REALIST NEWS – Sunday Crypto Update – Some Psychic Stuff Too

all right people my crypto people 432 billion dollar market caps Sunday we got one mower day of the month of April Bitcoin currently $9,300 good it’s fine ether I’m still been going flat 678 gos on the other hand has absolutely broken the all-time high for sure at just over $18 it’s now 20 plus dollars I don’t know if you guys saw dick alghars video from crypto viewing was posted yesterday where he says there you know when when we initially gave them the remote viewers the litecoin target like hey can you guys remote view the litecoin price whatever and they they did it to their specification whatever they said said you know it’ll be at least $3,000 by you know the day before Christmas this year 2018 after they had their initial remote viewing dick it asked me hey give me a couple more coins I said okay so I said how about theta and cos I’m not sure where they stand on data right now but looking at his video his most recent one from yesterday looks like they may have gotten some results for iOS in the title of his video was let’s see it’s the crypto viewing channel that right here remote viewing iOS 250 by September 17 hours ago he doesn’t get into any real detail other than to tell you we pretty much have it coming here shortly for obviously the people in patreon patron and subscribers will get it soon but he kind of left he says in there I’m kind of letting the cat out of the bag so to speak and looks like we might have 250 Laurie OS by September now the prices right now is $20 this is the same coin I was lucky enough to get into a sixty cents last year and I got a little nice little chunk be honest with you I mean I was 60 cents you know you could have put a small amount of money and it’d be a nice little chunk that’s what I’m saying but here I am thinking man if it gets to you know this number I might be able to pay my house off or with just a OS but that number was not even kind of close to $250 just to be honest with you not even in the same universe as $250 it was much much much much less so I’m sitting here doing my calculation saying well you know if it’s $250 I wonder what that gives me and it looked pretty nice yeah house payoff time kind of a thing remain to be seen if this happens we’re about to see how good these remote viewers are this year it’s gonna happen you’re you me all of us we are going to see how good these guys are along with the psychics now the other day I said guys give me some questions for Michelle white dove Pete went through scoured all the questions you guys had grab the best of the best that he felt was you know the best questions to possibly bring over he had a few of his own questions I had a few my own questions he’s added all that gave it to her and she just did the reading and it was ours hours and hours long and from what I understand it’s gonna be nothing short of absolutely incredible so he has to go back and play back what she said on his phone you know record it and then he’s typing it out so a report type of thing can happen you know that would that’s how it gets I’ll give it to you you know in a simple report to read and there’s some woowoo there’s stuff that wasn’t exactly crypto related at some of those questions and she gets into it these told me a couple things I’m not going to say it yet I’ve been sworn to silence whatever but it’ll be really good it’ll be really really cool when this comes out so then the other thing I’m gonna talk to that young man you know as he he kind of labeled himself crypto dragon remember the young psychic kid I was just talking to him on skype just right before I did this video and you know he’s one of those ones that talked about ontology and some of these other ones red coin I’ve mentioned do sava she’s confirmed some of the same stuff right so get this I get a text from Mustapha was that last I heard today that was yesterday last night late last night almost midnight not quite my time okay here’s my new coin recommendation is triggers you guys remember that from January triggers from the other guy Michael that I said hey this guy says he’s a psychic I can’t back it up but here’s what he said triggers and Floren coin or FL oh so this is triggers and it’s funny because you see a couple market cycles have already happened much bigger the second time and I’m honestly I did expect an even bigger one that this next time but as high as eight and some change 885 you know currently a dollar dollar forty three whatever dollar sixty seven up here but she’s feeling energy with good energy right now with this coin she just gave this to me last night I told her I said hey by the way this guy Michael gave this to me back in fact January but he all excuse me he also gave me one called Florin coin which is the symbol just FYI is Flo oops hello and currently 11 and a half cents again another one that popped up around the same time as those other ones you know call out around 30 cents there twenty-nine thirty cents you know it’s got only got I got three times to get back there and make a new high whereas the other one triggers needs to go up like you know eight times or not quite eight may be seven times whatever it is so I just did mention that to her so she was all I’ll try to like focus on you know I’ll see you about that she took a green shot of the page though in there her flash was like terrible messing up like to where I could see however I do see I see this coin going in a short period of time $4 $6 and then it’ll hit $8 again levels talking about triggers it wasn’t jump to 9 I think 13 15 this year it could hit 20 by the end of this year or so possibly and then I can’t read the rest of it just this she took a picture of the screen it’s just hard to read it however she then says after I told her that she goes I’ll have to check on that one I have another one coming up later so I don’t know if she means today later tomorrow later or just soon another coin so if you’re not a subscriber to sava on her patreon patreon Moustafa that’s the winning I’ve been giving this out several times now this is what’s great she was out 421 patrons literally like two days ago I think and I came out said hey it’s her again guess what she said buh-bye boss you got another one right hey another one