Litecoin vs. EOS…think Risk/Reward!! (Bix Weir)

hey guys Bex we’re Oh drew calm coming to you from the greenhouse things are looking good things are growing which is great spotty weather shall I say in Northern California but things are you doing well check out my lots of greens going crazy which is cool and been jumping around with my lectin diet problem is you go on vacation and everything falls apart you got it regroup but I’m regrouping I’ll get back on the on that horse wanted to say that I am working on a new song about ha telling hold on for dear life I thought to people saying oh thank God I don’t have to hobble right now that the Clippers are doing well what do you mean your Hana Lee you are holily you’re holding on for dear life even when it goes up you’re gonna auto if you believe it if you need think if you need some Fiat money to pay bills yeah if you’re Hudler yeah you pull out cash when you need money to pay bills if you understand what’s going on that we’re transitioning out of the old system and into a new system you don’t pay any bills and you know if you earn that fiat money you keep doing that you just hang on for dear life because you need to hobble on the highs and lows you’re not gonna want to sell when you think oh my god well what are you gonna do when it’s $20,000 again Bitcoin and everything else is booming are you gonna sell think you know they’re gonna slam it down I know they’re gonna well win are they gonna and how are they giving and do they want to so all these things have to come in on if you ha you don’t have to worry about it so ha no ha model a couple things I want to talk about DeKalb Allgaier Allgaier it’s all guy or not Algar Allgaier came out with a new crypto viewing spot a teaser about oMG it means go no no no it’s about us sorry I got I got a music yurt at the brink is that Miami’s ago Hollister Don but AOS at 250 $250 in September was his teaser yes go to crypto viewing the patreon channel to sign up really interesting if you believe it or not it doesn’t matter it’s just interesting and cool but I would like to say this about us us I know everybody’s excited about it I know I believe it’ll go up too but I also believe it is absolutely 100% untested technology and I don’t think it’s gonna be a smooth run so it could be the biggest overblown you know the ghost of 250 bucks in September it could be the biggest overblown crypto that goes sideways and one little hiccup you were ever like aetherium took forever you know you can have hackers crackers and attackers coming after us so just just play everything cool if you want to invest and they go for it I chose not to and you’re saying Bix what if dicks right and and you know gos goes from $20 right now to to $250 in September a few months away what are you thinking risk reward is what I’m thinkin you know if you believe in the crypt of Ewing they say like coin two three over over three thousand dollars by December yo as going up from me from $20 to $250 in September is what 13 times but if you do if you do that the light coin to over three thousand dollars that’s 20 times so it’s all risk reward and litecoin proven technology we we get the use case when it starts being implemented that’s the reason that’s gonna go up us it’s high risk and yeah it’ll be high reward of it if it proves out if it doesn’t it’ll be the biggest crash ever so it but but then it’ll get fixed you know it’s just like aetherium and Bitcoin they crash and they get fixed but the newer the technology the more risk and this is a risk reward game we’re playing now so why risk too much on us when you have something like litecoin proven technology that will be used as a means of exchange at some point just really interesting stuff and it’s all the way you think about it these dates yeah going from $20 of $250 is really exciting but is it worth that kind of risk and then I mean the remote viewing session was for September what happens in October or November what happens if something goes sideways with the technology and someone cracks into it and it breaks down but anybody can dream dragons and just don’t put all your eggs in any basket at all that it would be my advice on more information on crypto viewing I’m kind of involved not not really but dick this is having a blast and you check out his YouTube posts he’s having a great time and that’s cool and it’s the word is getting out to more and more people which is great dick myself and Daz are going to be on a on the show on Monday night with Jeff rents really cool it’s gonna be fun I like Jeff and I’ve listened to him for I wouldn’t like to say over a decade it’s been over a decade and we’re gonna be talking about the Grand Canyon remote viewing session now to me although it was my suggestion what the target should be this guy Seth Tanner my my take was more backing up my Grand Canyon research into the gold part of the Grand Canyon so we’ll see we’ll see we’ll see how that goes it should be a great conversation because we’re