hey guys what is up its dusty here back with another crypto video and I’m very excited right now I just witnessed Tron go from tenth to ninth place a few hours ago already but I just kept it here kind of just to show you guys because this is one of the most awesome things that I’ve seen in Seoul in a quite long Wow so let’s cover this and yes I am very excited yes okay so you already got that from the intro here but I’m very excited and that is because Tron is actually showing literal progression you can see that it’s up 5 percent right now and I’m so like I’m just slamming my head that I didn’t buy more when I was 7 point 4 cents just yesterday when we had the chance to when I covered it covered in the video and I was like you’re not away for the dip but where is the dip it’s so far away 1.3 billion dollars in volume actually just behind just behind us but no it’s further than ripple further than Bitcoin cash even though they are higher up it has so much more volume right now you can CEOs this is a real winner here but that is actually because II always went over its all-time high but we’re gonna cover that later in another video right now 17 billion market cap for this one five point six and if you actually look close or you can’t see it anymore it was actually on the 9th place even though it was lower than this one right now it’s actually above again so you can see here that’s 30 million more and market cap which is a good thing but it did switch back I believe for a little bit right now can actually see that it’s up on 9th place since really released honest you know let’s actually duplicate this tab here and let’s see it is actually okay there has not updated I believe I think it’s still the same thing oh wait we should actually refresh now connected okay it’s actually back into tech neo is gaining hard look at this parabolic get Wow deal was getting hard guys what is going on here 14% right now was just 11 you can see here it is actually just gaining hard 8 actually gained more over a hundred million in I guess one and a half hour here not even I think I opened this all like a I don’t know maybe it’s maximum one and a half hour ago so you can actually see the BTC dominance go down as well but the volume is going up hard and the market cap is going up hard as well for 33 billion so yes why is this tron important why is it important that it actually went to nine spot even though it’s back to 10 now but guys get the point this was a few hours ago and it was actually posted on Twitter by Justin Sun if we should check it out here so there’s a few good things that he posts on Twitter so right here leaves the amount of commits so if you have no idea what commits are if you go on github you can actually check out that there’s you know commits for every project and they have the most which is a good thing you can see that there’s the most there they’re put there adding numbers let’s say they’re just adding the most to their to their content which is a good thing to see them have the most I mean yeah it’s really nice to see here so this is a guest kind of useless you’re we have updated the new sub contest in the programming competition click here to see the exact modified details I don’t care about the programming competitions really because I’m not that much of a programmer you guys can check that out if you want as I said before if you’re a real programmer and you like the kind of stuff you can just press it and check it out here’s epee we already covered this an article or in a video that they’re partnering with it’s a pay thanks for such a warm welcome to Toronto is epee we are experiencing heavy incoming traffic for Ultron and our backlog and possible BOTS again also very important this is something that I don’t want to cover in the videos normally because yeah it’s like it’s not that important for you guys but it is about the super representatives but I just want to cover it whenever there’s you know the score is out and out out and about but I here’s just I got a big recap a little bit of a recap actually how I see how all the things are doing if you actually took a medium you can actually check out the real whole thing let’s actually see if we can type in Tron Tron labs what is it Ron things like Tron Latoya chop something else Tron why am i typing so wet Tron labs here we go if you look on trauma labs on medium you can actually find that they’re updating with the rankings every single day and they do so much where you can see all the stats of the different super representatives that are in election or that are coming up as an example and pool most of you guys will know that pool because see they have a nine of the ten or eight of the nine like check marks then testable notes that don’t have but for promotion efforts take that a half so they got eight and a half and that’s how it just goes and if you want to check out every single score for every person and what they are going to do with it you can check it out here I let again if you’re really into that kind of stuff but I don’t think you guys will really be because um otherwise you wouldn’t really need me to tell you because you would have looked it up but yeah where were we going here alright that the Twitter here he posted top 10 which was yesterday you know like a later yesterday which is very good thing you know they hate top 10 even though they hit top down a few hours before that it’s good it he updates us with this I’m actually wondering what kind of phone he has right now actually don’t know hmm interesting but then here four hours go already Wow it was just like 15 minutes ago and that’s really four hours so I just set here I linked for three hours that he posted that he got to top nine spot of course we already checked it out there was already known but here look at that guys look at that there’s even but the market cap difference is not that big if you see it without decimal like without further point but you can see that it’s really a difference so that you know it’s really again do gain so much today it’s really ridiculous here it was only 4% up and it’s now already 14% up let’s check it out let’s refresh you quickly see how good as 15% okay it’s really gaining hard like I should check out buying us on the side here just want to check out how neo is doing let’s check it out okay plus twenty twelve point seventeen percent on the minutes actually going down on the hourly it has been going up like ridiculously crazy okay that is really really crazy what is going on here let me actually open up the thing in full-length I guess so you guys can check it out you can see let’s open it up here look at this look at this what it does done right here and it’s really crazy what it has just done this is a twelve o’clock come out my time here just now and then this is that’s for four pm wow that is really really crazy what it’s doing right now it does really ridiculous okay okay maybe we predicted it in a discord if you want to know check it out be sure you just come by and check it out so one sec recovered this article right here I did in a video yesterday what I explained what happened to bit tricks but a lot of you guys said I needed a real source to for it to be valid because you died guys didn’t believe me I don’t know why but let’s go quickly go over here then because they posted this themselves so this is a you know trusty source this is for sure legit so trial be upgrading their blockchain from an e theorem if she 20 token to a main net and blockchain try will retain the balance of the addresses in the Neutron blockchain as we already knew users Tron bit tricks exchange balance Toto’s will reflect the same total that they had prior to the swap in a one-to-one