Remote Viewing: EOS $250 By Sept?

my mind is reeling I’m spinning I’m I’m out of control because we just did remote viewing that indicates Els at 250 gos at 2 dollars and 50 cents no wait wait wait wait wait we’re talking yo s this is what our data seems to indicate yo s at 250 by September could that be true well we did the remote viewing work we need to look at this to see if the tasking was done correctly we need to look at this to see if the viewers work actually does correlate to the target that would indicate AOS at 250 dollars by September and we need to check the analysis to see if the analysis is done correctly so that’s a report that will be coming out soon for subscribers but the hint is it seems to correlate to EOS $250 by September watch for that one boy the world is changing quickly are you watching what’s going on in Korea I am because my wife is Korean and we have a stake in that it’s just a shame to see Koreans fighting Koreans for so many years they’re one country one nation with a rich and proud heritage it was great to see kim jeong-hoon and president moon walking hand in hand with all the symbology behind them getting along very nicely what does this mean well it means the world is changing right before our very eyes there are a lot of things changing we’re moving to a new digital cashless system a new system of digital currency and as that is brought online you’ll see a lot of changes one of the changes will be borders now don’t get me wrong here I’m not an open borders guy I’m not a guy that likes to see people streaming across the borders into our country I’m pretty conservative when it comes to that but there are things happening that we are not going to be able to change the new world is coming it’s just a matter of how you navigate it and how you set yourself up to survive and be comfortable in this new monetary system that is coming in line coming online make no mistake about it more and more people are beginning to realize that I have a number of friends who just a couple of months ago we’re saying cashless no no no no no digital money Bitcoin on up not not for me I am NOT gonna put any of my hard-earned money into something that is just numbers on the internet not not secure can be hacked has no value it’s a Ponzi scheme no thank you now they’re coming to me hey dick how can I get a digital wallet should I buy some light coin what’s another good coin to get how do I do this how do I get on an exchange this afternoon I’m going to be giving Jeff rents a little lesson on how to set up an exodus wallet speaking of Jeff rents Bicks we’re dad Smith and I will be on the Jeff rent show this Monday April 30th talking about our project about the mystery in the Grand Canyon The Curious Case of Seth Tanner a mystery in the Grand Canyon Vic’s where death Smith and yours truly on the jeff rent show and we’ll also talk some cryptocurrency digital money with Jeff rents he’ll have his brand-new Exodus wallet I’m gonna tip him a little bit of light coins show my friend Jeff a little bit of love so the world is changing us watch for that report yes I leaked the details right here I hope the head office is okay with that like I say it makes you kind of dizzy when you think about that if a OS went to 250 500 what could it be by September we’re watching for it okay Aloha from the beach oh I was going to show you Hiroshima the jazz band Hiroshima is in town and I went to the concert last night and they let me shoot a little bit of it so I’m going to close out this report with the jazz band Hiroshima picnic [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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