did you know that in the last two years alone the price of light-green has risen from just $5 to an all-time high of roughly 350 representing an 8000 percent growth in price of course fast forward a few months and the price of litecoin has come tumbling down to the far more modest figure of around 150 following a series of bad publicity and a general decline in the prices in the crypto market but having said that right now may be a good time to think about getting back in on the action you’re here with Jay from central 5 and these are my top 3 reasons as to why litecoin is a very attractive investment right now but first if you’re an investor in either the cryptocurrency or stock market and you’re looking to get better at investing your money or potentially start your own online business then be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on post notifications to make sure you don’t miss any potentially very helpful content number one timing timing in the cryptocurrency market has a larger impact on price than any other single influencing factor simply buying a coin with great prospects or selling one with terrible ones doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll make a profit and that’s down to timing the cryptocurrency market works in pricing cycles including up trends peeks down trends and troughs hype and unrealistic optimism can see markets become overvalued just as a rational fear and doubt can see them become oversold following the insane hype and price bumps of December the market became madly overbought before inevitably crashing throughout January and February where I’m sure many of you will remember prices bottomed and confidence levels in the cryptocurrency market hit their lowest levels for a long time and right now I truly believe that the market as a whole is beginning to edge towards another potential uptrend as we’ve seen a fair enough steady recovery so far and it’s only a matter of time before we experience a large-scale breakout there’s simply just too much interest in development in the industry for prices to stay low for a prolonged period of time next up we have the potential relaunch of the light play integration a few months back the litecoin team attempted to implement a piece of technology called light pay which was designed to make litecoin both the viable and accessible method of payment for the masses it was essentially designed to allow litecoin to be used in the same way we use bank cards to pay for everyday purchases but unfortunately due to certain complications the integration was unsuccessful which caused the sudden slump in the price and in my opinion created a scenario where light coin is now undervalued as realistically no value is lost we simply failed to add further value which in a perfect market wouldn’t have affected price but of course just like every other financial market cryptocurrencies are far from perfect and we’re graced by the presence of a large amount of speculators who tried to trade the market on a micro level and caused large price volatility anyway long story short I still don’t think that light coin has fully recovered from the light pay crash and if we take into consideration that the team behind light green are still working as hard as ever trying to improve the light pay system getting it ready for the next integration attempt then in my opinion at least any fall in the price of light coin as a result of light pay failing was both unnecessary and Arash as time goes by the litecoin team will get better and if they continue to work with the same quality and persistence that they’ve continually displayed then it’s inevitable that at some point in the future we will see a successful version of light pay integrated into the light point system which would not only help the price to recover but potentially also be the piece of news that sends light coin on another bull run in at number one we have what’s arguably the most important point on the list a term originally coined by the father of value investing Benjamin Graham price is not equal to value price is what you pay for something and value is what you get in return whether it be a pair of socks or a ten billion dollar company this term has absolute relevance across the entire financial world and the cryptocurrency market is no exception to this rule let’s put this phrase into the context of light coin a while back the creator of light coin Charlie Lee sold his entire coin portfolio which as you may remember caused the price to collapse down from an all-time high of 350 to below 100 points whenever the founder of a technology or business announces that they’re going to sell their entire stake in the project it never goes down too well with investors as it begs the question what do they know that I don’t and naturally the majority of investors will assume the West and create a panic sell in a race to the bottom in the case of light coin there were many circulating rumors as to why Charlie decided to sell his coin portfolio but the only one that had any substance in the first place and proved to be true in the end was that Charlie sold not because he believed that light coin had hit the boundary of its long-term capacity but because he wanted financial freedom from cryptocurrencies the guy’s a multi billionaire and for the first time in six years his net worth isn’t completely dependent upon the price movement of light Queen his argument was that even if light Queen were to double or triple in price having a few more billion dollars on top of the billions he already has wouldn’t do much for him and if you were a billionaire would you keep 99% of your entire fortune in an asset class as young and volatile as cryptocurrencies regardless of how good their prospects are it’s clear that Charlie is no longer financially motivated but he’s proven that he’s working just as hard to grow and develop the platform right now as he ever was if we come back to a point that price is not equal to value then you’ll now understand the light coin is just as valuable today as it was at its peak in fact the only thing that has changed is the price and the reason that the price changes you the majority of new investors in the market operating with the sheep-like mentality and not being able to make independent investment decisions anyway to summarize on this point if the price is low but the value has remained high then is that not the definition of a bargain if the price of real estate were to half tomorrow we have investors selling their stock and bond portfolios to get in but for some reason when the prices fall significantly in crypto currencies the bubble has burst so to speak and nobody wants to go near them so there you have it guys the top three reasons that I’m bullish on the prospects of litecoin in 2018 and even beyond and please remember guys at the end of the day I’m only human and these are only my opinions which of course could be wrong so remember this isn’t financial advice and if you are looking to make any sort of investment in the cryptocurrency market then be sure to do as much research as possible and learn as much as you can about the asset class before coming to any final decision thank you all for watching and if you enjoyed the video be sure to give us a thumbs up and also subscribe to the channel

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