[Music] what is going on cryptocurrency investors my name’s landed you’re watching blockchain I provide multiple cryptocurrency news videos each and every day so subscribe and comment below let me know which assets you’re particularly interested in and I will fine-tune this content to provide what is important to you my viewers I get asked very often why I am talking about IP reom at the beginning of every video well there’s a good reason for it as with many of these up-and-coming ICO projects they have a very interesting and effective marketing campaign Tiberium has a bounty rewards program that by doing tasks you get rewarded credits and can enter yourself into a contest which in the end provided to a period hits they’re soft or hard cap can be worth a substantial amount of money it is a very exciting rewards program that I am a part of and I highly recommend that you check it out in the description below the cryptocurrency market capitalization has dropped below 400 billion dollars earlier today but we’ve researched just like I anticipated and we are currently experiencing another run hopefully this is the one that will see us test highs closer to 500 billion dollars so we can approach the 1 trillion dollar market cap like we had back in December in January the topic of this video is Tron with a very big announcement as they gear up towards their mean that launched they’re sitting at 7 cents right now with a four point nine billion dollar market cap which has recently increased quite a lot their 24-hour volume is relatively low for where it’s been spiking to as of lately seeing very high levels on the 25th when the price shot up almost a $0.10 we should see a lot of anticipatory price movement as we come up to the main net launch and subsequently after the main that launch as is commonplace for digital assets when they launched their main net we should see a significant increase upwards of 10 cents maybe 12 or 15 by the time 2 to 4 weeks has rolled out after the we should see a lot of movement going on so make sure you hit that white bottle notification button beside the subscribe button so that you don’t miss out on any of the ongoing developments this market is hyper evolving and it is currently emerging and solidifying itself in the mainstream for years to come blockchain technology is the future and I feel it is the largest global paradigm shift that I will ever experience in my lifetime and I feel privileged to be in a position every day to share information on Twitter and on this YouTube platform about this exciting and emerging industry of blockchain technology one of the most consistent topics in these videos is a ongoing watch of the market cap so if you want to keep yourself in tune with the ebb and flow of this market the total market capitalization is a great place to start to kind of get a feel for where the investor dollars are going are they coming into Bitcoin as I’ve said in the past we need Bitcoin dominance to drop it has dropped significantly from just one month ago when it was well over 40% but in order to understand this market we have to understand the total market cap as well as projects like Tron that are developing a maintenance and the purpose of today’s video is to ensure a warning to all current Tron holders goes out as you may or may not be aware Tron currently is an ERC 20 token which runs on the etherium platform after the main net they are branching out into their own decentralized platform after which they will only allow TRX tokens to be transferred on the network which translate to anybody that is an existing Tron holder you have ERC 20 tokens that need to be converted into TRX tokens prior to the maintenance or you may risk losing all of them I’m sure they will do everything they can to make sure everybody is aware and that the process is as seamless as possible but please be aware that this is something you have to do as with much in the blockchain industry you have to be an engaged active investor and follow the trends to ensure not only are you keeping yourself safe while operating within this industry but ensuring you follow all legal and taxation issues as well as keeping yourself informed on when something should be CEL right now as in they’re not doing so well or if you find out about scams you have to kind of keep your thumb on the pulse of what is happening because this market as I keep saying is hyper evolving and if you blink you might miss something nine times out of ten what you’re missing is not pivotal to your specific portfolio but I guarantee you the one time you’re gonna miss information like this and hold a significant amount of TRX tokens and have them lost in transition so be aware be an informed investor and follow platforms like myself including commenting and engaging with me so that I know what pieces of information are worthy of bringing to the table there is a lot going on and it’s a matter of determining what is important what is not what is fake news as I reported on earlier a lot of people are saying the recent dip was due to amount GOx LF it’s completely inaccurate information and I try to always double-check my sources if you ever find any of my information incorrect please let me know because they do not want to be spreading this information and I try to make extra sure that’s not going to happen stay tuned for a feature update on some of the assets that are doing particularly well today like Omi’s Eagle icon SIA coin and Bitcoin diamond particularly doing fantastic so keep it locked right here at block chained thank you so much for watching my name is Landon and until next time everyone

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