TCG LIVE Crypto Analysis 4/29/2018

well everyone hope you’re having a good Sunday we’re gonna sit tight for just a few minutes waiting for people to file in and take a seat we’re gonna be looking at Bitcoin aetherium litecoin gos neo icx B&B OMG WTC and nano some Q&A as usual at the end I’ll fix the lighting here in the background next time first time streaming from this spot I’ll find a spot that’s more favorable eventually you so we’re gonna start on the weekly timeframe for everything and then we’ll zoom into the shorter term timeframes but if you’ve been following along and following the other videos that I’m making it’s really shaping up to be an interesting May and early June in the overall stock market in the crypto space in the Canadian MJ space looking good Jonnie was great forgot to upload a video of Yanni as I was sitting there recording the video he was just this white gleaming light blue the way that the lights were lined up and it really looked pretty cool it was a good show there’s a full moon rising it was an outdoor amphitheater on the water pretty ideal setting and I’m officially in Florida for the next five months at least and I’ll probably want to bounce around again springtime in Colorado sounds nice alright where’s everybody from let’s do that and then we’ll get going got a couple minutes to go here until 5:00 p.m. on the dot you st. George Utah Alaska Los Angeles Alabama Boston Chicago Estonia UK Kentucky Poland Amsterdam Portugal South Africa Netherlands Canada DC Jersey London North Carolina Romania Naples Syria Texas New Jersey Germany Cape Town Philly London Detroit that’s cool someone’s in El that’s not good Australia Costa Rica had some good trading Inc Pavone as Costa Rica that was heaven on earth I was in Pomona’s Costa Rica when the first u.s. MJ boom really took off in 2013-2014 and just being on a little shack on the beach and just clicking buttons and making those kind of gains is just wild talk about freedom you smashing lakes appreciate it let’s see if we can get to a hundred in a couple seconds let’s run that thumbs up up thirty more seconds you Wow 57 likes – 80 something – 190 even keep up that that little girl Sariah is not my child is chart gal Dinsey who helps us out and she honestly she has out of anybody that I’ve ever taught she is mini-me nine out of ten times she will answer a question the exact same way that I would just in terms of someone that has actually grasped it she is a shining star example one of our former members and now moderators that is just can’t I mean I deal picking up of information in terms of exactly my style all right let’s get into it Bitcoin first weekly timeframe so I’m gonna start with all of these charts naked and we’re going to go through how I would draw the lines as always support and resistance lines looking at the tightening pattern higher lows and lower highs we know we are watching this equilibrium pattern on the weekly time frame and earlier in the week we had a big upper Wicca profit-taking and it looked like we were going to form a bearish reversal candlestick on the weekly time frame that’s no longer the case so we’re about to close this week and it’s not a bearish reversal candlestick so that’s important to note and now we are looking at where’s our lower high gonna be and the daily timeframe is not giving us any indication that our lower high on the weekly timeframe is in just yet I I admittedly jumped the gun slightly certainly didn’t make any decisions based on that but I did jump the gun and saying okay it’s likely that our lower high isn’t just after that one big red day that we had on the daily timeframe so daily timeframe when this big red candlestick in the volume climax occurred I said it was likely that our lower high is in and that’s still potentially the case it just doesn’t look I’m not as confident with where we currently stand right now but we’re what we do have forming on the daily timeframe is our high below the initial pullback and then we have a lower high potentially forming now so we went from an equilibrium on the hourly timeframe to an equilibrium on the four-hour timeframe and now we’re going to a potential equilibrium on the daily timeframe especially if we pull back and head back down towards 9,000 so that’s something to potentially be watching for we are riding the exponential 12 period support on the daily timeframe up is this still extremely bullish consolidation sideways consolidation after the last couple weeks that we’ve had for Bitcoin favors the Bulls so that’s what we’re seeing it’s not even sideways it’s a slight uptrend and we are heading into this week with the Bulls still hanging on as the bottom line so before our timeframe asked to lose higher lows as signal number one that the daily consolidation is going to take us back down towards 9,000 in the upper 8,000 s and we can see the very clear for our higher lows that we’re currently working with one two and we just formed another and look at these inside bars but these inside bars break bearish I’m looking down at nine thousand sixty-four nine thousand psychological and then eight thousand eight hundred and sixty-three as the next support level so how these four our inside bars break tonight is going to very likely dictate momentum overnight tonight and that break is likely to occur this current candlestick which still has three hours left to go you can see things are getting very tight and the volume is dropping off the four hour time frame would be my guide in terms of what direction are we going to be heading tonight if we get a bull break we’re looking at 9,500 12 and then the top of the bounce move of nine thousand seven hundred and sixty three if we get a bear break we’ll go down to those support levels that I just highlighted that’s pretty much what there is to be watching you can get some more details if you want the hourly timeframe tight 15-minute time frame real tight but I like it better on the area or the four hour because it’s just simple inside candlesticks and we’ve certainly worked with those many times before and we’ll see a break sooner rather than later we’re on the verge of a bearish MACD cross so all in all where we stand right now I’m all cash I got stopped out of a partial ETH position I’ll show you where in just a moment but I’m all cash and I’m not looking to make any entries here you could make a possible bull entry on a 4-hour inside bar personally I don’t like that entry for myself it’s just not giving the kind of risk to reward setup that I’m looking for and it looks like I’m just gonna be patient as we head into the start of this coming week and ideally what I would like to see is consolidation on this daily timeframe get us to a really tight equilibrium pattern and give us a clear break and honestly what I would like wouldn’t mind seeing would be for our weekly lower high to be set sooner rather than later so we can hurry