Litecoin Move May 1st? Also, Charlie Lee Interview w/ Julian Hosp

three-two-one have used yeah sorry it’s the what’s the status on your cars yeah what’s the current status of your carts dick coin like corner equip the branding on the cart what’s your what’s your experience with that yeah so being like a light coin fan that’s saying they’re really excited about this give us a date tell me how many people are we talking about what’s up everyone day in here crypto capital venture April 28th 2018 Charlie League throwing a curveball switching it up a little bit taking charge sitting down and the interviewers seat asking some questions I loved watching that it was actually an awesome interview it was an awesome chat I’m gonna post a link below if you haven’t seen it go watch it Julian Hostin ex co-founder and interestingly enough also a doctor a trauma surgeon pretty cool stuff fun fact but really two cool guys I didn’t realize Julian was was that laid-back and that cool of a guy really haven’t right up on him too much or seen any interviews he’s done too much but I’ve really enjoyed that interview go watch it this is what it’s all about that is what leadership looks like in the crypto space it’s also what coming together to make this innovation looks like that’s what it looks like right there no hate no negativity just brilliant minds coming together to make things happen now let’s jump in I know you all want to take a look at litecoin so let’s look at it I’m gonna go over to the daily for light point and really for some good context actually I’m actually first gonna visit Twitter there was a post I posted the other day look at that confluence right at 80% to the apex of this triangle we’ve got 150 support resistance 80% to the apex top of the triangle all going on at the same time could be nothing but this is why I tart and it’s true you can see you can see it happening if eyes in here there it is right here that little area a lot going on right there and I got an interesting comment I really don’t know crypto investor at cooling forecaster I’m not you know backing all their TA or whatever they post but they made it they made a nice comment which was this little chart 14% drop coming we’re falling as I said four days ago like coin was 167 now 150 200 go to 130 so obviously they’re very confident in their prediction I’m not getting behind that but what I am getting behind is this picture they posted which is I guess their own version of ta which is fine but they have they have support coming down to 125 and it bounced off of 125 and that’s what I want to talk about so appreciate that comment I love when all of you comment your thoughts especially those of you out there that are that are also following like one and the price and everything but let’s let’s take what he’s saying here he’s he’s showing a downward move to 125 which is fine I mentioned the other day if we if we made a move down there it’s not it’s not a bearish move in my opinion but why am I talking about that though so let me explain if we go over to the 4-hour we can kind of look at why I share that general sentiment a move down I’m not saying I think it’s definitely going to happen but it’s a possibility and here’s why so right now you can look on the 4-hour chart you can see this area that I posted and tweeted about this area of confluence we’ve got this 150 we’ve got 80% to the end of the triangle and we have the top of the triangle and first of all if you look at the triangle itself you can see the resistance it just it’s just what happens in this type of scenario this continuation pattern so right now we’re at a kind of a key point because we have you can see this resistance here coming down now leading to this area of 150 as well as 80% and the top of the triangle I’m really looking for what’s going to happen at this at this time which is May first I want to see a break up into this new channel which would break through the top of the triangle right so we no longer see resistance and get pulled down but we break through it and we kind of create a new channel which would be a very awesome sign and this is this is my opinion this is based off what I see on the charts and what I’ve seen in the past but I would love to see us just kind of even if it’s a straight move just slightly above 150 straight through the top of the triangle would be a great sign because then we can start talking about the bullish scenario for litecoin which is a slow move up and breaking the previous high of 165 that we had here and then we can start talking about you know breaking new highs going up to this previous high was around 250 if I can zoom out on the chart but right back here I don’t know if you can see it it’s like 250 well see this is what happens I move the triangle around let me get my brush but right here previous high 250 so if we if we break and we kind of go into this new pattern we can start talking about breaking these previous highs but right now we can go to the hourly and if you really want to just dissect this and see what’s going on this is what I’m looking for over the next over the course of the next few days which is really leading up to make first is this area so on the hourly you can see these little higher lows higher highs and we saw resistance here so now coming back down to the bottom of this trendline on the hourly leading up to May first what’s going to happen are we going to break this this trend are we going to create a new a new low getting rid of these higher lows that’s the question and that’s what we’re looking for now if that happens this is why I said that that person’s comments made sense because I totally can see if we break below this area right here and I know the charts getting messy but with me if we break below instead of creating new channel above I could see us trickling down and we would really look for support at right around here at the bottom for me it’s like 123 so 120 to 125 which is right around with that person a comment that said so I don’t know his reasoning exactly I didn’t really it didn’t really say much about that but it was an interesting there was an interesting point he made because I see the same thing on the downside at least a short-term downside with the support at 123 so that’s that obviously I do have you might be wondering what’s this red on my screen this is that that worst case scenario is somehow we come down we break 110 we create a new low then we’re talking we’re talking kind of more of a bear market we’re not I’m not saying that’s gonna happen I just you know me I anticipate everything so there it is it’s a possibility everything’s a possibility in this world of crypto so that’s really that and curious of your thoughts what do you see but just check it out I mean let’s go actually back to the daily real quick look at the look at the last downward move of this triangle before breaking up breaking up last downward move of this triangle before breaking up it happens often so a last downward move on this triangle before breaking up very possible that’s what I see I could be wrong I could be off you may disagree you may agree let me know in the comments below I’m just putting out there what’s in my mind I appreciate all of you watching I appreciate all of your comments your likes everybody that subscribes I really do appreciate it if you’re not a subscriber please do I would love to have you as part of the channel as always I will see you in the next video and god bless

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