Litecoin Market Cap Falling – Can LTC Recover?

three – what’s up everyone Dan here a crypto capital venture April 29th 2018 it’s Sunday I wasn’t gonna do a video today but I figured I’m gonna do a quick one I’ve seen a lot of comments on what’s going on with like going in market cap kind of falling down there and other cryptocurrencies overtaking litecoin and I figured I’d do a quick video kind of just for us to step back zoom out not just on the charts but just in general on the market and what’s going on just so we can get some real good perspective we can have some level-headed perspective I think not even just like coined by the other Kryptos as they fall and go up and down it’s good just to relax for a second and just remind yourself of of the crypto market and that’s what that’s what I want to do real quick so yesterday I tweeted yes Cardno over till LTC and market cap it doesn’t mean like Quinn’s failing it doesn’t change the fundamentals of litecoin it doesn’t mean we won’t be top three soon I said if you want to be long find a project you can confidently get behind and Hottel no complaining when I say things like that I’m just kind of being sarcastic and but yeah so here we go right now if you look at coin market cap litecoin is number seven and I just want to point out yes Cardno yose they’re doing their thing right now they’re moving but first off can we just let other kryptos do their thing like every if you if you look over the course of the last year’s every cryptocurrency has its time to shine it just happens and it doesn’t all happen at once so like when there’s a cryptocurrency like Cardno and we just talked about this in a video like last week when there’s another cryptocurrency shining just let it do its thing I mean we don’t need to always be in the spotlight like one doesn’t always need to be the top mover in fact we don’t want it to be that’s not really how this thing works so let’s look at historically just back in January I just want to remind all of you litecoin was number six almost number seven behind nem nameless look how close nem was to to litecoin car Daniel caught up took over took litecoin and that happened so but for context now let’s go to the charts let’s look at let’s look at years so yo so you can just see in the last week 250% gains actually I mean really even more almost 300% I’m kind of just doing that quickly but and not in the last week I’m sorry this is April 11th so like two weeks or so it’s just non-stop and obviously in that process of these gains 200 almost 300% in a couple weeks in that process overtook like I mean it happened it’s all good it’s ok for that to happen but I guess I want to I want to point something out to you so like coin and Bitcoin as well you can see just completely just look how flat Bitcoin is and let’s go to light coin look how flat they haven’t moved yet and you can even actually go back to you know the November area before we had our big moves there were other smaller smaller cryptocurrencies having some insane gains before bitcoins took off before litecoin took off so this isn’t like anything new and I just that’s really all I want to do in this video is talk about how this is nothing new and for context I just um this isn’t like a prediction or anything I just I want to throw out the possibilities because we have iou’s almost 300 percent gains in the last couple weeks over itself like 1 but what happens if like coin makes a move and for context let’s take right here December first – like December 13th so a couple weeks 415 % like : just moved when crazy I’m not calling for 415 percent gains but what if what if litecoin finally took off and litecoin got to 350 that’s only around 130 percent gains okay so if bitcoin and litecoin finally had their time and just let’s say litecoin very possibly revisited the previous highs which obviously you can see Yost just did and broke that with almost 300% gains if litecoin did that and like when sitting at $350 then it’s market cap would be around 20 billion so if like Quinn’s market cap was 20 billion right now and if that happened which we all know and I’m not I’m not sitting here predicting you I’m not trying to pump like coin I’m just trying to paint you a picture of how quick things can happen if that happened you would go from a state of discouragement because a OS and Cardano have taken over like coin to a state of wow I love my investment in like one and a confidence in your and your investment to the project it can happen so quick so if it did that and like ones at twenty billion then we’re talking we’re talking about the flap inning again so like coins right behind Bitcoin cash it overtakes us and Cardno and we’re in a hole in another situation a whole another world I just want to throw that possibility out there because that’s the way these markets move and I just I’ve seen a lot of discouraged and I don’t want to say negative comments but a lot of people out there who discourage that like go and move down a little bit and listen I’m long on litecoin and there’s other cryptos I like and everything but I just my point was on Twitter find projects that you like and don’t get discouraged if other projects are just shining and doing well don’t get discouraged it’s it’s it’s an emotional waste of and it’s gonna make you tired and it’s just not worth it so it’s always important to zoom out on the charts and this is just something I learned you want to zoom out in the chart you want to zoom out in the market and you want to have like a broader picture of what’s going on in this story of cryptocurrency don’t get caught up in the day-to-day that’s all I’m saying so find your project that you like I’m not even trying to pump like bone right now find projects you like and if you’re in if you’re in Cardno enjoy this I mean congratulations if you have a nice mall like a nice long hold right now and you bought it like 15 cents it’s awesome I’m happy for you so everybody just relax out there have fun with this it’s a good market right now bitcoin and litecoin I’m really liking both of them right now so let me know your thoughts below how are you taking the light coin falling to number seven on coin market cap I hope you’re doing well thanks for watching on this Sunday if you’re out there hope you’re enjoying your weekend if you’re not a subscriber please do subscribe I’d love to have you as part of the channel as always thank you so much I’ll see in the next video and god bless

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