up and consolidate a little bit set another higher low and then look for that break sometime in late May early June so aetherium is very similar to Bitcoin in this standpoint starting with the weekly timeframe and we have a very significant bounce from the low consolidation and we’re going to be looking to set a lower high because anything under 983 is just a lower high that’s the last bounce attempt that we set we knocked back down to lower lows now we’re bouncing again anything under that level is just a lower high and we’re going to have to see a higher low and a higher high on the weekly to change this trend back in favor of the Bulls so it’s not an equilibrium pattern like it is on bitcoin and litecoin but it is a significant bounce that has us very likely to form this higher low once we do consolidate and that will be a potential entry point for people that miss this move longer-term and they’re sitting here saying you know being very patient there’s nothing wrong with that because I don’t think this price is going to run away without them and I do believe that we will have an entry opportunity here in May on some healthy weekly consolidation another point that I want to make on Bitcoin before we continue on aetherium is remember yesterday’s video the four-hour time frame where I said that bull break of the equilibrium pattern wasn’t under favourable conditions because we had already run for 12 hours and I would have liked to have seen a lower high higher low and then a break so I didn’t make an entry on that move that’s the same scenario where we stand on the weekly timeframe if this weekly chart from where we stand right now were to break 11700 I wouldn’t like that as a clear entry signal or a clear bull signal because we’ve already run thousands of dollars to get to that point so that’s why I want to see a weekly lower high and then a higher low and see this range continue to tighten more because it’s the difference between the two different equilibrium reactions we had where the first equilibrium we had here a couple days ago gave us that nice solid bull move and really nice follow-through because of how tight we got we literally couldn’t get any tighter and we got that follow-through this current one that we got that bull break on the four hour time frame there wasn’t a lot of follow-through again because the Bulls already tired themselves out imagine it you know like a race and be let’s call it a horse race the horse is coming towards you know a critical home stretch after already burning all their energy when they break resistance whereas if you know they’re reserving that energy and getting tighter and tighter and then they hit the home stretch and explode that’s what we’re looking for so I do want to see even long term bowls if you’re looking for a really significant bowl break you want to see a lower high on the weekly and then a higher low again before we get this weekly break so aetherium looking for the daily timeframe to give us some signals that the weekly lower high is set and we do not have those yet there are no signals because the bowls are maintaining control I’m currently watching the high of 711 and the low of consolidation of 570 875 and we are seeing a little choppy action on the daily timeframe again the same scenario where we could have our high low this might be our lower high and then we’ll pull back and form a higher low if this daily timeframe starts forming an equilibrium like it’s potentially shaping up to form and we could stay within this pattern I would say all week really another 5 days or so as long as the volume stays pretty low we can definitely stay contained within this equilibrium pattern that is currently forming so signal number one that this daily lower high is being set on these big three will be when the for our higher low pattern is lost and we have a couple supports to be watching there’s those inside bars same as Bitcoin and the break of the inside bars will either have us looking at 666 and 638 or a bull break will have us looking at 697 and then 711 so again the break of the for our inside bars is going to dictate momentum into tonight and determine whether we’re going to be looking at our for our higher lows of support or our for our resistance levels where there’s two of them on this current move like coin on the weekly time frame also very clear equilibrium very similar to Bitcoin high low lower high higher low and when I’m doing a comparison and I know there’s a tool to do this on trading view but just in terms of dollar amount I look at okay our last lower high was 252 and our last higher low it was 110 so that’s essentially $140 in between this range so I can say that we will be in the smack dab middle of that range if we make $70 off of our low so 179 would put us right in the middle and we didn’t get up to that point we got up to 166 so we didn’t quite get to the halfway point but if you look at Bitcoin and do the same thing on the weekly timeframe the halfway point was nine thousand one hundred so this tells me that we are over we made it over the halfway point of this equilibrium range that we are in on Bitcoin and we are under that halfway point on Lake so again I keep highlighting I’m sure it’s infuriating for these long-term like coin bowls that watch you know this analysis and try and remain impartial and unup inion aidid but it’s continuously the past two weeks we continuously keep getting signs that litecoin is the weakest of the big three and that will change at some point there’s no doubt about that it’s just pretty consistent at this point remember how long a theorem was the weakest of the big three that was for over a month where it would just continued day after day weaker and weaker and it’s not that brutal on litecoin but it is very notable so on the daily timeframe for light coin the potential equilibrium our recent high our low of the pullback and this might be our lower high and you can see we didn’t even make it as close to resistance as the others did in the four hour time frame I our lows to be watching or very clear there’s the four hour inside bars big three all forming the same for our pattern look at the volume just completely disappear right now and a break is coming very soon so if we get a bear break we look to 148 22 and 145 if we get a bull break we look to 156 39 and then the high up at 165 87 so that’s the range to be watching on Lake Point and we will obviously likely break all in the same direction on this for our inside bar either this candlestick and if not this candlestick absolutely certainly the next candlestick following it so that’s the rundown for the big three for our time frame it’s going to give us direction very shortly we’re looking for the potential of the weekly lower highs to be set but there’s no indication of that until step number one we lose the for our higher lows step number two the daily chart pulls back and