Litecoin Is Falling? Will We Recover (Qtum Analysis)

what’s going on YouTube heading back making another brand new crypto TV episode in today’s video we’ll be looking at light Queen big coin a theorem as well as queue time so shout out to John Singleton if you guys would like to be shining up tomorrow’s video please make sure to turn on post notifications as well as subscribe to the channel and leave a comment below telling me what your top alt point is otherwise let’s jump right into the episode there is a bunch I’d like to talk about and discuss so I’m just gonna refresh the crypto marking cap we saw four hundred thirty three billion let’s see if it stays that way so we all are up slightly four hundred thirty six billion so only I want to see three and a half billion dollars more has entered the market like I said in the past yesterday and the day before we needed some consolidation you saw that we did jump litecoin and all those other Kryptos from like the theory I’m being 350 we went to seven Bitcoin went from 65 to 90 300 and Mike couldn’t went from like $100 to 150 so big moves in the crypto right now so we did need some consolidation and I’ll show you why we are actually having that so an interesting day we have planned for the rest of this episode so if you look on the market cap you’ll notice that majority of the kryptos are down slightly or in consolidation so you can see how I believe like coin yes has moved to number seven card on Oh Andy SFO beat it pretty wild though if we look at the Marquee caps guys a seventeen billion dollar yose and an eight billion light coin that’s pretty freakin wild I do anticipate though like going to bump those out but until then let’s see neo of 20% but otherwise yeah we’re having like a flip-flop market this is what a consolidation period looks like so let’s look at litecoin right now and there’s stuff I want to talk about later but um as you can see right now I’m on Finance like coin two US Dollars and you’ll see what we’re seeing right now so I want to show you the daily chart sorry and you’ll notice we have the Uptrend I mean sorry this pennant flag formation we have ABCDE Elliott wave as you guys know we start at the top go to the bottom and there and there we did break out you know we broke out pretty strong we shot up from D to E which was very predictable from around 110 dollars if not as low as 105 all the way up to yea 105 all the way up to around 175 dollars so you can see what exactly is happening right now we are looking at the daily on litecoin and you’ll notice that we are pretty much stuck fighting this high low middle moving average now if you look at my old videos around two or three weeks ago before we went to e on the Elliott Wave I said if we break out of eat we’re gonna have trouble breaking this middle moving average reason being is the middle moving average on the daily is is a strong strong area of resistance you’ll notice we fought it broke through but came back down pretty hard because of how much resistance this channel is holding being how far spread apart they are if we go back slightly into Bitcoin I mean sorry slightly into litecoin you’ll notice points where they are smaller together it was easier for us to break right there being one scroll back here and we were always trading above and you’ll notice how much it stuck with each other well you can see when it’s slowly like sorry when it’s together it’s easier to break through when it’s together it’s easier to break through you’ll notice that when we had a clothesline it was harder it was easier for us to break through it and you’ll see why that right now we are pretty separated and it’s causing us a lot of resistance and a lot of you guys were negative litecoin and I feel like if you guys say oh it’s a bad coin crypto it’s not moving anywhere you got to be patient with these kryptos with like coin especially I don’t think it’s done I don’t think it’s a bad crypto I think there’s a lot of potential for like coin but right now it’s not just like coin that’s facing issues with this high low middle moving average so I want you guys to pay attention to it’s not just like when I am pro litecoin but it’s not just like coin that’s having this and I’m gonna keep repeating that because we now look at Bitcoin well actually let’s look at like coin on the 4:00 hour and you’ll notice that what we’re doing right now is we’re playing with this high low middle moving average on the 4:00 hour so it’s helping us actually you can clearly see where we’re facing resistance right at this 155 level and what we’re doing is bouncing off the bottom for our Mme I’m gonna call that high low middle moving average Mme we’re balancing off the MMA and trying to break through this resistance now you’ll notice that the high low middle or the MMA is moving up in this general direction so if I was to draw that or anticipate where it’s gonna go it’s probably gonna continue to go up like this guys something like that you’ll notice it’s going up and it’s forcing the currency to go higher to this MMA so if we don’t break through 155 tonight I do anticipate in the next day or two to see a break higher then that 155 being that this is pushing us higher that’s why these high these lows they’re lower lower higher lows sorry so it’s pushing us higher up and we should be able to break this resistance level right here if we now go to the daily we should see the 4:00 hour so you’ll see that we might have one two maybe three more days possibly before we can break through but we do have support down there so if we do fall we shouldn’t fall that far and we should potentially break through here that’s what we’re looking at now when we go to Bitcoin right now guys look at what bitcoins doing so Bitcoin had a lot of resistance within that area it was having a lot of trouble breaking through it you’ll notice the first time