Tron (TRX) on a trampoline once again – settles at 10th position

hey guys what is up its dusty here back with another crypto video and since we did our last video on Tron earlier today it has actually been actually actually been actually been going on a trampoline quite a bit because it’s just been going up and down and up and down and I just refreshed it and he went to ten and then I refreshed it again to start this video off just now and it was back at 11 so earlier today was at 9 then 10 then 11 and I don’t really know what you think of trial right now but it’s kind of weird but guys before we start this whole video and go on be sure you follow me over at Twitter because I’ll do giveaways on there let’s also do a $50 giveaway on this video all you have to do is just comment and like this video that’s all I need to do just leave a cool little comment below just say like hey man nice not done don’t say that just say something cool that you would like to comment and uh you know just leave a like that was just really appreciated so I have a cool article for you guys right here which actually explaining our little problem here so that is really on a trampoline though I can already show you the math tell you guys that it’s not actually a problem because look at this small little change in market cap here there’s small difference so the night spot is actually now like 60 million above 11 so like this one is 60 million above this one and earlier today is was only like Meerut difference of like 30 at the max you know at the at the least I mean right now it’s actually almost 70 ish will get to 70 and it’s quite a bit you know I like just now tirana Nyota can switch up and neo can also switch up to 11 like these three are just too close to each other it’s just what I’m trying to say here my ramble on they’re just too close to each other it’s not too nice for our comfort here that is because Neil actually did a moon shot today I don’t want quite a bit down as in like a lot of coins are going up against BTC is now going down but early today was going up I’ll see here okay here is also going down hmm but yeah it’s actually quite a bit up again from this screenshot which doesn’t know if a little bit ago then I duplicated it and it got to like trying to pretend and then I refreshed it and then it got to 11 again it’s just kind of a weird story here be iota is not doing too good and Tron is doing regularly not doing too good not too too shabby but it’s just a gain position today’s nicely but it’s not really having that anymore I don’t know my rambling all was quite a bit weird here but okay as the Tron community is receiving a torrent of new information on the coins roadmap maenette launch token of lycian performance and super representative election one day after Dina our one after the other t-rex price is shooting up higher by the day so that is for sure Tron has really seen a good amount of desi I think it’s up to 56% ish on the weekly here let’s actually check it out it’s up 60% on the weekly even earlier today was 56 for sure so you can actually see that it’s up and quite nicely on the weekly here that’s very nice to see so t-rex had barged into the top 10 taking the 9th position into position for a while but it dropped down to 10th before the entire market could get a glimpse of it actually dropped back to 11th and I know after my video it went straight down to 11 even I guess while doing the video I don’t know for really did but I put it in the comments and I put it in my description just so you guys won’t cry about it because I saw one person over you say this to live authority who like like I couldn’t can’t see that or whatever yeah justice only CEO of Tron noted this surge and immediately posted it on Twitter which is a very smart thing for me to do but I suspect that that it has already been like a lot of people already were very skeptical and you might be asking why I have this open right now so that was earlier today there was an article that popped out let me just quickly look for right here so let me just type in like a coin cuz I was checking out my like oh right because I did a video earlier today even though most of you guys don’t watch that stuff it’s not a problem but yeah I was just checking into like coin I can’t find it are you here we go so this is an article that popped up today I believe at least I got it in my newsfeed today but and I saw like butter and disses Tron so I went to look in between his tweets and I was like you know he’s not saying anything about Tron but then I read that it’s about the Tron copy in the white paper so it’s really from a few months ago or earlier this month I released a few months ago but here it is from today right this is the date from today it’s just very like useless news since it’s like best of the week but it’s best of they’re like two months something like that best of the month I don’t know when he said it when he replied that chitron but it’s quite a while back I should check out maybe it’s in here and Twitter implies now I just know for sure that it’s quite a way back so it’s not really needed to actually look at that that article is kind of useless oh yeah I wanted to look onto it away I closed it now I wanted to look on Twitter to see if a lot of people commented that stupid stuff so just in Sun here we go could actually check it out right to see where did he post it was ninth here was ninth let’s see good people gonna why is this important to you oh just a good question actually why is this important to you it is important to everybody that a currency goes up because if he can post boat boats most just say like his currency went up that’s of course showing