Top 10 EOS DApps

hi everyone in this video bringing the top 10 upcoming years decentralized applications in no particular order they are all pretty cool so let’s get started first off we have meat which is a multi-chain wallet where it can store your EOS and also your tokens on other us-based projects like IQ meat ec they also want to offer a crowdfunding for us projects and they want to be basically the Gateway for decentralized applications so they definitely mean business next one we have Eva pedia Eva PD is a knowledge base and knowledge aggregator it’s basically Wikipedia on the blockchain so what’s the difference to Wikipedia I mean first off they have already all the content of Wikipedia and and they have more content of that because they have their Wikipedia content and they ever pedia content on top of that and don’t get me wrong you know Eva Wikipedia is amazing but what if a PETA does better it looks visually much better Wikipedia looks like it’s still in the 90s it looks if a period looks better as a viewer and as an editor and it’s all more about you know visual storytelling you know they have more pictures gives videos I mean when was the last time you saw a video on Wikipedia and also cool thing is if you are a celebrity or personal interest you can put up you can get like your page verified similar to to Twitter and celebrity is also able to interact with their fans using their ever pedia page and the coolest thing about is IQ tokens so you know great editors or people who bring like great content on the eva pedia can get incentive in IQ tokens if you’re the greatest editor on Wikipedia you ain’t gonna get so next one one pay one pain is a point-of-sale solution for merchants and but they don’t want to only go into local stores they also want to have an e-commerce integration which is pretty cool because then if you want to if your merchants you have like a small boutique but also like an online store you can just use one payment solution which is one thing and why do you use the ears blockchain because they want to leverage those fast ears transaction speeds for payments for payments which is great and next one we have Oh No you might have heard about them they there are decentralized social network and similar to steam it quality content can be rewarded by users and some people wrongly stated like oh yeah it’s like steam 82.0 hell no it’s not even close to steam it basically first of all they have only a mobile app and as they say themselves they are more like a Twitter and a snapchat they are nothing like steam 8 steam it is like you know WordPress ready YouTube and twitch combined and it’s it’s such a big platform you know which is an ecosystem which developed over years already so you can’t compare it to steam it but it has something some things in common like also for example they gonna have like an open API for joint development so similar like on the steamy blockchain developers can create like custom plugins and apps based on oh no to you know increase the functionality of owner and next one we have Oracle chain they’re an Oracle service provider providing service for intro and extra chain so they’re gonna offer Oracle services for us blockchain projects and also extra chain so here’s a blockchain blockchains can communicate with other block chains like you know if theorem Tron Cardno and so on and I really like their tagline link data link world because that basically sums up their service and if you don’t know what a blockchain or Oracle service provider is it’s it’s basically an agent you know fetching and verifying real world data and making it available into the blockchain where it can then be used by smart contract the most common use of Oracle service providers we have at the moment is just price validation so as you know there are a lot of ICO crowdfunding pages where you can actually pay v with your credit card or bank transfer and those crowdfunding websites use an Oracle service to fetch the real world price in u.s. dollars or euro for the tokens so that’s the most common use today but you know there are so many use cases for for Oracle’s in the future next one we have scatter scatter is an EU s that bridge which wants to you know connect all those US tabs into one interface so basically you know instead of having like for every EOS tab a different login you’re just gonna have one account at scatter and it locks you in in all US decentralized applications keeping also just your your data in one app so you can better protect it it’s a great concept and they already have working product a Chrome extension so I think this is a great project and next one we have plateau plaque the plaque tell brings gaming data to the blockchain their focus is on mobile games and it incentivized gamers for sharing gaming data so how does it work so as you probably know in the mobile gaming world most mobile games they are free I mean the times over where you can change people for mobile games how they make money is mostly via ads but the problem is that the middleman makes the most amount of money like add more Google or other mobile ad networks they take the biggest percentage of it so you as a gamer you know you click those ads you you view those ads but actually the games through the game publisher you want to support just gets a fraction of it so in practice when you when you’re using their app their service by sharing your game data you get incentives and in black tile tokens and the game publisher then can get this data which they pay for implicit old black tile tokens and they can send you like laser targeted ads and which is great for for both parties involved it’s key great for the game publisher because he can bring you you know laser targeted ads which are a lot more effective and can drive a lot more revenue and you know that the money goes directly to game studios game publishers and it’s also great for the gamer because first of he gets you know tokens for sharing his gaming data which you do as a gamer already but you don’t get anything for me for from it so you get tokens for sharing your data and you get laser targeted ads which it’s also better for the gamer because if you like a hardcore role-playing gamer you know you can get like ads like try this armor set for this and this or try this new role-playing game or this add-on you know it’s it does gives you as a gamer better experience and you also know that you are actually more directly supporting the game studio or game publisher you love next one we have higher vibes higher vibes is like a professional recruiting platform on the blockchain and they offer incentivize referrals and they also work together with charities which is really great so how does this ecosystem work so first off we have employers who can put up jobs on hire vibes for free this doesn’t cost anything and but if someone gets hired via hire vibes the employer pays 7.5 percent this is basically half of the of today’s industry standard nowadays recruiting companies you know they charge like fifteen to ten percent of your annual salary and the coolest thing about this you as a job seeker so the employer pays 7.5% in hire vibes tokens use the job seeker when you get hired you get from the 7.5 5 percent so you get back 5 percent of your annual salary and from those 5 percent four percent you can use you can use as you wish in you can withdraw it traded whatnot 1% goes to like your charity account you can withdraw those tokens but you can decide to which charity it goes which is pretty cool and they also have incentive fide referrals which means if I refer you to a job on hire vibes I’m gonna get 2% you as a job seeker gets 2% and this one percent for the locked-up charities goes to you as a job seeker so it’s a great concept and next one we have in stock tapering basically market research the blockchain they offer secure Identity Management because I mean they make money or you as a user also make money with your data so it’s in their best interest of course to offer you secure Identity Management and yeah the greatest thing of course as the users you get consummate incentives like you see in the screenshot above you see like you know GPS rising moon Corp we seek to analyze which locations of a leading retailer you last visited and for completing this test you would get 7.16 in star tokens so it’s pretty codes and incentive firing you as a user for sharing the data which you share already for free anyway like I don’t want to call any names about Facebook you know they are doing it anyway and you don’t get for that so I think it’s a great concept and yeah let’s see how this works out and last but not least we’re gonna have txt which stands for traffic exchange token they can incentivize viewers for viewing ads and they can have a mobile app and plug-in to connect to the text the ecosystem and this is the main mission is to remove the middleman similar like I mentioned with the you know gaming ads text is like focusing on websites news websites blogs etc and where Google makes the biggest share of the ad revenue but by using by teach the publishers will be able to to publish their ads and viewers if they view the ad using the Teague’s the mobile app or browser plug-in viewers of the ad will get a small percentage of the teks txt tokens which the publisher pays and also as a cool edit feature users will be able to tip a website similar a similar mechanic like the brave browser is doing it at the moment I hope you enjoyed this video please don’t forget to subscribe because soon I’m gonna publish my new eus video on how to register you ears tokens which is really important because a lot of these decentralized applications that I mentioned they gonna do air drops for EU s token holders and if you have your eus at an exchange you ain’t gonna get any of those free tokens in order to get any US air drops from you know when they launched the mainland in the future you need to register you EU is token so that’s pretty important hit that like button and let me know in the comments below which is your favorite EU s decentralized application thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

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