Tron (TRX) To $3,75 Soon Because Of The Second Bullrun?

hey guys what is up its dusty here back with another crypto video and right now I have something interesting that I never expected to do again it is a little bit of a price prediction but then again talking about some serious facts some serious reasons as to why it could actually happen and let’s get into this alright guys and to keep you guys in good spirits I would give away $100 for this video so I’ll give away $100 for this video because it might get some views you know because it’s a little bit of a weird title and I want to give it away again as we said so $100 all I need to do is press the like button I want to see you smash that like button and just comment something below that’s all you ain’t you do to enter then quickly follow me on Twitter if you want to more giveaway you know another giveaway on Twitter and join the discord because that’s the cool chatroom so check it out guys alright guys so no more stupid stuff we’re gonna be really basing our conclusion upon some different facts that have been going on and whatever so first of all Tron I find it an amazing coin it has a lot of potential and I noticed something I noticed that the reason to hate for Tron is actually very small it’s actually incredibly small I used to get so many comments of people saying Tron is a coin at least at least 30% right now it is close to 5% or even less I see like one every 30 comments 20 to 30 comments and it’s something like that when it before it was one in every three comments really but what I also found interesting is that I saw this video right now so I actually didn’t check it out why don’t you guys send it to me and I just you know like I do this if you’re gonna mean I guess scroll through the video to see what it contains and what I notice right here is that this person is talking about the will again so way way back if you guys remember we were talking about a toke electronics well we talked about this in the discord mostly it was mostly in a discord but there was also some talkin on the YouTube actually have a video about that totally dedicated on this will now but in that video we talked about when this will will run out of coins the Tramp price will skyrocket up and that is what happened at a certain point the will sold all of his coins and a trompe price spiked up if you don’t know what I’m talking about here check the video that I’m talking about here let’s actually let me look up the video all right so I grab the video here and this could is this one shocking news about Tron t-rex and I’m lil bit dumb and price talk and in this we covered a lot of stuff mostly that was discussed in the discord about Tron so here’s a lot of stuff that you can see and here’s the address which are just copy and pasted into here and that is where you can see everything that is going on right now so you can see a lot of transactions and you can see each block that even to in one block that isn’t really oh here you can see he’s doing tuna lot of blocks you’re doing a lot of transactions so you can see it’s been going out and out and out and out you can see how many how many things you can actually check here the wallet still has 62 million dollars of coins left let’s see how much Tron is in there you see gift Oh has a lot of stuff in that that’s a Tron d.a paneer she 20 still but still Chandi up let’s see if we can actually find Shani here so Tronics 37 million dollars worth of Tron 500 million chuan that’s is that case closed that is done or is it 700,000 Tron I know it’s dot no never mind no no never mind okay it’s 500 million Tron that’s just it’s just done I’m kind of done here that’s enough said here you can see Tron token going out and what I’m trying to say here is that once this wallet clears out as well a lot of people said back then the price will skyrocket and I remember that back in this video when we cover this we saw the prize actually spiked up because of that so right here trauma is actually 12th place right now it’s 11th even close to 6 but look at this market cap here 2.4 billion and the price they are about 3.7 cents right now not even a month later 20 days later we can see that Tron is your 11th place 7 is something sends 4.6 billion market cap so it almost doubled the market cap okay so my prediction is really at least $1 at the end of the year is what I thought at first but now I’m thinking ok $1 at the end of the year might be you know short you know it might be a little bit short we might should be shooting a bit short but then I thought back about one of the ripple videos that I did about just looking at the percentages so looking at the percentage gain that has happened before so right now with then we what they could do I guess what you could do is just look at the poor on here so look at the point here from point two cents to the highest point of let’s see here 25 cents which is times Wow how many times is that let’s calculate that I have no idea right now five times so it’s like five times 125 it’s a from point two cents to get that to one satis times or to get the two once and 75 and times 25 so 5 cent of 25 is 125 right so I guess it’s 125 times so under 25 times 100 times 25 twelve and a half thousand percent so that is what happened here in see January 5th up til December 5th so one month one month it is 12.5 thousand percent okay in one month if we didn’t were to take our new price here of beginning with a Bull Run which would be here three cents issue know like 0.03 every dude times how much that was 125 will come to $3.75 this is again based upon that ripple video that we did where a person looked at the beginning of the bull running to the end in percentage wise and then look at the second one for about double the amount of time so here was one month and then let’s say two months here but I personally don’t think it will hit this target in two months you know that’s just basically BS but that is what I guess the bull run could go to if the same amount of percentage was you know held but then let’s just say that the same amount percentage will not be held let’s say it’s about half so let’s just divide that by two at least so one eighty seven point five one 875 I guess because that other one is really long term I’m just saying let’s just be real here that’s not gonna happen this year that’s just not gonna happen I mean from seven cents to three dollars in a bit you know I really have see a