My Ethereum Trade – Did I Make Insane Profits?! – Altcoins We Are Buying – XRP, VEN & SYS

alright guys let’s talk about some fantastic trading setups I was looking at guys if you watch a couple of days ago I produced a video where I talked about a trading move I was looking to make them in this weekend it was an idiom trade and we’re gonna follow up on that and see how how that played out and how much in the green that made me did it make me a millionaire didn’t make me a bum we just have to wait and see it in this video but guys if this is your first time here make sure to subscribe right now and if you have been in for a while to make sure to hit the thumbs up I want to remind you also that we have a giveaway going on right now we are doing constant giveaways on this channel so currently it’s $50 worth of litecoin it’s a hundred and eleven people in the giveaway right now if you wanna join you need to subscribe right now he jumps up and then you need to join the disco channel go to the top left here you got the rules section and read this don’t go into the public room and just start asking well giveaway we’re giveaway read everything because if the mods are in the bad move mood I should say then you might get warned or something along those lines so yeah definitely go and read the rules you got everything you need to in order to win some light coin let’s talk about these guys let’s talk about the market it’s currently at a bit of a retrace here it’s at nine thousand two hundred and eighty eight it’s pretty much break even across Bitcoin and some of the coins citerior and Bitcoin between cash to the major coins litecoin they are pretty much break even and then you got a couple of coins which are really in the green you know II Oscar Donald Tron and as you already know I’ve been looking to accumulate some Tron and if you accumulate some eoz but it’s just been a completely crazy ride this never seems to stop and Eric did a video a couple of hours ago here where he talked about that now it’s probably not the time to buy Tron and that’s a fantastic video so go back and check that if you wanna if you want to know more about that but yeah and I got some I got some tips in the disco channel actually telling me to like now is the opportunity now he got a small dip by now but unfortunately I was asleep and you guys you never seem to sleep so you’re always in there trading but unfortunately I missed that one so I’m looking for a small pullback here and if we actually look at Ron you can see that we had a small dip here going from for all the people listening going from ninety or nine cents down to about eight point two cents so that was a small pullback but now it’s going up again so yeah this is just crazy I don’t know I guess when Bitcoin hits close to ten thousand dollars I think we’re gonna have quite a sizable retrace and maybe down from 10,000 down to nine thousand again and at that point I’m looking to accumulate some of these because these guys should maybe pull back even more than Bitcoin should percentage-wise and same thing with EOS you know you had a pullback here going from $22 down to nineteen point five dollars but I just pick it up again and it’s currently at twenty twenty dollars fifty cents so yeah it’s just hard to to get the opportunity to buy I guess I should have bought during this dip it again I was I was asleep so that’s too bad for me so I’m looking at that guys but yeah let’s talk about this move I was gonna make on aetherium actually let’s first talk about Bitcoin here so yeah I mean we’re still around like in this vicinity of between 9,000 and 10,000 which is a it’s proven to be a point in which the price really struggles to make a direction not to the ups not to the downside which is good but not to the upside either and it’s just so much training that has been going on there’s so much volume in the past so it’s really a big rock to to to kind of try to move here for the price and it does not seem that we have enough momentum we don’t have enough buyers enough bolts to kind of shake that out I mean actually propel this price it upside but yeah as I said 9,000 880 is a resistance level and I’m watching we’re actually closer to the support level of 9126 so that could be a good point to accumulate some I think that this is gonna well recently it’s not been holding too well on the daily err so yeah I don’t know maybe this has played out its part right now I don’t know it’s still gonna be it’s still somewhat of a good entry in my opinion that humilate some at least because this could hold then he got the longer term support level right around the 8000 I guess it would call it now 8100 is a very strong support level in my opinion but yeah I’m watching this I’m watching if this actually goes and hit this support level and you can argue that it kind of is interacting with it right now just because the week Siri got a couple of weeks and what I notice here is that you’ve got a series of higher lows here which is good it’s a sign of a reversal so I’m watching that but yeah let’s talk about the big move I was gonna make her on on etherium so if you go back a couple of videos ago I talked about my move on on etherium and I was looking to get in at a certain point and I was looking to get out at a certain point and the point I was going to get in that is once we had confirmation inside this red box for people listening the red box goes from 690 up to 750 and if we actually consolidated inside of this box I expected us to have a quick shot from from the level of 991 at 691 all the way up to 740 which would have been a gain of a quick 9% almost now what I also said is that because when when I did that video we were testing this point of 688 which is just on the edge of the big red box so remember I’m looking for confirmation inside of the box and it was struggling to penetrate it and I also said that if we fail and we break down here I’m looking to accumulate some at 631 which is the next level of support now how this played out is that it did not manage to break inside of the red box okay it tried one two three times and if you look at this candle right here you can see that this candle is surrounded by two lower highs so this is a swing high candle meaning that it’s a