he did we came right back down also like litecoin so you can’t say it’s just like going if you’re our anti litecoin then you have to be anti Bitcoin aetherium and some other Kryptos that I’m gonna show you because they all act similar so you’ll notice that we did try numerous times this is one – actually let’s do it here one two three four five six seven eight eight days almost more than a week we tried to break through that resistance area and just finally we did but you’ll notice where we’re hitting that white line that I drew is I don’t know why that’s there is resistance for Bitcoin right now so with more consolidation it should potentially be able to break through that with more consolidation the fact that we use consolidation is because it’ll level us on the RSI the relative stochastic indicator and bring us back into a more a less overbought market which will allow us to drive the currency up it gives it more room to go up so we’re not overbought like we were here as you can see we were in that range right here we are now right next to it almost neck and neck and we’re nowhere near that overbought region we’re actually at around 60 so we did break through which is very nice to see so litecoin should follow that it should be able to break through when we check the 4-hour right now you’ll see it’s having a similar area of resistance it’s stuck in this channel and we’re trying so hard you break 9500 that’s the resistance in that tight rounded resistance channel that it has and hopefully it can break up high enough to get us into this uptrend right here looking at aetherium now you’ll notice again another crypto that’s having more problems at this high low middle moving average on the daily is it a coincidence no they all move similar so it is driving on this uptrend that I said to you guys and you’ll notice that this line is the resistance that it’s had at the top so we should hopefully see today if not tomorrow a break into the 700 what we’re looking at guys that’s what we’re waiting and anticipating it should be able to bring us higher than this white line and bring us into another channel to move up in in the price you know we’re looking to break the 500 billion dollar market cap and start moving in a upwards direction so aetherium is also looking probably the best out of the other two that I showed you basically because it has this uptrend and it has not broken it yet which is very nice to see that it has numerous days on consolidation on this line right here bringing us higher detecting is very strong support bitcoin alike going also have that but it broke through so what we’re looking for in like win is to break above into this channel here if not higher a pump would be very nice to see looking at q them now again Wow is it a coincidence I think not we’re seeing I’m just gonna because I want to show you guys more to this crypto besides what I’m about to talk about so I just want to add some basically lines of resistance and support for this cryptocurrency right now just so I can help out whoever wants to buy and sell it in the short term so you could really see the downtrend that Q time had before it broke out hopefully this is pretty obvious to you guys right here you’ll notice we have this downtrend we popped and when we do pop we anticipate a run up to that high low middle moving average like we saw in all the blue chips and we broke above interesting now when i zoom in you’ll notice what it’s playing with you can see how many days it had one two three four five six seven eight nine nine days if not 10 days of resistance before we could pop above that’s what we’re looking for guys we’re looking for enough volume to push this crypto off of it and then use this red band as support to break us up that’s what we’re looking for in litecoin right now we’re looking for that break and when we do we should go pretty high probably in close to the 170 region to bring us above and higher than that I love it in a moving average so hopefully that helps with cue them I do anticipate if q2 continues this movement we should probably face resistance at this mine of resistance right here so I do anticipate it to start a new candle and probably bring us up to that before we start to see some trouble but um that’s where I anticipate that crypto to go now there was another thing I wanted to point out with these high low middle moving averages and I wrote it down in my notes so I want to bring that up so I wrote some Kryptos Z cash to US dollars one of them I believe that’s what it is look at this guy’s another crypto another altcoin facing the same resistance in this window at the same time that’s one and then Stratis I believe STR it2 USD another crypto that’s also facing resistance to that high level moving average at that time period so this is why I think it’s more than just like coin that’s having trouble guys I just showed you five kryptos one two three four five kryptos that had trouble or are having trouble at this very moment at the same spot they’re all having resistance and trouble at this daily high low middle moving average on the four hour it was a lot easier to break but on the daily it’s a lot more difficult due to how strong the resistances we’re looking at daily charts that each candle is one day that’s a long time period guys and lastly what I wanted to point out was we’re looking let’s look at the daily on litecoin I’m gonna zoom out right now and when I want to show you and hopefully this will help you guys is because some you guys might be a little new well chew crypto so they don’t you don’t really understand yet but look at this well actually and then we’ll look back and you’ll notice that there is another right here there’s another triangle so I’m gonna zoom in on that actually there’s two actually this is considered one right here so we have this triangle right here we’ll