even if the daily chart pulls back and we get those equilibriums that are potentially forming we will not be confident that our weekly lower high is set on these names unless we break that daily equilibrium pattern bearish and lose the daily higher lows so that’s the broad outlook of what the next week or two is going to be looking like pretty much the next week that’s what we’re gonna be looking at on the daily timeframe equilibrium potential and the equilibrium potential will increase if we get a four hour inside bar bear break heading into tonight so let’s look at EOS everybody’s talking about AOS on a huge bull run Congrats to the Bulls that have been holding and trading a lot of profit opportunity here some people think that the fact that AOS is continuing to higher highs and new all-time highs is very indicative of what’s to come for the space that’s a possibility and that’s something that I do always take into effect if I see you know individual all coins breaking key resistance to higher high and a certain set up I will anticipate that it is more likely again technical analysis we’re just always shifting percentage odds of things to happen we’re not saying this is going to happen we’re saying this is most likely to happen and if we the more altcoins and the more individual coins that we see hit all-time highs the more likely that the coins that haven’t done it yet are going to be pulled up in that direction it’s always a good thing when we have you know bulls making money in individual names because it can trickle over to other places as well people putting profits in other places I can’t tell you how many times my ETH profits go into BTC and vice-versa on just flipping trades so we did get the new all-time high nice bull move and higher lows and higher highs on the weekly time frame highest weekly volume ever is about to be locked in and not too much of an upper wick so we’re not seeing a bearish reversal candlestick on the weekly but we are potentially forming a bearish reversal candlestick on the daily all depends on how we close from here it is a big upper wick it is currently shaping up as the potential of a shooting star which has an upper Wicca profit-taking and closes down near the open of the candlestick but even now it’s still not a ton of indication that we’re done on this move and I say that because the four-hour uptrend is still very much intact look at this exponential 12 period moving average and look at how it is held over let’s see it started holding it as support back on for 17 12 days of this support holding so when you have a support level so clearly driving the price up and he use this strategy in stocks all the time if there’s a stock holding the 20 period 5 minute moving average for the first two hours of trading I will make note when it is lost because that’ll be the first time of the day the first time that we lose this 12 period exponential moving average on a OS that’s the first red flag for the bull any any touch off of this level has bounced and held and as long as that keeps up the Bulls have absolutely nothing to worry about this is currently healthy consolidation going on you can see we have a similar inside bar setup that’s forming on the big three right now so likely some correlation there but it would require a Break of 1959 and 1921 or the daily top to likely be in for the time being so those are the two support levels I’m watching let’s look at it on the hourly timeframe or some more detail and again there’s the an equilibrium perfect equilibrium but the Bulls have not lost anything they haven’t even lost the hourly higher lo pattern higher low lower high higher low and looking at the range right now 1959 support 21:46 resistance that is the range to be watching on the show two term timeframes the volume is dropping off as is common with the equilibrium pattern forming and we are going to be looking for a break soon I would say tonight let’s see tonight these coasts at 5 p.m. 12 hours will give us 5 am certainly expect to break within 12 hours that’s going to dictate short-term direction so congrats to the Bulls if you’re still riding this position I would be using this hourly equilibrium as my stop personally because we have run so significantly the daily RSI is off the charts up at 89 and the four-hour RSI has cooled off significantly so there is possibility that this move is not done just yet but risk to reward on every leg up shifts to favour risk more than reward for Bulls which is why I personally would continually walk up my stop-loss to ensure that I lock in some profit neo on the weekly time frame pretty similar to aetherium in the sense that we have our high low lower high the bear break occurred to a lower low and we have a solid bounce playing out no doubt about that but we’re not gonna change the trend unless we break 146 which is not likely on this attempt so 146 is resistance support as well as 44 and we’re in the middle of this range so what would be the middle of this range let’s see 44 to 146 $102 61 dollars off the bottom would give us 105 we’re not there yet we have to get to 105 to be in the middle of this range which is ideal for where the Bulls want to be but they’re still strong the daily chart is absolutely still all bull look at that volume look at that leg to the upside now so this right now looking at neo chart I look at this chart like I just said and now I think okay that might shift the odds this was the same daily setup as Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin right now I might shift the odds a little bit that we get a bull break on these other big three names if neo is getting a bull break in anticipation it doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing but it does shift the odds in terms of my interpretation of what I’m looking forward to happen just a little bit so the next resistance we’re looking at on neo is right up here at ninety four fifty five and then one hundred psychological and the last support is the daily high or low of 68 ten we want more support level to use the four hour time frame inside bar bull break just occurred so the low that inside bar eighty five thirty one is support and then down to 76 if you want even more support there it is on the hourly so nice little hourly bull flag and then continuation look at the bull volume compared to the bear volume there’s no bear volume the last 24 hours all bull volume very significant candlestick so Bulls in control as long as eighty five thirty one holds will look for a higher low on consolidation I will see if the Bulls can make their way up towards that $100 price point we need was looking real good and we’ll see if that’s a bit of a lead indicator icx BTC on by Nance all time high low of the pullback lower high was our high of the bounce and then we formed a higher low and a higher high so the first bounce we know we’re not gonna change the trend it’s way too