manner the old Tron tokens will no longer be supported or be traded on bit tricks okay so you should not deposit your old coins onto here because it would not be supported you should not keep your okay sure the old coins are all gonna be transferred to the neutron to on a one-to-one basis one person in the comments was comparing it to Pat coin not to be compared Park data conversion from a thousand to one so a thousand pack coins from the old one were one new one so it’s not to be compared it’s a different thing and yes some of you guys were saying that the price would drop really really hard if this were to happen if a conversion were to happen but I can tell you that a conversion is going to happen that is 100% certain and the price will not really drop because of this conversion it would most likely be very high at the first moment because some people have their tokens conversed and some people will not so they can set a new price because it’s gonna be a new token or an I guess a new coin that’s gotta be really high up and then at a certain points just gonna drop down quite hard so if you can you could sell in the real beginning you know at the top like there’s no chart for me to put it in but like just imagine here oh you know a little little box here the price is gonna be set at a certain point because there’s gonna be new coin right so it’s gonna be very high and then you guys see on exchange goes down very quickly and then it’s gonna stabilize towards a normal price again but you’re gonna see that it will go up it will start very high and they’ll go very down low some of you guys will say that you were losing all your money and value all your all your money I guess are your value but that’s not gonna be it will go back up over time just normally the moment that the coin converts it’s gotta go down quite hard is what I noticed bit jerks were really able the Tron tokens to X wallet when we and the Tron team agreed that the migration is satisfactory hmm reenable note bit jokes will be closing our tier X wallet and may stop trading the token to take accurate snapshots of balances if any tier X deposits you had sent to bit tricks are not settled eg marked as pending by 6:00 p.m. Pt on 620 2018 you may not be credited with TR x that is kind of scary you would like to tank the Tron time from working closely with us this is a message from bit tricks yeah so what I recommend guys is not to actually do something stupid with your money here don’t you like putting money after D xx you know just do it before that time yeah if you have tron I already have to trot on Oh what extra enjoy heaven I believe it’s hippy to see that I have my Tron on I should just exchange it to bitch Rex then maybe they gonna now some more exchanges that it can be on I’m just waiting for the day to actually come faster bye you know it’s gonna before it gets closed because there’s still two months to go so there’s a lot of fun so that could still happen maybe they’ll even support by dance there’ll be the most awesome thing because that’s where the most people are I believe I believe most people trade on by Nance I believe that’s also the biggest volume exchange out there but yeah I guess that was really the most important Tron use that I have for you guys just the top nine spot is really important symbolically you can actually see that a token that or yeah toka right now a lot of you guys called very shitty is actually really gaining some momentum here I’m really coming in hot and coming in high and just I’m really surprised that you know some people are still hating on this kind of stuff so it’s actually Neos going down a little bit again as you can see oh it’s actually why did was I when I was up I’m kind of kind of getting confused here I notice now it was neo up before or am I getting confused here I don’t quite know anymore mmm I don’t know if I Odin out just took over because I know this is a lesser percentage than it was before like less than two – lets go see here so Tron switch with iota and the neo was or did transfer with neo hmm guys these three are just too much on edge here that are too close to each other one was really break out and just get you know like the real not top 9 spot or what must really lose some value and really go towards that – you know that closer to the 12th spot closer to Manero because there’s a very big gap between these two and these two but there’s a very very narrow gap between these three so I guess they’re gonna really shove up quite a bit to 9th and 11th spot you’re just gonna be cycling around until we find one big winner but it’s kind of funny that we’re really seeing it go out and about like here it’s just 10th spot with iota at number 9 I believe neo was just number 9 or Toyota at 10 or 11 I don’t know maybe trying even went back to number 11 for a certain period it could be it could also be that within a minute we’ll see Trump go back to 11 and then back to nine maybe just depends on how good they gain right now as you can see it’s just here 20 million dollars difference between these two and then here nine million dollars difference so it’s really really narrow and 1% could really change everything because 1% out of this you know 5.6 billion who actually do the difference so that is where you see them really shove out and about and that’s kind of cool because if Tron goes to ninth place I believe they’ll actually gain more but if it goes to eleventh place I believe they’re actually gaining less so whenever it’s on 11th place I can do is right now I think we’ll gain less and go down lower I’m just getting called here let me just quickly shove that up here and uh I guess that was it for this video right now guys hopefully you guys enjoyed and hopefully see you guys later in another Tron one and yeah I’m very excited to cover this all with you guys let’s quickly go to a free big coda in quickly I cook you just roll a roll the roll there we go roll the boat as you can see I actually got back to 150 bucks I might get called here again let me just put that out real quick there we go yeah and actually got back to 150 bucks but just doing some risky bets here as you can see and yeah I guess you guys should just join free Bitcoin and just claim your free Bitcoin I just press this ding every hour as much as I can I guess not every hour but as much as I can just to get some free bitcoins because why not let me just do some quick that’s here okay and yeah it’s not like Oh your YouTube you have luck or whatever no no no no no prioritizing here this is so just manual labor but yeah it’s not the most profitable thing in the world I do I guess earn money with it but I should withdraw and I think I’m gonna withdraw in a few hours here just to get this out of the wind I start again so I have some profit because I’ve only withdrawn I believe three dollars at a certain point yeah it’s very slow money guys but once you get somebody you can multiply and actually make a little bit higher so I just recommend you guys to check it out hopefully you like this video and just press that like button and maybe subscribe even and also guys follow me on Twitter because I have 1500 followers I don’t even know where I’m at right now let me check eleven sixty six fifty hundred followers I’ll give away two hundred fifty bucks and a two thousand I’ll give away two and a fifty bucks again might still change that to whenever I hit two thousand give away five hundred bucks we should see Android any discord if you want to know how to trade or just like to talk to me or whatever or if any questions for me just check the discord out guys thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys later

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