TRON (TRX) HUGE Partnership! *LEAKED PROOF* TRX Expected to Moonshot to $15.74 After Announcement!?

hey guys what’s up I’m back it’s kind of crypto here and today we’re gonna talk about Shawn in the new leaks proof that sometime in the middle of May Justin Sun will be announcing one of the biggest partnerships in crypto quote-unquote and no this isn’t clickbait this is very real news we don’t know the date exactly when this will happen but Justin Sun confirmed that sometime in the middle of May Iran will be announcing the biggest crypto partnership ever and a lot of people like me are speculating that this partnership could be with the huge ecommerce company worth billions Alibaba and from this news alone we could be seen Shawn breaking that $1 price point that $5 price point $10 price point and I personally believe with my analysis that you’ll see in this video that we will be breaking that $15 price point for Tron so no this isn’t old news this is breaking news that just came out a couple of hours I checked my twitter and everyone was literally going crazy over this so you guys are going to want to hear this news but first guys as a disclaimer I need to let you guys know that I’m not a financial advisor nor my giving you as financial advice in this video so seriously guys do not take this video as financial advice this is just my opinion and before you make the decision to ultimately invest into any coin always do your own research also for anyone who isn’t aware yet or doesn’t know about this I’m giving away free Bitcoin all the time on this channel and at the end of this video I’m actually gonna be announcing today’s winner so make sure you guys watch to the end for that but for any of you guys who still haven’t entered in the giveaway it’s very simple to enter in on this free Bitcoin giveaway tons of people have already done it and all you guys have to do is like the video hit the subscribe button down below smack that post on vacation spell and comment down below your Bitcoin address so if you do win this giveaway I know exactly where did you send you your free Bitcoin it is a random giveaway so even you can win some free bitcoins so please guys what are you doing entering the giveaway like the video hit the subscribe button and comment down below your Bitcoin address now let’s get into the video so Alibaba has always been that kind of company that Tron has always been rumoured to be partnering with and there’s always been a lot of strange although true connections made between Tron and Alibaba Alibaba has a net worth of 24 billion u.s. dollars and for anyone who doesn’t know yet what Alibaba is it’s an e-commerce website and it’s basically the Chinese version of Amazon both very popular giant billion-dollar ecommerce companies just one is located in the US Amazon and the other one is located in China Alibaba Antron has a strong history of partnering with companies in China I don’t know what it is with Chinese companies but they love Shan I’m not gonna give you guys the full list of companies that Tron is partnered with because Tron has a ton of partnerships and it would take forever but here are just some of the major companies China has partnered with that are located in China number one China is a partnership with pi Wow which is basically China snapchat in the app pi Wow Bo’s to have over 10 million users and little do people know justice son is actually the founder of Pi Wow as well so I mean that just really goes to show you that this guy Justin Sun the founder of Shan has created a history of making these successful products and that’s actually something that gets me very excited about Sean is that the person behind it Justin Sun is really dedicated to making great things number two Tron has a partnership with baofeng which is basically china’s netflix and boast you have over 200 million users number 3 sean has a partnership with global social change global social chain is an aging company that owns four social media apps that all together have over a hundred twenty million users and guys the list continues and continues Sean even has a partnership with and gift o gift o actually owns a live streaming app and their app brought in a total of more than a hundred million dollars in revenue last year but the point is guys all of these companies are China companies and guess what is also a China company Alibaba so if we just make the connection that every major Tron partnership that Tron ever has is with a China company it’s starting to make a lot of sense that Tron would be partnering with Alibaba if we take a quick look at Justin Suns Twitter we can actually see him pictured with Jack Ma the CEO of Alibaba and Justin has also been invited to Jack’s Maz house several times so Jack Ma and Justin’s son are already pretty close to practically friends Justin son was also the first millennial graduate of the Hugh pond University so he was the youngest person to graduate from a university made by Jack Ma the CEO of Alibaba and about two months ago it was confirmed that Tron