much of a distance that the Bulls would have to cover we consolidated formed a base and then saw continuation so that gives the Bulls more confidence in potential continuation and we are now looking at resistance of five to four nine and then after that there’s not a ton nearby I have to look at the daily chart for the next resistance levels after five to four nine I’m looking at five three seven and five five nine nine might as well call that five six those are the next two resistance levels that we’re looking at but look at the clear higher low pattern here on the daily IR low higher low potentially forming another higher low on this daily so anything above three nine three one keeps the higher lows in control this is a very strong uptrend as well we are currently starting some potential consolidation will be watching the exponential moving averages to continue to hold for the Bulls but the Bulls are in control of every chart that we’ve looked at so far and that’s obviously a good sign for crypto-currency bulls in general for the market cap of the space in general and there are no red flags for the Bulls anywhere they’re just some situations where we know we need to be a little bit more cautious because we know some consolidation is coming sooner rather than later I see x4 our time frame this has to be cautious of the potential barriers reversal head and shoulders pattern left shoulder and and then if this forms a right shoulder breaking the neckline will lose the hourly higher lows so a key support short term for seven three six on this four-hour chart you can see again the correlation of bitcoins there look at those in sidebars same and we actually just got a bull break by 0.000000 four and that’s not really much of a break but same set up the correlation is definitely there to everybody else BM be USD T weekly timeframe high-low we have the top of the bounce as of lower high we had a higher low we had a bull break and now we’re seeing slow continuation of this bull break changing the trend we changed the trend on the weekly with the consolidation and now a higher low higher high with the Bulls in control so what we’re looking at from here is the daily higher low pattern and we actually had a bit of a fake-out it looks like support was 11:51 nope double bottom so that held with the penny and then just continuation our next higher low on the daily is 1291 and resistance 1590 if we can break 1590 the next level that I’m gonna be looking at is 1668 and it’s the same kind of setup as Bitcoin it’s the potential equilibrium on the daily I low may be forming a lower high we don’t have enough information yet because the for our higher lows are still holding lose the for our higher lows on any of these names and the odds that the daily chart is setting a lower high and in equilibrium with the names that have that setup which is the majority of them so far that’s what we’re going to be looking at same four hours I’d set up here and 1450 is the shortest term support to be watching oMG USD on the weekly oh hi low lower high higher low just barely and a double top right here at the lower high so 2084 and 20 67 so it is a lower high just barely we’re topping out with a bit of an upper wick and we’re still in an equilibrium pattern is the bottom line for oMG we came close to a bull break and it certainly got closer than Bitcoin did but we did not get the bull break if we are unable to hold this support of the daily higher low of 1458 it’ll be a double top and a bear break which means the weekly charts gonna go right back to the equilibrium we’re gonna look for a higher low in the low eleven dollar range so it’s all about the for our higher low here or I should say the daily high or low and if we see a break 17/20 is a key support short term there’s a lot of space between 1720 and 1458 there’s not a lot of support there so Bulls really want to hold 1720 and in terms of resistance let’s look at the 4-hour because it’s a nice equilibrium here we got our high low lower high it’s the range I’m watching right here 1721 support and 1870 resistance very tight for our time frame to be watching and this is probably the tightest for our time frame that we’ve come across so far so if I were sitting here wanting to trade tonight I would be watching this pattern or a break the tighter the pattern and the more long drawn out it is be more clear it is to everybody what the levels are and the more significant that short term reaction when that break does occur w TC BTC so we got our high and our low the pullback and the Bulls are trying to bounce for a bit now and the daily timeframe just changing the trend we had a very clear lower high lower low trend we then formed a higher low broke the lower high and since then it’s just been slow and steady higher lows and higher highs so from where we stand right now the last daily higher low that was established is down here at 1403 7 and I’m looking up at the next resistance after the top of this move of 16 actually its 1837 after 1837 I’m looking up not a lot of resistance until 2 6 6 so there’s a lot of space up here if bulls can see continuation with the four-hour RSI cooling off a little bit there is a double top if we see a break of this most recent support on the four-hour of 16 8 after this double top then we know the daily chart needs to consolidate and form another higher low so after the double top if you lose the higher low pattern the odds of consolidation coming are very likely that’s what we’re looking at on WTC right now after the Bulls have had a really strong the last couple of days nano BTC looking for a weekly equilibrium here as well high low lower high higher low and we’ll look to set a lower high where ever the Bulls tire out the daily timeframe pretty weak at this point there’s nothing really confident building confidence building on Nano we’ve got a loss of the daily higher low pattern we’re kind of just stagnant right now sitting here and I would say key resistance eight nine one five looks like a double top eight nine two and eight nine one five and the must hold support is seven five one this is the weakest chart that we’ve looked at out of any of the names right now so definitely keep that in mind this daily chart is trying to bounce it’s getting some initial signs of the bounce but just looking at the weekly chart compared to everybody else upper wick is a profit taking a potential Bear Flag on the weekly time frame really and this is the weakest weekly and daily chart out of these ten names that we’ve just looked at so keep that in mind Nano is the weakest tightest four-hour as oMG and then everybody else inside bars on the 4-hour and potential daily equilibrium to be watching so that is the rundown of all of these names and it’s now head on over to you wonderful youtubers in chat land couple questions already did by Nance coin and definitely again back to EOS I know there’s a lot of