Tron (TRX) : WE HAVE LIFTOFF!! TOP 10 CURRENCY!! All bets on TRX

hey guys what is up its dusty here back with another crypto video and I don’t want to do any edits in this video just to keep it very straightforward for you guys and no faking no nothing and I just want to go over some tron news that has happened the last couple of days and just about this article because I think it’s really good so no intro needed I just want to get you guys full info so let’s get into this straightaway so two days ago Tron t-rex looked unstoppable in the markets we did a video on that so if you look back in my youtube history in my videos you can see here Tron t-rex is unstoppable where would the price go and here we talk about everything that is going to happen so the partnerships and some of the other cool stuff like what could be pumping Tron one is out going on when will happen a lot of you guys watch there’s a lot of you guys like this which I appreciate so for this video let’s do 50 bucks giveaway once we reach 150 plus likes so if we can reach that that would be very cool I’ll give away $50 no not 100 because they know money’s not growing on trees but I’m gonna increase it generally or gradually or by the time we’re over time because the more views we get in total the more I can give away though I do want to point out that I’m gonna be trying to be more careful with titles because some of you guys still I mean this type was totally fine but I get some of the titles though here I can’t really change the title because this is exactly what I was going for because that is exactly what the video is about so that’s not cooked bad at all I do understand you guys though so I’ll try to keep it down and I’ll try to do some other news that I want to cover I just know it won’t get any views at all but I’ll just cover it for you guys anyway because I think it’s important and I’d like to cover that stuff so hopefully it can get a lot more done within the coming weeks you know can’t do a lot more uploads will be very cool so two days ago tronic and stop o in the markets as we covered in a video and the gains by the token were in in the form of double-digit gains once the crypto first was alerted that the popular token will be listed on coin beam so we covered this before I believe coin being is the one in Malaysia so actually check it out here real quick you can see in just in Strong’s Twitter he said bubala stone coin beam let me just quickly press it here or secure exchange I thought this one was Malaysia though I might not be Malaysian might might be somewhere else let’s check it out here on the website so we can check it out totally might be just China though oh maybe it’s China okay I’m just gonna assume here that is China again can’t read any of those symbols but yeah we’re talking about coin being about Malaysia and exchange so I don’t really know but yeah I can’t I didn’t I’ve never used this exchange I can tell you that for sure the Queen being oh you can actually see the coin being exchange is ranked 25th on the coin market cap when you’re doing complete analysis of the exchanges that charge fees and that do not the exchange is currently doing a coup 125 point $85 or million dollars in daily trading the website is available in the five languages English Chinese Portuguese Vietnamese in Malay okay okay it is Malaysian I just got the Chinese version straight off the bat it also covers over 150 countries of classic robe which is actually quite kind of nice to see it have 150 countries that is a very cool amount the change also tops up its services by providing its users with a mobile app available on both Android and iOS same as by Nantz I guess it also covers both by the way if you’re asking yourself why I’m talking so weird is the national holiday just now in the Netherlands and um you know I was out the whole day and I yeah yeah enough said it was a national holiday ETX market action has also been accompanied by several anticipated announcements that were kicked off by the release of test net on march on the 31st of march this year we already knew that we already covered all of this so that’s not that’s not new the test net was launched back then the main that will launch oh I think they’re gonna cover that okay so yeah so main net is slated for release on May 31st by the way it could also be that this is gonna be tuned first it just depends on where you are on the world they said though in Hong Kong time so like you Jim T or UTC +8 I don’t remember any of those two like GMT plus 8 I believe and it made the refers but I don’t know what hour maybe like 8 a p.m. or something for them might be I don’t I can’t really tell you any total toka migration on the tron network has been scheduled for 31st of June up till the 25th or 24th and would take a few days and I believe the 21st it will start but it won’t really do anything until the 24th but those days are not really important just don’t try your tron between 21st and 25th you’ll be good and there’s also super Representatives elections to be held on 26th of June so there was also an article that I actually wanted to cover but that is like a little bit more click Beatty because the title of that article it more you know kind of skeptical so I’m just trying to think about if I should do it or not it has some cool info that I could share with you guys but it could also do that separately in my video later you know in another video tomorrow maybe when we just go over those points in that article then without the title maybe I can just do it for you guys by talking or going over the articles separately I don’t really know yet but we’ll see and I was checked if I’m recording yes I am okay so it is with the above premise that all bets are on the Tron project moving forward and the additional listing in the markets will surely add liquidity to the token and further push its value to higher closers to the $0.10 mark if not to previous highs around 30 cents per TRX so I also did a video about dollar 375 right here as you can see and this video a lot of you guys disliked it I don’t mind that you