right you know and I’m like I think it’s only six dollars there may be a couple levels so three dollar six dollar and then there’s a ten dollar there you go ok so she does have three $10 so you can sign up all these different tiers what’s kind of nice about patreon you can set that stuff up like that but anyways I’m out here trying to promote her free of charge of course because she’s giving great information psychically you know spiritually a 500 or no 421 is now more than twice – all not twice more than 200 I was gonna say 100 higher 200 that have been 621 she’s at 642 so she’s gained another 200 people and if they’re all by chance six dollars six times two is twelve hundred dollars a month right 200 people times six six bucks 1,200 bucks for a month coming and that’s beautiful that is a beautiful thing I love it so she has another one coming soon so just obviously stay you know stay tuned kind of a thing to see where that goes but the young guy you know crypto dragons as you originally called himself I will have him back on soon and he’s got a few coins he’s been focusing on again he’s been like texting me some things he was like man I just talked him today he’s I can’t remember that one I showed you he’s like that things up a hundred and you know went up 100 something percent I was like yeah I saw it and uh so yeah anyways yeah he’s got a few he said I said look I said let’s do this get a list going of all the things you want to talk about and then when I have you come back on my YouTube channel here we’ll just rather than kind of wing it like we did last time where you’re just talking and what do you you know we’ll just go through everything you’ve been getting lately and tell us what you feel like now I will say he feels at the moment because some of these coins are gonna be moving up quicker than others he did tell me said I feel like if I had some oMG I probably would go ahead and sell it and maybe even putting a light coin or digi did you buy it or where else did he say oh he said you know this he’s like I feel like I can’t he’s like every time I try to focus on quantum or cute um and point stamp I can’t I almost feel like I can’t figure out which one’s gonna be the like I feel I feel good but I can’t he’s like I’m not sure if I’m just not able to figure out which one spirits giving me because they’re kind of similar quaint stamp and quantum and I’m like well what if it’s both he’s like I know that’s kind of what I’ve been feeling lately like I think it’s actually both and that’s that that’s the sign I think no it’s not one of the other it’s both so he’s been he called quit Quantum a while back to it’s done well but he’s been talking quite a bit about quaint stamp you know in that I don’t have any by the way I don’t I don’t have any of those 22 stamp but just to give you an idea this is it currently 20 stones been as low as 10 cents here recently so it’s doubled already there’s been a few coins that have doubled since the same since the beginning of April somewhere up 50 a lot are up 50 percent or so but there’s there’s a few that have actually doubled this is this is one of them and I don’t know if I should say a few more like several cuz there’s more than just a few that have doubled but a lot of them have not doubled they haven’t gone quite that good but still you know 40 50 percent up you’re not gonna cry or complain about that you know absolutely not but I mean how about a OS it was just 490 remember when Brian got in my buddy Brian for about 490 coffee bucks it’s worth five times that four times out five dollars times for 20 bucks and if dick alghars right the remote-viewing guys and it’s going to 250 by September by the way was the date they gave $250 in September April or practically in May I mean two more days may right so made of June June July July August August September for months basically all the fun and bad market and all this crowd we just dealt with that same time do it again without the foot of course and we should see that kind of price not what I’m here to tell you it’s just me speaking no inside nothing in for unfold just me thinking about things if they’re right somewhere around $250 September for us in this case you know much of the other coins in that market crypto market are going to be up nicely too doesn’t mean they’ll do that nice I’m just saying rising tide raises all ships everything’s gonna look good okay for the most part aside from that let’s just focus on EOS if yo s does in fact go to 250 in September do you think we’re gonna get through May June July and it’s just 20 25 bucks maybe and then also make it to September that blast the 250 or do you think it’s gonna be 40 here in the near future 60 80 maybe the next month another 20 $34 on top of that and then bang maybe we’re talking 50 all our moves 60 $70 moves like in a few days on freaking us and again I know cliff eyes emailed me and picks weird and said he has some pretty darn good data that suggests he OS doesn’t make it fails was the word to use it fails and it looks like it would be the very very very end of this year if it happens and I’m like maybe this is gonna be one cliff why Bach just got wrong some data masking happens from time to time something because speaking of Michele white dove in them she also I think talks about us in that coming report that you’re going to want to get and she spent hours and hours and hours on this and I thought at one point cuz we talked about it me her in P she’s like it’s up to you guys you Joe and Pete you guys deal with it figure it out which is we just give this away for free and say hey everybody give her throw her a bone you know throw throw or something a little like coin or something but that means also all these people who don’t believe in the woowoo the people I’m constantly having the troll back get it for free to see because those people wouldn’t dare pay for a report and I’ll be honest I don’t want them to have it you don’t believe in it don’t believe in it get lost you don’t get to see for free no get loose get lost see you later so I think we’re probably will probably charge for this and when I found out how long she spent on it oh she’s going to get something she’s going to get something and I think I’m gonna hand a lot in full but we still have to talk about