people looking when do I take profit or when do I go bearish it’s that equilibrium on the hourly that’s another tight one up there with oMG to be watching oh I expect stops to trigger if the hourlies higher low if the hourly higher lows break I did forget BCH sworn I put it in so VCH on the weekly timeframe is going to be fairly similar to aetherium but a much stronger bounce in terms of where it’s putting us on this weekly chart so our high low lower I lower low anything under one six four four is a lower high we got pretty close but it’s still a lower high and if we pull back we have to form a higher low and a higher high to change the trend daily chart not to top you just yet same as Bitcoin we’ve got our high and low tension level lower high if we lose the for our higher low pattern of key support 1368 the odds of our daily lower high being set and our equilibrium pattern on the daily setting up will increase significantly so that’s what we’re looking at on PCH so it’s a very similar setup to Bitcoin and we’re going to be watching for how we break on this four hour time frame to whether or not we are staying in control the bowls into tonight or pulling back a DEA seen a bunch put in a bunch of requests for a DEA radiates on the weekly timeframe solid bounce off support look at the volume look at the bear volume compared to the bull volume on the bounce very significant so at this point though the Bulls have to be tiring out six weeks of green in a row we have to be cautious of that upper Wicca profit-taking up here daily higher low is very likely to form when we consolidate the last low was 291 even if we pull back here anything above 291 is a higher low so the daily higher low pattern is not going anywhere anytime soon resistance is four one one three and zooming into the four-hour time frame we have to lose the for our higher lows for the daily consolidation to begin so support is three seven three five break three seven three five and we’re going to be looking for a daily bearish reversal candlestick to form and then we’ll look for consolidation to form a healthy daily high or low so because the Bulls have seen so much follow through on this bull break we know a higher low is extremely likely to form so that’s the kind of scenario that the Bulls love to be in where best-case scenario we see continuation worst-case scenario we see healthy consolidation to form another higher low and that’s where we stand on a DA BTC right now so definitely one of the more bullish charts on the daily timeframe from the ones that we’ve looked at but again potential of some healthy consolidation on the horizon the short-term horizon in cash you when cash on the weekly timeframe little bit of a bounce not much information there so I go to the daily timeframe and we got a nice equilibrium so definitely much more clear here I low lower high higher low and a potential lower high now a key resistance I’ve one ‘support or two five the four-hour time frame if we lose the higher lows our daily lower high and daily equilibrium is very likely so support is four six four lose that level and we’re gonna be looking for this daily equilibrium to continue tightening this is one where I look at this chart and you know a lot of people say how do I know what to play there’s so many names to play out there there’s so many setups I made a member video in terms of my game playing every morning and how I set up but essentially what I’m doing is I have a list of 20 stocks that I’m looking at and of course the big three every morning but I go through the same stocks every single morning and then I go through them again at night so I always know where they stand and I know what their setups are on their charts just in my head and once I go through those names I can pick out and say okay we have an equilibrium forming on Apple on the hourly timeframe I’m gonna watch that pattern and we have an oversold bounce developing on CMG I’m gonna be looking for that pattern to potentially play out Canadian MJ is looking for a turnaround sometime within the next few days if we get to an RSI on the hourly and the 20s I’ll be looking for an oversold bounce and it’s just writing down these potential setups that are forming and I can see who’s tightening up and who isn’t and who’s gonna have a more favorable setup sooner and I put those names at the top of my list and then I’ll just check in with those names continuously throughout the day so I look at this chart on end cash and I say okay the daily chart if we top out and lose the four-hour higher low and the daily lower high is likely I know that through the next week I need to just check in on end cash once a day because this daily equilibrium is not going to break anytime soon if we do continue to pull back but I know that by the end of this week we’ll be getting real tight on this daily equilibrium pattern so again this I’ll just have a notebook next to my computer and I’ll write down this name and I’ll just continuously check in on it a couple times a day and say okay do I need to be getting ready or is it continuing to stay in its tightening pattern and that’s how I keep track of the trade setups and that gets you really in the zone in the sense that you’re watching the same ticker as it develops in the tightening day after day and then once the break occurs you just ready and waiting for it and I’m sure you all remember if you were watching back when that’s what we were doing for Bitcoin back here on the daily timeframe this equilibrium that launched this bull move we were just sitting here patiently waiting we knew we were getting tighter and tighter we knew a break was imminent we knew the key levels and we just waited and we checked in you know every day a couple times a day and then once the break occurred there was a lot of profit to be had so waiting for the trade to come to you is a situation that and cash is in right now where we’re tightening up on the daily and we’re going to be looking for a break of the tight pattern and about a week or so any pattern it’s not always the best thing to watch out for there’s so many different trading setups I love the oversold bounces I’d rather have for our our for our and our early RSI under 20 on Bitcoin right now that’s just me personally I would make more money that way if equilibrium patterns breaking is my second favorite kind of trade blue sky breakout is another kind of trade remember when Bitcoin was in blue sky breakout mode and we would just buy in at the new all-time high and it was just like clockwork free money but those are the three clear play that I like equilibrium blue sky breakout oversold bounce those are the most clear highest risk to reward from my trading style so I wait for those trades to come to me rather than going out and trying to find no setups that aren’t really as favorable so let’s go to aetherium I talked about how I got stopped out and that’s because