moved their offices to be in San Francisco and their offices are located just a block away from Ali Baba’s offices and it’s not like Alibaba is totally oblivious to cryptocurrency Alibaba has the most blockchain patents out of anyone in the entire world and just last year Alibaba filled 43 such patents which is more than 10% of the total blockchain patents filed in the world Alibaba has also made the decision to make crypto mining farms despite China regulations so Alibaba is clearly interested in to block in crypto technology and they already use blockchain technology within their app alley peg with fiat currencies so because Justin son in Jack Ma have been getting pretty close people have started to speculate that Ali Baba may be that huge partnership that will be happening in May that Justin son has been talking about and hyping up and by the way if this happens this is what’s going to happen at Shawn’s price no but seriously guys Tron’s price will explode but guys there is actually one plot hole that could stop this from happening and that basically is what stops Alibaba from making their own cryptocurrency and if they were going to partner with Tron why would they choose Tron well first off Tron has a massive team working to make Tron the best cryptocurrency ever not only do they have Justin’s son but the Tron team is made up of a hundred plus employees so Tron has a ton employees and not only that guys but some of the employees that sean has hired used to work at Alibaba and Google Shaun has also been developing for more than a year so they have more than a year ahead of experience than Olly Papa has and yet in that one year they already have 5.8 billion u.s. dollars invested into their coin so if Alibaba were to make their own cryptocurrency they would have to spend time and they would have to invest in millions of their own dollars to make a great coin but Tron already has that product and they already have it finished and it’s ranked 10 on coin market cap so it already has a huge leg up on Alibaba it would literally cost Alibaba zero dollars to implement Tron in their website but in the end it would help Alibaba make way more money in the end because anyone who likes crypto can now pay for things on Alibaba using crypto which is huge and Tron is a great cryptocurrency Tron has 0% fees it can handle over 10,000 transactions per second but on the other hand Kryptos like aetherium can only handle 17 transactions per second and considering that this huge partnership is to be announced in mid-may then this is the perfect time for Alibaba and Shawn to be announcing a partnership because on May 31st if you guys don’t know Tron will be launching their main net update which is when truant actually becomes its own coin and not a coin that’s based on a theory and technology so if you really want to get truthful here nothing really does stop Alibaba from not adding Tron and creating their own cryptocurrency but considering all this great news and how fast Tron is and you know how many employees are on their team it saves Alibaba a lot of time in to add tron and because all these strange connections between Tron and Alibaba like Tron being only a block away from Ali Baba’s offices Jack Ma and Justin’s son getting very close to each other then I’m thinking that Tron will more than likely be partnering with Alibaba and that’s what this mid-may announcement will be and if this happens this is going to open Shawn to now having access to 855 million plus users instead of previously only having 340 million users he was inked Ron I really believe in Shawn and I see the future that Shawn has I think it has one of the brightest futures out of any crypto as of right now Shawn has been consistently the most searched cryptocurrency on Google and that’s been talked about more than any other cryptocurrency on Twitter the hype over Tron is unreal and when a coin has a lot of hype the coin rises a ton and that’s why I value Tron at breaking that price point of 15 dollars and 74 cents before the end of 2018 not because I’m pulling numbers out of thin air but because the hype in the real world uses that Tron already has and is rumored to have and if you excuse me you guys I’m going to see y’all on the moon when Shawn takes off but guys let me know in the comments what you think do you think Alibaba will be partnering with Tron do you think Tron will hit $15 or just moonshine 2018 or do you think I’m crazy either way let me know in the comments what you think because I do read all my comments and like promised guys congratulations to Shaun Jacobs who was the Bitcoin winner today I sent you a hundred twenty-five dollars worth of free Bitcoin so much thanks to him and if you guys want to get some free Bitcoin yourself I’m doing a free Bitcoin giveaway on this channel for my subscribers for a limited time all you guys have to do to enter in the giveaway is like the video subscribe smack that post notification spell and comment down below your Bitcoin 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