all the people that are following him progression and why is it looking so weird right now hmm it’s just showing progression and showing that his coin is really doing something good and as I said before he had four hundred and fifty thousand people or sixty even already he’s getting three thousand followers a day following him so everybody then or I guess like at least a hundred thousand people will see that Tron is ninth you know you can see here three and a half thousand people like that seven hundred already tweeted two hundred people commented so you know a lot of thousands people saw this now and they’re like oh shit Tron is really moving I gotta buy that so he just really keep in mind that it isn’t important tweet for him and it’s really smart that he did because he’s not a bachelor as some people he wants to see his investees make money and grow his brand that is also I guess a part of the reason so Tron is actually shoving iota out of the list when I hear that t-rex Fudd oh yeah just close your ears so what does Tron do Tron is like trying to become the better aetherium store number ten concentrate more on tech and less on pumping the price Justin hmm okay it’s actually stubo stupid not it’s not as bad as I thought ten now but doesn’t matter Congrats I thought it would be a lot more people just claim like it it’s tender it’s 11 now idiot something like that yeah this this is okay that’s not really it’s not all too important I guess it’s just back to 10th or here still a tenth it went back to tenth but yeah whatever okay it’s not too important let’s get over the rest of this article here may have been doing too much rambling you’re calming it down for this video I’m just as like I don’t know guys I just do so many videos that I kind of get sidetracked and now I’m back to it I just tried to tell you guys so much info that I’m kind of tripping out I should just take it slow and cover everything that I want to tell you guys in a slow manner but I just like to I just get totally psyched up and just want to tell everything that is it guess my little problem here so yes he did it he posted on Twitter previously is similar toggle had occurred between 11th and 10th position that is what we’re seeing right now and as before earlier in the morning and even yesterday or I was just switching out and about and it is still doing that right now and I believe for the upcoming a few days to actually just keep switching as you can see the volumes are just so close to each other it’s 13 million and he to himself could just pump that up if you wanted to but it’s not really useful since it will go back down anyway again however TRX is currently trading at eight point five cents after three point five percent gain compared to yesterday I believe it’s a little bit more now I’m here Tron four point 13 percent with a market cap of one point fourteen billion what what what one point fourteen billion am i uh mmm ace is something here with a market cap of one point fourteen billion trying to standing it now okay I might be it might be totally crazy here but uh market cap five point six billion okay guys if I’m crazy just let me know maybe this is wrong maybe I’m crazy trying to sending a tenth position I was witnessed a six percent gain over the week okay the team has laid a road map for the entire year about which justice son has do numerous live streams explaining the details Justin had also announced the launch of great voyage one point zero in q4 to naval communications across for his black chains apart from this launch he also or he had mentioned a few more and here is a glimpse of it so Odyssey 2.0 launched with proof of stake we already covered this Unchained resource allocation governance network compatibility of ten thousand TPS teawrex transactions with zero fees ideabut of D Apps token while it launched blockchain browser launch we covered all of them except for the Black team browser launch which I’ve actually not really seen any thing of yet I’ve not really seen anybody mentioned this before the rest I think we’ve covered them all during the main at launch he announced the migration of the UC 20 token to TRX token with a detailed explanation of how to go about it and then John a Twitterati says the best CEO such founder ever your genius Justin ah man I mean he’s not nah he’s not per se the best CEO / founder I mean like seriously guys he’s not like the it’s not like the the best he’s not really going for it totally decentralized good for like if I compare it to like right now because I’m kind of a Lycan fan because of my video earlier today I forget Paris to or to Charlie Lee then who just sold always like when to make it more decentralized and just now I guess wants to go away from you know being the the I guess the controller of like oh and just stepping totally away you can’t really have a controller of it how you say like a master I don’t know you say like an upper person CEO I guess it’s kind of cool that he thinks about it like that you know he wants to really make it decentralized and Tron no no no they want to you know be capitalistic about it commerce everything and make money off of it which is I guess also not bad but it’s just it’s not as good for crypt our guess is the other ones but Giulia’s bitcoins a tron enthusiasts tweeted it’s easier if you just watched the last two reason video Justin posted on his Twitter account no need to fuss or attempt to FUD it doesn’t work anymore with TRX a non-stop bull run happening let’s keep the Tron fence by TRX and keep holding to one dollar and beyond ibrahim khan a market observer says what was the reason for this to happen this is some crazy news justin cares a lot