sign of a reversal to the downside now I had a buy order right around 633 and unfortunately it did not retrace that far so it did not feel I was about $10 off now what I want to say with this is that even though I did not make any money on this trade more importantly and I think that this is a general general mindset I’m going to have throughout this year because it’s the biggest trainer traders think this way in my opinion the more important part is I did not lose any money and now people are gonna be like what if you don’t you know you should have just bought here and you know it could have gone in you could have made money and whatnot but more importantly I did not lose any money now the trading setup was I was gonna get in here consolidate and I would take profit at 641 did not happen scenario to remember technical analysis is all about scenarios what if ends and and you know probabilities second probability was that we were not going to break into the red box and then it was gonna get be rejected and go to the downside I had a buy order down here unfortunately it was ten or so dollars off so he did not feel either way this was a good move because if this actually did fill in I would have made a quick eight eight percent and I did not lose money here so if I would have bought it while it was testing this red box I would have lost nah I mean we’ve to assume that yeah yeah it’s it’s it would have been an unrealized loss even if I held but that was would have been an unrealized loss of seven percent if I just held it sure it would go back up but this is how we need to think I had a strategy it’s gonna go up I’m gonna buy here or it’s gonna be rejected and I’m gonna buy here and ride it all the way up again and it continued to test this several times as you can see here so this is the way I’m thinking I’m trying to get you to understand my own mindset because I think that this is the way to go here in the future and some of you guys are asking me for these kind of things so I just want to share that with you and also make sure to join the disco channel because we have these discussions all the time so talking about discussions I posted something here in the community portfolio and we currently have five nights if you are unaware of how the ranking system works and you get points by interacting you can win $1,000,000 and stuff like that but yeah we have five nights and that’s Nick Arielle stampers grant and Bunny so these guys now get five hundred dollars to pick a coin for us to invest in the community portfolio and we’re gonna start with the first one and that is Arielle and he actually picked sis so we’re gonna take a look at sis and it is this coin which is not like from the technicals it’s not looking too bad it’s got decent volume it’s actually at the 69th place and that was I didn’t I was not aware of this coin it’s a it’s an outsider for me but it’s actually pretty cool fully decentralized marketplace so it’s kind of like an Amazon and eBay I guess you call it more like an eBay oh yeah they also say here eBay without corporate gauging political interface interference downtime maintenance or hefty fees through the marketplace to say sell used stuff alright cool we’re gonna buy $500 worth of sis corn and then the next coin and they wanted to buy is x RP so x RP as you know it’s already one of the holder holdings in our portfolio you can see it right here we have wait how much do we have current value okay we’re 844 dollars worth of extra piece we’re gonna add another $500 worth of xrp it’s actually one of the best performers here the third best performer in our community portfolio the best one being Biden’s coin and verge actually and if we look at this from a Bitcoin perspective we will do this real quick zoom but you can see that some of these coins are actually in the green which is nice to see nano is in the red $15 only though neo is actually in the red neo was one of the biggest performers last month I think but it’s been having quite a tough time now but currently all in all we are up 1,000 in unrealized gains and 670 in realized gains so that puts us at 12% up from when we actually invested so that’s pretty cool to see but yeah Ripple gonna buy some more Ripple and the last coin was actually then and then is this coin and it’s pretty cool they’re working with Supply Management I think that Ben has a good future and am kind of like Walton so it’s actually in a bit of a tip here coming from a good period of uptrend here so maybe this can take off if we actually managed to break $10,000 on Bitcoin and we get some of that FOMO thing going on people wanting another altcoin season having those massive gains of 100 200 300 percent gains on some of these coins which will be absolutely amazing let’s see how it plays out we’re gonna buy that we’re gonna monitor it and also guys we’re gonna be more active with the community portfolio we’re gonna do it more during the live streams I know it’s been a while since we did a live stream all right I get that we’re gonna be more active we’re gonna try to trade these things so and all the people here in the community portfolio leave your suggestions here and tell us what we should buy and more importantly what we should sell you always got the link you can check all the holdings we have here and yeah I’m excited to wait for what Nick is gonna cook up because I know that he’s doing a lot of research actively trading he does not never he never seems to sleep so you know maybe he can come up with a game which is gonna give us those crazy gains be I guess we’re gonna do that we’re gonna take a look at this let’s hope that the market reverse I’m going to stock up on some EOS I’m gonna stock up on some tron yeah all in all we’re gonna add $2,500 here with the pics here of these guys it’s gonna be 2500 worth of them $2,000 $2,500 will add to the portfolio getting us even closer to that $1,000,000 and target you guys thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe make sure to hit the thumbs up if you want to win some night coins do what I just said subscribe like going to the disco channel click the rule section up here and until then I will see you guys in the discord Channel

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