put a time frame in but for me personally I’m looking at the roundabout the 20 May between now which is now the 23rd between the next four weeks is something that we really need to ever look at like one you know I believe that we are gonna go up around about here to the 300 dollar mark perhaps because if you look at the Bitcoin chart just quickly you can see that we predicted but going to go down we call the low run about 6500 mark since then it’s shot up and we were talking about the you just see why that is just like that white we talked about the pattern of advances in our records or reports and we said these are pattern of advances and then it will break out and will go like that the whole time so that in effect is our pattern of advances we expect another one there as we head up to the $11,000 mark and again for you guys that are subscribers just remember that we see that the 35% mark is our target that should bring us the about $11,000 so if Bitcoin goes up you can expect that litecoin will go up as well so litecoin could go up somewhere around this range here breaking at the resistance of 239 go up to about 250 maybe 300 and lo and behold if all these things took about a day to three or six days like what we mentioned in I think it’s in this one where we said we’ve mentioned the days we say that like when literally in five days 1 2 3 4 5 just broke that level of resistance there and it’s happened over the period of time over the historical charts where we also had 1 2 3 4 5 days 1 three four five days one two three four five and it just within three to five days it simply just breaks out now don’t be that guy when litecoin gets to this level where you say ah I’ve doubled my profit on I’m gonna sell out maybe sell half of you but Bitcoin litecoin rather and keep the rest in there because at any given time this can actually break out now we expect them a little bit more sideways movement but some way around this line here we could have a impact where it could actually go up similar to that so if that is being duplicated six five six percent let me just put that in the chart there from about there six five six you look at about there which is about a thousand one hundred so we could easily we could easily see it in this range guys it’s a to be honest with you it’s a question of time you know so it’s just a question of time we need to be patient I can’t see any reason that light coin will not reach this target somewhere there above a thousand dollars literally in the next four or five six weeks again guys just be patient so yeah there you have it this is the historical chart we believe that this is going to happen I’ve got faith in you to hold your coins so I’ve got faith in you when you invest we’re doing the best we can and we wish you good luck and have a blessed day thank you at smarter easier

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