I entered a setup that wasn’t entirely favorable and it was a slight amount of FOMO that got me into the trade because I knew I wasn’t gonna be watching for the next ten hours of night and didn’t wanna you know I wanted a piece if the Bulls are gonna keep running because we were holding the hourly exponential support but I did make an entry in the upper six 80s and I put my stop-loss if we lost the hourly higher lo pattern I would be out so I did get stopped out shortly after four or five hours after and now back to all cash but price pretty stagnant around where I got stopped out at but that was just a scenario where it wasn’t one of those three setups and it was the kind of setup where you know okay I’ll risk giving back a little bit of my profit on the week to give myself the potential if we do see a breakout in continuation I want a piece of that pie I want a piece of that action so definitely that’s a lesson because I took that stop loss that’s small loss that’s a reminder to me saying okay you bet on a win streak trying to play that momentum chill out now don’t give back these profits by getting an unfavorable set ups and wait for the kind of setups that you like to come to you I use just regular old RSI levels for scaling in and usually it’s Bitcoin in the upper 20s right when it breaks 30s when I start paying attention but on the downtrend we would get to the low 20s or a move but we’re no longer in a downtrend so that’s going to shift a little bit so on a downtrend maybe 20 is the level to look for but on an uptrend maybe a 25 so we do have to adjust our levels slightly depending on when we’re in an uptrend or a downtrend let’s do some Q&A now not related to tickers I’m sick of going over tickers after going over a dozen now if you have just any questions on technical analysis in general definitely videos on equilibrium setups and as long if you just watch these videos every day you’re gonna see me talking about equilibrium so often I’m pointing them out so often that you’ll get it eventually I don’t short because I’m trading on G Dax I do not trust my capital on other exchanges I don’t have the ability to show it right now I’m okay with that because I am on the computer Lenti already I do market buys on equilibriums when the breakouts occur tops our show clear resistance and double bottom show clear support doesn’t necessarily mean bad or good you but like I said a tip for you establishing your own game plan is pick 10 tickers that you want to look at and every morning when you wake up go through those tickers look at the daily chart look at the four hour time frame and move them around put that put the ones that are closer to a bull break at the top of the list when I’m done this video tonight I’m about to go over the US MJ sector and I’m gonna look at a dozen tickers that I’ve never looked at before and I’m going to order them in position of opportunity a clearest if I see a clear equilibrium I’m gonna put it to the top of the list I see you know a clear chart set up where we’re in an uptrend I’m gonna put it to the top of the list if we’re seeing a little bit of bearish action and it’s not really clear it goes to the bottom of the list so I organize what the more clear setups are and then I just continually track them day after day every morning afternoon and evening I will check in with those tickers and to see how they have developed and even if you’re not making trades that way you are watching how the pattern plays out and you’re watching how the the candlesticks play out from one timeframe to the next and that’s how you get in the flow of things and get very comfortable watching how things are developing when you’re doing it consistently if I were to jump on you know once a day or once every few days it’s gonna be I’m gonna feel lost it’s gonna be really hard to have a feel for what’s going on whereas the more you’re looking in and checking in the more it’s one consistent time line so rather than being a choppy timeline missing you know a bunch of action in between you have a nice consistent smooth timeline that you’re able to follow more clearly I absolutely factored in the order books with my buying and selling where I place my orders current waitlist is 3000 people long we those the people that finish the courses go to the top of the list because the transition into the chatroom is a lot smoother we do let in you know three or four people from the list every day we just don’t want to open the floodgates and let in 500 people and have the chat room be chaos with people not understanding how we organize things and how we do things it would make things very unofficial we’re all current members if we did it that way so this is a slow trickle in for people to understand how we do things and to get a feel for it has really been working well and I know it’s not ideal for people that are on the wait list but the people that do finish the courses it’s almost like we’re speaking a different language technical analysis and if you take the courses you’ve already passed technical analysis 101 you can come in and speak the language with us whereas if you’re starting from scratch and trying to come into the chat room it takes a lot longer to adjust which is why the courses being the precursor are ideal that’s why we move people to the front of line that do that I definitely use rule of thumbs if a chart RSI is over 70 I’m not gonna be buying if it’s under 30 I’m not gonna be selling bearish I haven’t traded an altcoin in a very long time I haven’t traded an altcoin in months and months and I haven’t needed to Bitcoin aetherium in late coin have given me plenty of opportunity and when they slow down there’s an opportunity in Canadian MJ or somewhere else you the Pope doesn’t want to talk so I’m gonna do my own poker video eventually ogre and how poker is similar to technical analysis you don’t have to pay for tradingview as a beginner it does give you some features but when you’re just starting out and a feel for it get get used to the interface first and then once you can fly around to be very comfortable on trading view and it’s worth putting the money into it I don’t think Amazon earnings are going to directly impact BTC I feel like the correlation that we had there was because Amazon pushed up the S&P 500 I think the correlation was the S&P 500 with Bitcoin not specifically Amazon I go all in on my account all the time if I’m very comfortable in the setup I go all in as long as I’m using a stoploss there’s no major risk I trade all kinds of stocks that trade the sp500 spy all the time I traded Amazon twice on Friday just flipped it twice or a couple trades for a day maker and then was done for the day after that we’re keeping track of trades I personally these days I just write down everyday where my accounts are at if you’re trying to track individual trades I have done the excel sheet before and I just do entry exit