gonna be talking about kryptos too and they all they all kind of jive together the Grand Canyon gold the Grand Canyon Egyptian artifacts they’re not Egyptian but the pre pre known civilization type of artifacts and how do you how do you carve such a tunnel into the the side of the Grand Canyon hundreds and hundreds of miles I think was 50 miles was the estimate the the town tunnels within the Grand Canyon crazy stuff in the side of the van Kade all man-made it yes listen to the deference interview and subscribe to crypto viewing I it’s mmm May 4th I think is when they’re gonna post the Grand Canyon viewing session but there’s also those things that link into my research with the plane crash and all kinds of things and where this site is within the Grand Canyon people are gonna find it really cool and purely entertainment not investment advice all that stuff but I find it really cool and it gets me even looking into more and more into the pyramids and how stupid how stupid humanity is to believe what they tell us we can’t we can’t make the pyramids today with all our fancy equipment I was thinking about going to Peru this summer to match Picchu I’ve been once and Cusco and you know the way they say those you know monuments were built was they would crack the stone bye bye what because it was before they had any tools looks before they had anything and they said oh yeah it was a pre inca that made these amazing monuments and move these huge monoliths up a mountain it’s just ridiculous night without any steel or tools but the way they did it they found a crack in the granite and they inserted some wood and then added water so it expands making the entire mountain crack the stupidest stupidest thing ever you know we’ve known about the existence of the pyramids and all that for hundreds of years and the the explanations by modern science are the most idiotic thing you will ever hear in your life of how it was all done the the main quarry for the Fergie’s ax the you know the Great Pyramids was 500 miles away and the latest theory you know what the latest theory is they moved the rock after they perfectly you know quarried it they moved it on a sled and whatever is like well how can you drag this said the sled over sand and they said oh no they wet they put water on the sand ahead of the sled it’s stupidest these are mains this is the current mainstream scientists explanation of how the pyramids were built is literally humanity should be extremely embarrassed by our scientists it’s just it’s sad it is sad sad thing to even listen to and in being taught it as a child you know blind as a child they were teaching me you know I grew up in the 60s and 70s they were teaching me that it was all made by straw and and they made bricks to make the pyramids you know they’d stomp on yeah we all saw Ben Hur when they’re stomping on the the straw in the mud to make the bricks that’s just how stupid are we and why are we still stupid today that’s the bigger question because basically the mainstream cannot acknowledge to humanity that we are we aren’t alone number one get yourself a night-vision goggles which mine broke they’ll they didn’t break there’s a problem with the battery compartment yeah I have night-vision goggles and I can see things flying around in the night sky absolutely you explain to me what they are when they go like this and then shoot off this way like Lightspeed or they you know they weave in and out and then go five different directions or the triangle craft that I can see plain as day explain that to me and then I’ll you know I believe you that there’s no such as other civilizations and that we we built the pyramids with little chunks of wood and water that we stuck in there because we didn’t have tools back when the pyramids were built just ridiculous anyway it is really good and exciting to be living to these times this is the time of awakening if you ask me and all the stuff from our government and all the things they’ve been hiding from us need to come out and the the destruction of the deep state is ongoing but they need to destroy it all not just this little faction of the new state they needed to stir it all and tell humanity what was really done and then we can be free and we can move on and I am all about fighting for that and I hope everybody else is on the road rue des and hang in there things are changing I’ll post a link to the Jets interview we’re gonna record it tomorrow I don’t know if it’s live I don’t know much dick told me here’s what we’re doing okay sure I mean so wait for that one big square rhoda rooder calm give me a thumbs ups and it’ll tell your friends make sure you pound that subscribe button and the like button like I guess the like button gets you more views or something I don’t know you got me on this YouTube stuff I just sit here like I talk about the things I’m interested in and hopefully you are too this is big swear I’ll talk to you guys later

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