lot of potential intron you know I think he reached ten dollars within some time you know because 100 let’s see here 100 million yeah poins 100 billion coins how cuz 100 billion coins I think that could still go to true you know you know like to Etrian as in prize wise one trillion for this total thing is that one trillion I believe so yes right so this is four billion and then yeah one trillion I guess in a very long term of things to encrypt it gets mastered out to david ever does then it’s possible but ten dollars gonna take a very long time this three dollar thing there so let’s do times to again if we were to keep that you know if we were to keep that and let’s see the amount of coins out now so 65 one two three one two three one two three now let’s just keep it easy here would be about let’s divide it by let’s divide it by a million one two three one two three oh it’s funded by billion one two three there’s about two hundred forty three billion so if you now look back at the market here you can see that it’s like almost half the total market cap but if you look in here you can see that’s actually not even double of that one BTC has right now on the low one of the lowest points has ever been at or actually that’s BS it’s just at a very low point compared to its highest point that is what I should say so the highest BTC has ever gone is 400 billion I believe with a total market cap of 800 billion and if you put that into perspective here it’s 1/4 of the total market now a lot of people are very much saying that Iran could go to number 2 you know number 2 spot here if you think back a triple what as high as has been a number 2 spot I would have no clue I believe it’s 130 billion and then etherium I again have no clue what the highest point has ever been at is just gonna assume assume 100 billion ok let’s just assume 100 billion at least let’s say close to 130 it’s just double that so of the highest peak that we’ve had now for the top 3 coins so for these 3 just double that not even you know a less than doubled that and we got this amount here so then if we divide this by 2 as we said earlier in a 1 point 8 7 $5 prediction it’s 121 billion if I didn’t make any calculation mistakes okay you can correct me in the comments below if I made any mistakes because I’m just doing this out of my head I’m just thinking out loud with you guys because I’m quite excited about Ron’s future and I just want you guys to believe in the project here again you don’t have to buy anything because everything can go to literally it could all go wrong you could all make losses you know I’m just putting it out there not I can be a financial vibe won’t take the role of financial advisor here because this is just really you should not take this as a financial advice you know this one most likely not happen accurately at all but it’s just some fun to look at it from a different aspect here so 121 billion if you look back let me just put the calculator away if you look back at the ripple and III I’m history here even b2c history could look at but that’s a little bit of a different story let’s check the ripple and he theorem so the top three coins a market cap so right now we’ll just be about even lower than the market cap or BT see if that tron was to go to let’s actually we can check that out what it would be at so divide this total amount so 151 billion divided by 4.6 billion is 32 times so 32 times that price rent is right now 0.07 would be two dollars and twenty-nine cents if it were to get the number one spot right now just switch places it would be two dollars and twenty-nine cents at this low point you know at the beginning of the second-born is what a lot of people say right now because it’s just generally going up still do you guys think this can happen I think so I think that it’s not that weird that all of these top ten coins will actually get over the 100 million or 100 billion dollars a market cap top 10 net so top 10 only I’m not talking about the coins below this I think top 10 coins well at a certain point all have 100 billion dollars in volume I don’t think that’s too far-fetched I guess BTC would then in that case you know have 37 times as high I don’t think that’s gonna be the case so I don’t think this will go times 37 within a short time but I do think the crypto market will actually grow once we see a very you know really a second Bull Run and I don’t know how I’m gonna title this yet because it’s gonna get a lot of hate if I do it wrong so I gotta check it out but I just want to put the historical data here on the site as well so we can check it out when hit has ever hit the highest price so here you can see 19 billion at very low points that is not read weird let’s put the dates back twelve months we could do three hours note six months here those do last twelve months here so let’s check it out here this for ripple right so this was one of the lowest points here 18.6 I believe that is the lowest point that it has ever hit and then in near near past and here could just see it’s going up it’s going up it’s going up it’s going up it’s coming up here 127 billion dollars so that is again above our 121 I believe million here 130 billion as I said before I think okay my thing was accurate that is way above what we expect it to be okay and this is again with a price of ripple for three dollars and 36 even though we know that the price here because you can see the ha the high of the day was is lower at a certain point here 3.84 here we go but the total market cap was a little bit less because they’re looking at the I don’t know what price actually looking at we can compare that I don’t know if they’re looking at the average or open price or close price I don’t know what they look at for market cap actually thought it was average price but that can be wrong again but if we’re looking at this price right here times the amount of coins you know I believe it would actually be a little bit higher then unless they already did the high but I don’t I didn’t believe they did otherwise this cannot be higher than this one Oh so I’m believe they must be looking at they must be looking at the open price here otherwise this doesn’t check out here otherwise this one can’t be higher than this one because the close price the low and the high are all higher on this one only the open price is lower than here so I guess they’re looking at that yeah that’s interesting to see hmm okay but yeah so three