stop-loss profit or loss and then a note you know if I want to bring put a reminder for that setup or how it played out or something I learned that’s how I kept track of my orders and you definitely want to be keeping track of your orders it’s very hard to learn from your mistakes if you’re not keeping track of your mistakes 12 and 26 EMA’s if you’re going to use stop losses you are going to get stopped out and it is going to run without you that’s going to happen but the amount of times that it saves you from giving back money is far worth it in my opinion so when that happens when I get stopped out and then it runs I could care less to be perfectly honest because I know that that’s a tool that I use all the time think about a seat belt a seat belt is uncomfortable at times if you’re dripping sweat in 85-degree weather and you got your seat belt ringing on your shoulder you know it’s it’s not enjoyable but that seat belts gonna save your life one day and I would not be dirty I would never drive without it so it’s the kind of thing where yes it’s gonna bite you sometimes but the good outweighs the bad remember we’re thinking long-term I’m thinking about doing this year after year for over a decade and if I can keep my loss as small and have my winners more than my losses I’m gonna be successful doing this long term and I’m not gonna be able to keep my loss as small if I’m not using a stop loss it’s also very important to learn when to get back into a trade just because you get stopped out doesn’t mean I’m done with this trade now there have been plenty of times where I’ve gotten stopped out and I bought back in higher up but still benefited from a very profitable trade as a result of that I’ve never gotten stop-bys skipped over on G Dax the only time that will happen is if your limit is too tight stop limit you honestly I don’t think the US dollar is gonna collapse anytime soon people have been looking for the US dollar to collapse for decades comfortable sitting in US dollars I placed the stop-loss after I buy you can’t place it before you buy adieu chage three trade three times leveraged etfs pretty often favorite MJ stocks long-term w ee d for the canadian sector go over some us names in a video later tonight you stop loss levels are judged by where the most recent support is and if the most recent support is not nearby then the risk to reward of that stop loss is not favorable you’re going to get back too much profit before it gets triggered so I always try and make my entries with a clear stop nearby so that risk is smaller you want to trade MJ you need a broker I use fidelity ward I always want at least two to one I don’t trade on my phone it’s an absolute necessity for me to do that it’s a disadvantage we’re playing a game that’s hard enough if you’re doing things that shift the odds against you even further it’s just a disaster if you’re extremely comfortable with your phone that’s great but I mean compared to two monitors with a giant chart in front of me and a keyboard where I can type in numbers it doesn’t compare and so I would rather not trade than trade on a phone because again it’s just putting those odds against me u.s. cron and Canadian cron is the same company earnings come out just came out I think and we are looking at a pretty bearish reaction Monday that’s the sentiment so far there’s a conference call tomorrow pre-market at 8:00 I don’t use Elliot waves I mean my style is definitely there’s patter there’s similarities to Elliot wave but the actual Elliot wave theory I don’t use it a scale into positions only in oversold conditions the more oversold timeframes lining up under 30 RSI be better the bounce ends up being I love when the for our hourly 15 minute are all oversold that’s when I make the most money on trades and just answer a question when to take profit that’s way too general depends on the individual setups it’s like saying when do I buy profit-taking again i say it in every video don’t try and hit the top it doesn’t matter if you hit the top if you get to a point like right now AOS let’s look at yo s on the daily timeframe I think I got rid of it here but this is a scenario where if you are taking profit in a OS you’re going to be able to buy and cheaper this daily chart without a doubt 100% is going to drop back down into the mid-teens even if we continue and run up to 25 we’re coming back down to the mid-teens we are overextended we will consolidate though I would have no problem scaling out here scaling out an $18 $19 $20 I don’t care if I time the top because I will be able to buy and cheaper it is extremely likely that that is the case so lose the the trying to nail the top thing lose the FOMO you know if I make 5% profitable trade and I could have made 8% I’m not gonna beat myself up over that if I keep making 5% trades I’m a winner long term so don’t let fear of missing games affect your game plan lock that profit in and again my game plan is to have or money then yesterday and if I’m locking in profit that’s meeting my goal and my requirement and if I do that every day and I have nothing to ever worry about I do not short cryptocurrency at this point in time I will someday but not now a short stocks do not still play any poker I can’t possibly be in front of the screen any longer judge my entry on an oversold bounce play by historical RSI levels I look at the four hour time frame I say where’s the RSI bounced in the past you honestly with a great community I don’t have to go anywhere for news we have 800 people with 1600 eyes well we might have some members with one eye sorry we have plenty people scanning the market and we share news all the time and it’s just posted in the chat room and I very infrequently have to go anywhere outside of the chat room to find news because we have so many people working together trading is a team game it is not a game you can play it by yourself but you will have an advantage with the team whether that’s a three-person team or a 300 person team depends on your style and how its organized but it is a team game you can all help each other you can all win at the same time it doesn’t have to be competition against each other so find resources to make yourself again shift it was a very hard game shift the odds in your favor by having a solid team you know there’s there’s trading groups out there that’ll have five members they’ll have one person on Newswatch they’ll have one person looking for oversold bounce plays this is just a rough example but everybody has a role and they share and compiled their information where individually that would be very overwhelming to do and very time-consuming if Marcus did not exist I would be an organic farmer don’t use stock chasse sticks to but I started to recognize it wasn’t telling me anything the RSI was not already telling me got a long background I’ll write a book someday wanna waste everyone’s time a lot of people already