about t-rex prices too probably the only CEO probably the only CEO that cares about the price what but what what would be great is if the coin can retain the position for a longer time better than a few minutes and dumping again yeah but i don’t think that’s really a big problem that it actually dumped back to a few positions back cuz actually you know seeing a pump that can actually scoop up two places even though the amount of oil or the amount of market cap it’s not that big of a difference does show that the coin has a lot of potential to actually just spike up and stay here you know if a lot of people buy any coin now you know just because of all the good news that is coming out in about you know can really just hold that ninth position we saw it stay there for quite a bit so it’s only a few minutes but you saw it stay on tenth position for a few hours already and I guess ninth position is possible you know it’s not far away as it has happened it has only just not happened for that long because of a little I guess pump and dump we can actually check it out if there was really a pump and dump going on or if the rest just a dusted better cuz I don’t really think that was a pump and dump but though just to see here let’s go into 8.8 cents earlier today and then back down to 8.2 okay I guess you can’t call it kind of a pump and dump I guess he got dumped quite hard and I guess got pumped quite hard so yeah but the volume is not really changing though it’s not really like there’s a lot more volume that came in here it’s just a market guys it’s just a market and I’m just overall really happy what’s wrong right now like everybody was saying like oh she’s won’t happen there’s too much over resistance there too many people trying to sell at nine hundred there was like a very big wall and there’s a few big walls in the 950 and like 1,000 of like a few hundred BTC of Tron but it would just bloom over it and I think only unbalance will be a little bit more difficult than the other two okay actually can see but it’s actually a higher price than the other two ones but look at this volume on those Korea and exchanges guys holy smokes that is a lot a lot of volume wow that is huge actually I have a sad sad story here I lost all my BTC on free picker and then I was even gonna withdraw today I was gonna be join two hours it was all going to come out my $200 because I multiplied to $200 and then I lost it all was just too greedy I was like you know what I’m gonna do it and then right here I had $200 and then I lost it all at once that’s the sad story I’m just gonna max it all I’m just gonna keep maxing it out now let me just quickly press that away sorry guys what site no no that was not a no no no oh that is cringy okay let’s not talk about that anymore let me just follow these things actually so I can get the news for you guys you’re easier because now I like I actually look up this stuff manually right so just check those Twitter’s out each time cuz don’t want to put notifications on but I do want to I get that info every time before I do a video but there’s not like too much interesting stuff that he posts personally like all of this stuff we already know because of just watching the market and these super representative stuff doesn’t really interest me that much because either way it will be good like I whatever they do it doesn’t really concern me too much it’s just what I find it is cool to see who’s gonna win and how they are doing I guess but it doesn’t really matter who’s gonna win in my opinion I believe they’re all just fine content dense and this is I guess a very cool thing that he posted here but then again if you just go to github you can check it out yourself so it’s not really something that it’s really significant it’s just for marketing I guess it’s a good thing that he posted because a lot of people don’t watch it every day but I watched you 10 times a day so yeah you don’t need to update me with that stuff Justin but yeah guys I think that was it for our Tron video right now here’s some notifications on my Twitter I like the Detroit is really growing I could see a lot of people are actually replying to me when I ask a question on here or whenever we tweet some stuff you know I like some stuff that I see on Twitter I’m not really that used to Twitter because and don’t use it in my normal daily life next to crypto but it’s kind of nice to see all these tweets and that you can just send them to other people and they all just read them if you know what I mean at least I hope they do you know some people just read them up when you retreat them as some people might laugh because you retweet that kind of stuff really cool to see ok guys we don’t forget 50 dollar giveaway for this video I have to do is like the video and just come something and let’s just make crypto better and hopefully I can do some other crypto videos that don’t contain Tron or you know clickbait e ish titles just some good content that I want to create but um you guys are not really into that kind of stuff you know some videos get like six likes and I don’t I mean I appreciate that totally six likes is again very cool for me but I’m just like trying to focus on what the most people want to see and it’s really just Tron so that is kind of what I go for you know together whatever it mean but yeah if you have any other suggestions that do not involve like a fifth 1400 spot coin then just enlighten me and I’ll go check it out or if you have any news just let me know you know just let me know if you have any cool news I’ll just check it out guys alright thanks for watching and I’ll see you later

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