Realist News BREAKING! HUGE CRYPTO NEWS JUST LEAKED! I hope you have this coin

all right people check this out so I’m talking with one of the guys from paipai PPP symbol triple Peas now remember they do or are going to be doing some at some level invoice factoring too similar to populace not at that level from what I understand but they will be doing it I don’t know how big it could be but that’s not kind of a sign thing they don’t really talk much about it but that’s a kind of a bonus as far as I’m concerned but I got a breaking news story for you directly from them Pape I got it today and the breaking news story which I will pull up and actually read you it’s very simple it’s very short straight to the point kind of a thing but we have some great news regarding pay pie first of all their beta sites coming here I got a video coming on that tomorrow you’ll see it tomorrow morning so this will be two videos tonight though is the breaking news part of this and that is this one should be about okay and it’s videos I know we have scope of the video paipai are you ready for this Here I am telling you a while back could you imagine just imagine how incredible it would be if paipai partners with a specific accounting software you might have heard of QuickBooks and I said do you know what that would mean maybe not right away maybe the coins not just gonna rock it all of a sudden maybe this takes a little time but maybe not I don’t know all I know is I’m holding onto my paper right now not trying to sell any okay I want to ride this horse breaking news papé I has partnered with QuickBooks for their beta launch which happens tomorrow this means that paipai will now have instant access to millions of QuickBooks QuickBooks business users as potential customers immediately QuickBooks is the largest accounting software in North America by far having around 80 percent of the market share by the way this is a massive goldmine of a business that’s QuickBooks and they just partnered with paipai it’s going down it’s happening basically right now officially tomorrow and I have been given an exclusive news story to give you guys tonight how awesome is that they reached out to snippy why probably because I helped them get on the map way back when a lot of people did have faith and some of these smaller cap coins huh it’s crap no I see very very useful utility token pay PI big time then we have debit to them the other day who also partnered with pay pi so we have davit um partnered with them now we’ve got QuickBooks are you kidding me so this video is being released tonight just to let you know and again I don’t know if all the sudden pay PI is gonna skyrocket over the next day or two or it takes a little time QuickBooks users businesses start to use that feature pay PI starts getting additional customers and hey we’ve you know automatically can tap into the QuickBooks account so we’re good you know I don’t know but this is exactly where what’s happening right now with them making that announcement is exactly why I did that video so long ago I knew this was gonna be a keeper all the I SEOs I was looking at just peeled them away that one I need to do a video can I have Nick chandi the president can can we do a Skype yes we can thank you very much that was back then so again I’m happy with this one it’s already done well over the past few months you know of course all the cryptos went up they went back down doesn’t matter I didn’t touch frickin paipai in this right here’s the reason why patience is a virtue so where they’re about to take paipai is beyond the next level again I don’t know how quick some of this is gonna unfold and then reflect into the price of pay pie crypto tokens but I don’t care because these guys aren’t slowing down they’re making partnerships they’re making decisions that are epic in you and I are on for it for I think a really good ride so I had to break that new story tonight Thanks

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