heard it already you not that I’m nervous to trade on my phone it’s just that there’s not as much information it’s a harder game it’d be like Oh am i it’d be like trying to play baseball after three beers or trying to play it sober we’re gonna do better if you play it sober you’re gonna do better if you trade with more tools at your hand in a more favorable environment you why do I teach people just cuz I like helping people it’s just it’s probably my highest purpose in life and I feel the most fulfilled when I help people so what I do trading multiple years to become consistent I would say about three years in is when I was like alright I can do this long term as long as I need to I was fortunate enough to have built up enough capital capital swing trading before I knew what I was doing to be very comfortable learning D trading and I haven’t had a job since high school I took the time during college to learn because college didn’t really teach me anything about trading the goats are on a neighboring farm they’re being bred for milk for goat milk soap got into trading because I was interested in industrial hemp I saw this shift in the US market back in 2010 beginning to take place and I wanted to make money on industrial hemp I don’t even want to talk about the tax situation the amount of bombs that I just bought disturbing in college I did business management was my major or our inside bars close to a break here my I was just talking about of us taxes goes to the military-industrial complex so a lot of money is going to that orange is my favorite color how’s my love life currently single I don’t even know anybody in town I like winging it I just go to new places and I don’t know anybody here you let’s see let’s wrap it up here who do good things something so what I like to do is I used to road trip around the country a lot just going to national parks and camping and when I was doing that time really slowed down time is all about perception and whether it’s fast or slow and I really enjoy life and I like it a lot so I want it to be as long as possible so I find that when I’m doing new things and having new stimulation for all my senses and seeing things I’ve never seen before and not knowing what tomorrow’s gonna bring you know knowing that I’m going to Yosemite National Park tomorrow but not knowing what it’s gonna look like or maybe I’m gonna come across a lake I want to get into things like that that really draws out the days and the years that I spent road-tripping seemed like a decade and the years that I’ve spent doing the chart guy is because I’m in a routine every morning and I’m you know on the computer times flying and the transition that I’m making over the the previous month or so and what I’m looking to do in the future is to slow it back down again I don’t want to be you know healthy routines are great but you need to mix them up or you hear me talk about being stagnant stagnant money stagnant energy we always need to be striving towards bettering ourselves striving towards improving our situations to what we want getting what we want and working towards goals so what I’m looking to do is to begin traveling a little bit more while trading to get those new experiences to slow down time to to have more enjoyment and I’m gonna be bouncing around for places you know two months here three months there and just traveling so getting comfortable doing that is definitely something that I need to incorporate into my routine because if I’m not comfortable my training is going to suffer so that’s definitely a factor that I’m working on and I’m experimenting with myself you know how much can i bounce around while remaining comfortable and I go to other countries and still feel comfortable what’s the internet connections like currently waiting for Elon Musk to get those satellite Internet’s up there so I can have a lot more ease with my internet situation but one thing that I like to do is when I do change up my scenery or go somewhere new is I change my routine as well so I just got to Florida yesterday I’ve never jogged in my life I like running I like sprinting I like playing sports but I’ve never jogged unless I was forced to and remember when we had to do those presidential for those in the US Presidential Fitness whatever where we would all stress about how fast we could run a mile and then we realized that it doesn’t matter that was pretty empowering but anyways I’ve never jog and I’m gonna start doing it now because I’m a perfect distance from the beach to just jog to the beach and jump in the ocean every day and that’s just a new healthy routine that I’m gonna work on and see how it goes and see if I like it and I had the realization today one of the significant benefits that I enjoy with financial independence is being able to buy healthy foods and not have to think twice about money I can remember being in college and being like well Taco Bell’s five dollars and this organic sandwich or whatever is ten dollars and that would determine you know what I put into my body and that would affect my health so having financial independence and that’s sort of this underlying effect that I haven’t really noticed much but you know I buy whatever quality of food that I want without thinking twice about it that’s an investment that I’ll make every time and you know talking about stagnant money behind me right now you can’t see it but out the window there there’s a little marina and there’s million dollar yachts that sit there for ten months of the year and that’s a sign of someone having more money than they know what to do with and it’s stagnant money if you like boats that’s great get a boat go fishing use it these boats are sitting there that’s they’re not doing anything and the amount of you know healthy food that could be bought with the amount of money whether it goes to you know children in need or even to yourself just treating yourself and your body as an investment definitely is something that we need to consider I don’t even know how I started I don’t know what my point was about any of that jogging that’s good jog found a worm on the sidewalk today that was wriggling in the Florida Sun and its last seconds of living and I put it back in the soil that was my good thing for the day that’s about it I’m done start working on this us MJ video again broaden your horizons get interested in the MJ market because man there’s an opportunity there just like crypto I am compiling capital to play the u.s. MJ market or decades to come and we’re gonna see the floodgates open we’re gonna see rocketship hundred percent moves and we’re gonna see millions of dollars being made and we’re gonna get a piece of that action I appreciate you all watching I hope you have a great Sunday night and we will see you with the regular old videos this week thanks again see you soon do good things

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