know as I said before I don’t care about this likes at all but some of you guys should actually learn what clickbait means so in this video I literally go to talk about the second Bull Run happening it gets theoretically you know I’m just saying like okay what if a second-born were to happen which is the same percentage gain as this one it will go times 125 and that would bring it to this price though in the video I say like okay that is most likely like almost likely not going to happen so most likely go lower you know to like at least or maximum half and here’s different analysis where it comes to two dollars and 30 cents just depends on how you see it and I mean as I said before my ripple video you can see you can put any number there and you know reason your way to it you can put any number I could just say thirty dollars just make up a reasoning or 375 dollars and think of reasons as to why that could happen you could do that for any price but there’s a real logic behind this price is it is just literally the same amount of gain that it got in the first Bull Run so and then this is like exactly one month I believe from 5th of December to 5th of June January I believe I think it’s exactly one month and then later again like we could just say ok so the exact amount of percentage gain then it doubled the amount of time so two months but then again it’s kind of weird if we would get the exact same amount of percentage for boron I guess that’s not really going to happen but and since the market cap difference is also very big though once the second boron hits a lot of you guys aren’t forgetting that the market cap will actually become higher than its previous high of 800 million or billion because this time as I said before it’s a total bull run so it’s the the meaning is to go higher than before right so it’s not really gonna stay where it was right now like if we go look at the market cap here you can see your that hit this price right so 800 billion I know out of my head 813 billion here it’s a little bit higher but that’s if you zoom in it will hit like another higher next time right it’s it’s always the cool to go to all-time high and here we saw the all-time or actually not all time but you know recent time low in about April 7th I guess right here was about the lowest points a little bit earlier this month and I think that we’re really done out of this you know break here a lot of you guys are saying dip is coming could be okay it could be that we’re just you know going upwards because there’s also some article stating that the downtrend is not technically over I do not really understand though because literally it looks like it’s going up like it’s going up really really hard even but if you look at it from a closer distance it does not look as promising as before because like this little bit of a gap here in the last three days is not doing too nicely but if we go back to BTC I believe that BTC is doing fine again still above 9 grand so I’m not really too worried about that an EOS and Tron my two favorite coins at the moment are doing extremely well in my opinion this is just awesome to see it run seven point five cents and iOS almost at 17 bucks this is one of the best gainers that I’ve seen this month for sure I mean Bitcoin cash and I guess some other ones that we covered I guess I’m baking cash in the US both doing really really good at a certain point like corn could have taken over its five-number number five spot almost right now it’s so far away it’s not gonna happen at all I don’t see for Tron here is actually quite a bit for it took over it took over it took over to the number ten I didn’t even know this guy’s so nice it took over its number ten now it’s in the top ten Kryptos of the world but what I also found funny in what I wanted to cover here is this little analysis right here so Tron t-rex is currently selling for a amount of number which puts it up twelve percent in the last 24 hours this article is from today so there we go and then Tron has moved back among the big guns currently drank this top 10 so I actually knew already but I just wanted to hype it up for you guys and Tron as a market cap over five point 1 billion dollars that isn’t the first time Tron has moved into the top ten it did before like I believe previous week May it did for a very short time so which I’m you guys said and it did do it a while back several weeks earlier t-rex ranked as number ten was but was quickly bumped down and flung around a bit in the rankings Voltron maintained staying power this time around and remained within his top ten kryptos I don’t know we’ll see what happens let’s just hope that it does I really have some faith in two or four Tron by the way guys be sure to follow me on twitter because on twitter i give away money so i’ll be sure to check it out and a discord if you want to talk to me or talk to any other cool people or have any questions about trading check that out as well so as of today iran t-rex is officially a trading on cryptic exchange that pay i also retweeted that I believe on Twitter I might have just liked it I don’t know which could explain the price hike that is happening right now but I don’t think does that pay is really if that much significance I don’t think there’s really any people specifically trade on this exchange that I know of at least people are also talking about Tron a lot as you can see right here especially on social media according to triumph under Justin Sun here’s a tweet that up I don’t know if I treated this again but I saw it though and I talked about it in the discord you can see the amount of talks amount of hashtags maybe or I don’t know what I don’t know what they measured here but you can definitely see for sure that Tron is the most talked about crypto and actually didn’t know that which one icon was even higher than ripple I thought it was the other way around and I thought it would be a little bit higher also to my surprise here verge is actually still quite high up I thought this one would also have gone down because I noticed that the views were verge