it all three of us honestly just to make sure we’re all on the same page of how we want to handle it donations are nice and all and I know I got a lot of people who always when I give the call you guys always show up when we appreciate that big time but on something like this the amount of time she spent on this in the kind of information I think that’s about to be unleashed which by the way update on theta in a timeline I repeat update on theta as well as a timeline okay I believe is going to be in this report it’s not going to be one of these reports where she comes out every month or every couple months and does it this report is gonna be good enough to look out a good ways therefore I’ll be honest I think I’m gonna tell them we need to go in charge for this we need to go in charge for this one because the amount of money people are more than likely going to make listening to stuff like this is going to be insane and damn it can someone get thrown a bone for their hard work in this case her and that kind of thing so we’re not set on anything at the moment but I think that’s where we need to lean to just to be fair to these people it’s kind of like the remote viewers people walk all over them take the information you people donate but everyone else takes it gimme gimme it’s all about me mine it should be free it’s mine well if it’s free and you make money off it can I get some money back oh that’s my money yeah but you said right no if you want it you might want it you have to pay for it I think is how I’m gonna try to convince them what I don’t think they’re gonna be hard to convince them because they know well we hear you what makes sense not gonna be any convincing I don’t think but we want the information out there I will reveal some of the information for free by the way I will talk about that I’ll make that a fact like to them guys I need to talk a little bit about some of this and if you want the real juicy stuff you know pay this little fee for what for like a once a year report kind of a thing I think it’s gonna be nothing short of incredible I’m like I’m sure of it okay so we’ll stay we’ll keep you guys up to date everything else we’ve got all these sources all this stuff it’s this is cool and speaking what was uh I haven’t looked that gift Oh thing was up 20% it was 30% up I come won’t do the video next day it’s up 50% or yeah roughly it’s like 40-something percent almost fifty one time it was pretty damn close the symbol was GTO and she’s not saying like you know the next day is to be epic like look it’s down three three cents not that it matters it’s still fifty four cents which was that which was the high you know recently here but uh you know look at the frickin volume hundred three hundred sixteen million dollars in volume April 28th yesterday three hundred sixteen million Osprey from Jason at for the pump and don’t piss video did that uh I don’t think my subscribers can push that kind of money out there just to be honest with you especially on a psychic whim yeah let’s throw 550 million at that one you know not happening but that goes to show you when these psychics give stuff like this man are they on or not geez and like I said I’m gonna be the one pushing this on my channel I don’t care what people think I don’t care if you give me a whole bunch of thumbs down I’ll take those thumbs down all the way to the freaking Bank with a line of followers subscribers doing the same yep thumbs down hop see you later one of the bank another thumbs down I’m off to the bank following Jay snip over here – you guys can cut in front of me okay I was in line first yesterday you guys going for me we’re holding we hold the door for you go ahead going on guys cats out of those kryptos and get some Fiat back in your pocket pay off some of that debt that was based in Fiat so go ahead and take care that I don’t care would you really care for example if some guy you know this guy gives us these great crypto tips they always you’ve got a lot of good winners don’t really uh what’s his name uh bozo on YouTube Oh bozo can we go check out bozo and you don’t know what his sources are he just tells you though this is gonna move and and that’s it and you started to follow and listen while that one did move hey that one also did yeah that other one kind of lagged but then it took off like he said yeah okay and then later on after you’ve made a freaking fortune you find out this guy’s been talking to psychics oh come on wait a minute how much money is this guy made me how many good pics did this guy get me in just bozo YouTube guy I don’t care where he gets the information from right that’s where your minds can you I don’t care you stop listening the guy’s made you fortune the psychics are making you a fortune potentially and maybe it’s a good thing that not everybody listens anyways because that’s more for the rest of us for these things to rise up but we capitalized on because if everybody gets in the market at the same exact time and then we get out at the same time like how’s that gonna work market runs up and then runs down at the same time like you need people in and out at different times people chasing that momentum you’re getting out while the momentum is rising other people are gonna get in at the top again there’s gonna be people getting in all over the place but I’m glad I’m aligned with all these psychics and it happened so rapidly within weeks I’m talking this one that one I’m visiting Michele white of like what what the hell just happened and dick Algar come on in come on the show before Michelle starts talking about the third level of remote viewing called theta what the dick what’d you just say theta th ETA yeah y-you know I was gonna tell you at the end of this conversation about the special pick for Michele window called ADA coin in a token here’s the symbol hold on Joe look what I drew a few weeks ago oh my god it’s almost identical to the freakin theta Sam okay we’re all paying attention now don’t get left behind put your stupid silly ego and your stupid silly religious beliefs in man-made religious beliefs in the trash can and come on the Jay snip for bus we’re going to the promised land I welcome you aboard permission granted all aboard take care

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