dollars fifty cents or something I don’t know even remember what he was I believe that’s doable guys if you agree with me let me know in the comments below I believe it’s doable you know might take a while but I believe it’s doable so I was just opening up some articles here because I actually want to show you guys some more news that is coming up but let’s do that later you know let’s just forget about that for right now I want to see this this mmm will some of you guys say this is insignificant to the fullest extent okay you know that’s just assume that you’re right there let’s forget about this mm wheel what can happen now if you think back we have the main net we have that main that coming up May 31st or June first and it will change the world Tron will get its own blockchain Yoshi 20 will be where you see eater C 20 what trial will have its own main net it will get 100 million users of the depths the D apps as I said before the gif do and whatever all of those ones that they have I had a list previous video but I don’t know where I left it I don’t know where you can find it anymore the list of Depp’s has over 100 million users they will transfer from the etherium to the Tron blockchain that is 100 million users exactly that moment on your black scene already we have all of the Ethier users right now getting some Tron they will either be selling it gave us you know some problems but there’s only 10 to 100 Tron each person so it’s not gonna be significant okay it’s not gonna be that much unless they are massively trying to sell it but I don’t believe they will I believe they actually want to try out Tron a lot of them at least they want to just try out them because this is people who already have one aetherium at least because trans gonna give away 30 million Tron to every et reom holder in total giving them between 10 to 100 Tron to test out the newer faster TPS and test out the voting system now what I do believe is that trom wants to take some of those users from etherium and show them that they’re better again a lot of people say you know no that is not true AOS or neo or Kedah No all those those ones could be better than etherium but Tron won’t be did I ask you the question why not I thought I was actually very skeptical about this before just saying like you know aetherium is solid in the ground as it is you know a theorem is really the grandfather it it’s just what holds everything together right now I don’t believe that smart contracts would have been a good thing without a theorem here I can just I can proudly say that but Tron will have smart contracts – okay so they will have that – and there’s a big scalability difference here whenever something is added to the trommel blockchain whenever you know people work on their sum yeah you know it gets better and with etherium everything that gets added makes it slower another problem is just as I said before the TPS and that I cannot really increase anymore for etherium it’s locked at 25 and Trust starts with a thousand and goes to 10,000 that is all good aspects it’s all literally good then we also have a different kind of thing which is that Tron will actively help developers on their they’ll actually support you they’ll give you money for all that kind of stuff entering you will not but that again III ‘m does have a lot of people who want to work on it so that makes you theorem I guess a lot better because the theorem is so popular I you know I’m a little older a lot of people thought III would take over BTC that’s kind of far-fetched oh I don’t know if that will ever happen but possible but II Thiam is very easy still even though it is coated with solidity compared to Java from Tron I believe that that does make a Tyrian kind of have some prospects because uh you know if you want to work in there you gotta have some some dedication you got to learn how to code solidity which is a difficult thing in my opinion you know Java anyone could quickly learn it’s not gonna take that long but solidity takes some time and you know gotta be dedicated to learn that specifically for that huh I just named some prospects here – Tron or some good aspects – Tron but there’s some good aspects we three with you but that we’re not gonna cover that too much this is more about the positive sides of Tron as to why I could actually come that price I don’t believe because it says so many good things coming up there’s so many things that have been talked about on Twitter and another good thing is that there’s almost only positive news out right now so I want to look up a little bit on the internet and I found that there’s nobody calling that much fun on Tron right now there’s not really anything that is bad about trying out and a line right now which is again amazing if you hear a lot of fun you know mostly the course will not go that skyrocket up but it even though even though you might open your core market cap now when you open this video you see this year – 7% of whatever if this were to be – 7% don’t care about that dudes don’t check that don’t check that look at this price right here and tell me if that is a good price to buy in I will always say yes but if you want to really be sure that you have a good price here on your hands Jony discord because you got to be sure that you’re not buying some BS so for my prediction here long term tron every price is good though short term you know we might actually not get that many gains from this you know and then let’s say a day or something so you can join the discord ask about all of these coins or just join the free signals group they’re in the discord you could just check it out it’s totally free you can make or actually learn how to make money there or make money a lot of people doing it already hundreds of people so just check it out it’s totally free and there’s also premium ones but you can check it out if you’re in there so uh you guys that was my thing for Tron I believe we’ll get to great heights I’m a very much believer I will actually buy some more I guess because I’m not holding that much but I just like to do videos about this like you do updates about this and I do like the project but I should be buying or holding some more Tron I don’t know how much I have but I know it’s definitely not above 100,000 so I need to get that up a little bit but guys thanks watching and hopefully see you guys later in another video

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