did you know that during December of 2017 the cryptocurrency Tron grew by an incredible 12,000 percent in price meaning that every dollar of prx you had on December 1st was worth roughly 120 dollars by the beginning of January so clearly Tron is a very popular cryptocurrency with a lot of potential for growth in the future and not without good reason either you’re here with Jay from central 5 and these are the top 5 reasons that lead me to believe the cryptocurrency Tron to be a very good investment for the future ok so without any further introduction let’s get straight in first up we have the very important but often overlooked fact that the creator of Tron isn’t just your average tech genius but none other than global business prodigy just in son aside from being one of the most influential businessmen of his generation Justin is also strongly associated with Chinese billionaire and the founder of Alibaba calm Jack Ma so why is this information important and how will it contribute towards the success of Tron apart from the obvious benefit of access to the invaluable expertise of Jack Ma Justin’s unique position also means that he has the right business connections to take Tron to the top of the global platform this means that unlike other development teams that consist of mainly developers and engineers Tron because of Justin’s position have a competitive advantage on the business and marketing side after all we can have the best product in the world but if we lack the necessary knowledge and resources required to get it in front of the right audience then the project won’t be able to reach his full potential next up we have the possibility of an exodus relaunch for those of you who don’t know already Exodus is the name given to the transition of Tron from the etherium network onto their own platform the initial launch of Exodus beta was on the 31st of March although it wasn’t really what most investors were hoping for but giving that it was the first-ever attempt there was always going to be a lot of risk attached to it nevertheless the development team are still hard at work trying to figure out what it was that went wrong and making the appropriate changes to the system giving that the launch was a failure the price of Tron hasn’t shown much growth and until a successful version of Exodus is completed the price probably won’t move very far like I said before the CEO and team behind Tron are very bright in dead it give them time and it’s very likely that at some point in the future they’ll have cracked the code and be able to deliver a successful exodus and potentially much more hypothetically speaking in a scenario where Tron is running and operating from their own platform the price could realistically explode trans be into 30 cents before and that’s without many of the developments we know today just imagine how high it could go with it in at number 3 we have the rather technical point that Tron is currently trading for less than 20 percent of its all time high not necessarily because it’s only 20% as valuable as it once was but because of the unstable growth that we experienced in the cryptocurrency market the market works in pricing cycles but we won’t go into that topic too deeply in this video the underlying point is that there has been 5 times more money invested into trunk then there is right now meaning that there are enough people willing to put money into Tron whether they’re still willing to invest giving the events of the last few months is a completely different matter in at number two we have the market that Tron operates in ever since it was conceived Tron has been optimized to operate in the online gaming and gambling industries two markets that have been growing exponentially in the last few years and are showing no signs of slowing down another noteworthy point is that the transition of gaming and gambling from tangible mediums to the Internet has been accelerated recently by a massive step up in the quality of the online customer experience thanks to the constant evolution of graphics and internet security assuming that the predicted growth trends are fulfilled going into the future and that Justin Sun is able to secure transposition as a viable and effective method of payment in both the online gaming and gambling industries then it’s only logical to assume that as the demand for payment mediums like Tron increases then the value utility and ultimately price of them should grow as well of course this calculation makes certain assumptions and a few large variables like where the Tron will be able to keep up with the rapid predicted growth in the market or even where the Tron will be widely accepted as a payment method the thing is nobody knows for sure up until this point all of our arguments have been about transpacific Li but of course that makes sense as this is a video about Tron but just for a moment let’s take a step back and look at the cryptocurrency market on the macro level immediately you’ll see that the cryptocurrency market just like any other new asset class experiences large volatility instead of talking about how Tron becoming more developed or gaining more utility will increase the price let’s look at how the market is a whole growing in size and market cap could help to increase the price of Tron without any further developments in other words there’s more money coming into the market as adoption rates grow and therefore there should be a greater market cap to be distributed amongst crypto currencies so when the direction of the market as a whole begins to change and we start to build up momentum once again in theory we should begin to see an increase in the general confidence levels of investors back to the pre hype level of course that is assuming the market ever does pick back up not that I believe it won’t but for all we know it could be the very end and even if the market were to start flourishing again Tron would still need to maintain their reputation and stay competitive in order to be seen as a viable investment and continue to get funding to innovate and grow their technology so there you have it guys five reasons that investing into Tron may turn out to be a good idea and please don’t be ignorant to the fact that there are many risks attached to investing into cryptocurrencies including the possibility of losing your entire investment so please invest carefully and be sure to do all of your own home act before coming to any final decision thank you all for watching and if you enjoyed the video be sure to give us a thumbs up and also subscribe to the channel

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