bring this higher up why not at this point right here so we now have this triangle this triangle is very similar to the one we just experienced this triangle is approximately we have from gender Feb March April May June July August eighteenth to November seventh so September October November December so four months of consolidation this crypto was before it broke and look guys it it went all the way up to 93 dollars and then fell right after 233 so just as quickly as it went up it went down but the consolidation the period for it to spread took around four months before it broke up and and went higher and now notice that one two three so let’s just do this this will make it easier so we have the date range from here to here before it broke up this was approximately a 30 day period guys this was a 30 day window and look we broke out and went right back down once we broke out but this is a 30 day window 30 days we’re Network we’re looking at these graphs now on a more technical long-term scale so a 30 day period before broke up obviously when I show you you know a chart like this you see it as oh it’s quick it’s simple it’s easy but this is a 30 day window this little movement right here that’s very possible for that to happen right here we could have a 30 day window before we see a boom like we saw right here it’s happened in the past it might happen again and look when we click on this and we move this over here let’s see how long our triangle consolidated for 139 days I can’t do the math but basically from December 8th to 420 once almost 5 months now guys five months of consolidation very similar to the previous pennant flag it form before it broke up so now if you notice the difference between these two charts is this window right here and hopefully you guys can notice the general direction that it’s heading obviously up but the general upwards trend now it’s very possible that if history repeats itself we should experience the same region right here where we continue on a slight uptrend something like this is very possible and then you can see we have the huge explosion right here so you’ll see if I draw this in red we had a huge jump just like that so it’s possible that this could jump just like that so now these look very similar hopefully to you guys you can see how we had the jump here jump here jump here and obviously this is smaller but if I zoomed in it would look similar probably to these but I’m looking at it on a much larger scale but you’ll notice it’s very similar these patterns so we just completed the triangle as you can see we just completed this triangle and now we’re looking for a slight uptrend and eventually a boom so now what we can anticipate is a slight uptrend with a boom taking around 30 days on average so if we draw this out from the breakout we go out around 30 days brings us kinda towards the end of May we should anticipate something like that I was telling you guys we would see some action after the end of this pennant flag and we did we did go up to 170 I know that’s not crazy you guys are thinking oh we’re just gonna go like up I was reading a lot of you guys’s comments and just wanted to like be pretty clear about something in like no crypto I know oasiz is something but um no crypto is gonna go like that like it’s just not possible it really cannot happen and I’m gonna tell you let me just get these colors okay so nothing is gonna go like this like it’s not possible to maintain something like this if something goes up like that it’s gonna go down just as quickly and you’ll notice that’s what litecoin does it goes up just like that and then it comes down just as quickly it went up like that and then I went down just as quickly and if we look at all the currencies that broke up that quickly they fell just as quickly so I wanted to tell you guys about EOS as well that that’s very similar we went up like that and we came down just as quickly it’s not maintainable we always come back to that high low middle moving average so pay attention to that when you’re investing guys I don’t want you guys to FOMO and buy-in on something that’s due to come down I do think litecoin has a lot of potential I think we’re headed in the right direction the fact that we finally broke like you guys really need to think about like what exactly is happening and sorry for saying that so often but um this currency literally this downtrend right here this downtrend is frickin lasted five months guys five months that is 150 days like coin has tried to break resistance 150 days from the start of a all the way to e it has tried and tried and tried to break resistance and it couldn’t and finally it did that’s a strong strong strong bullish pattern to anticipate breaking a 150 day resistance is a very strong move so I do expect great things from in the rest of the market Bitcoin and the theorem are also showing very similar signs in where they’re headed right now for all the blue chips were facing this resistance this could last a few more days but obviously you can see when we attempted it we were far away from the support level so we did need the consolidation like we’re seeing here to fill in this gap and now we’re continuing up higher so if like oh if etherion manages to get to 800 if not 750 expect Bitcoin to also head up into that 9800 $10,000 region and expect ethereum to head more into the 170 180 region as well that’s our next move for looking for around 180 and then we will probably try and break 200 and eventually this 220 right here that’s gonna be some pretty major resistance which we could blast through like you saw but um that’s gonna wrap the video for today guys hopefully you guys enjoyed it if you did smash the like button turn on post notifications subscribe leave a comment below and I’ll see you guys tomorrow peace [Music]

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