were a lot less than before because there was of course a lot of hype when the partnership just came out and about there was a lot of hype virgil’s even more mentioned than trying to believe but route Tron is really really the stuff that you guys have like requests at like crazy I just see a lot of hordes of monkeys like Tron Tron Tron moron you know and I find it funny because I like Tron the most out of them right now okay eos and neo to ones that i love as well i don’t know why i just i mean i know what actually if i think about it yo s more than neil personally Cardano also one of my loves to coins like coin i loved back in a day like if you would have offered me like corn or BTC i would have definitely taken like quinn at that certain point alright now I kind of ignored like Quinn quite hard actually I haven’t checked back at it for a long time I do sometimes still receive them payments in litecoin but you’re not really looking at that anymore like when it’s coming be kind of becoming any significance not even thinking about it like there’s a lot of other ones that do just like coins purposes but then maybe a little better though I like the Twitter from the dude I don’t remember his name right now because I’m recording then everything goes wrong but he get back to our article here I don’t know where we were I believe let’s just start from here the t-rex market action has also been accompanied by several anticipated announcements that were kicked off by the release of the test net all we already covered that oh yeah we did so we were around here as the days trod on one is tempted to set calendar reminders for the aforementioned dates and there is and with respect to the Tron project so yes I am also gonna update you guys every time that something really important like those those dates or schedule thingies happen because that is important stuff and you guys like to know and I know that kind of stuff so I update you for sure no worries about that I’ll update you for sure um yeah but yeah not too much to worry about on that behalf where we would just read this okay I’m kind of getting your fuser it’s like middle of the night again so I like you have to have a good focus on here and I don’t want to talk to a lot because I think my neighbors are hating me right now but I I mean yeah okay it’s it I do got a talk here so the trial foundation and project has a charismatic CEO will stop at nothing to realize the vision of the project that is full Justin is really kind of heavy invested into trot as in he’s putting all of his efforts into trying to look at this look at this Twitter just look at the amount of effort he’s putting into putting out content for us you know it’s heavy but I do appreciate it though like some of you guys saying he’s shilling his coned way too much I usually think that as well but now I found that actually a lot of the stuff that he does put out is really good content and is good for the coin it’s not really hurting anything like here you can see that I like stuff I don’t like a lot of post okay like this one don’t care about this if he’s gonna livestream online you don’t you guys don’t need a reminder for that screw that stuff but this welcome to trading on Zeb pay you know going on exchange that’s awesome being the most mentioned coin it’s awesome I want you guys to know this kind of stuff so you know why the price is going up you know you guys should know that kind of stuff so that’s why I shared that and Justin Sun is considered a true Pro teach of Jack Ma and even graduated from Jack Mars happen University less than two months ago so Jack the founder CEO I believe or owner of Alibaba one of the biggest Chinese stores or online stores like there’s not gonna be that many people have never heard of Alibaba I believe he’s just a billionaire and like I believe Justin son is like 26 or something 28 maybe and he’s one of the under the top students or whatever it’s just an important student and he got personally invited to the University or personally got graduated I know you can explain that the aim of the university is to groom promising entrepreneurs so you also did a like a study for entrepreneurship I believe in the ever-changing world of business that seems to evolve in tandem with the global technical advancement so think about it though he’s just 28 or 26 and he has Tron behind his name he’s the founder of Tron foundation do you guys even look like that’s a billion-dollar companies you know a billion-dollar company it has a market cap of five billion dollars and he’s the founder just you know quite a young dude still and I’m funny I mean I kind of proud of him if you think about it like that it’s really cool that he’s that he’s going for that in conclusion there are a lot of events on the Tron calendar that are sure to determine the impact of the token and later coin in the coin verse so this is if you don’t know what this means the coin is or the token is because it’s still an ER c20 token it’s Tony theorem later coin because the later will be in its own black chain and then referred to as a coin so token is if it’s on a different blockchain like on etherium it’s a token cuz it’s on there and a coin because it would then have his own blockchain in the crypt offers many holders and traders are constantly looking to social media platforms for updates from the trial foundation that might affect the price of Tron t-rex in the market whoo so we just covered everything that I can as I said before I’m not gonna edit anything in this video I believe that all of that I said is just straight of fire and I do believe that you guys can handle this kind of stuff so if you like this video and don’t think I talk too quiet hopefully I don’t know yet but I’ll see leave a thumbs up because I appreciate that a lot and if you guys want to enter the Twitter giveaway be sure you just follow me over there and discord is just as I said a cool place where you guys can check out and just enjoy so I recommend you guys do that and thanks for watching see you guys later

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