When Moon? Perhaps $40 Trillion Dollars / $2,500 Ethereum In 2019 / Golem Token On Binance

hello everybody and welcome back to cryptos news it’s another lovely Friday here I hope you guys have a great weekend I just want to invite you to make sure you’re subscribed to the crypto minute YouTube channel because the crypto minute is always gonna be uploaded over there as well as on Instagram and probably like to enough Facebook so you’re going to see that stuff here if you want a quick recap of the daily news you’re gonna have to be subscribed in those places also make sure you check out our new soundcloud podcast episode because we uploaded it to the soundcloud channel the crypto plug podcast and it’s got a great interview with investor Milton who talked about all sorts of sorts of stuff neo ontology the rise app which I got into recently so make sure you definitely follow us on soundcloud so you can get future updates as well we’re setting up a lot of cool interviews so let’s get into the news real quick we’re seeing a market cap of about four hundred and twenty billion dollars we’ve come such a long way in just about a month it’s been phenomenal phenomenal streak for so many coins I mean like for example iOS which is now my second largest holding it surpassed aetherium so I don’t even know what to think about that I still think it has quite a room to go not financial advice of course but it’s on a personal note I I’m happy for those you guys who trusted me and got in I’m happy to see your successes also when it comes to golem is gay gotta listen today GMT token which is a cloud computing platform built on top of aetherium we’ve discussed it before and it got listed on Finance today giving it more liquidity so that’s up another good like 15% last I checked and we have another coin that’s finally finally hilariously up about 50% and that is iconic which is the ticker symbol icon but the reason for that is because it was his article put up with an interview with this mr. Dan Moorhead from Pantera Capitol Pantera capitols an investment fund that’s been around since 2011 solely focusing on investment in the cryptocurrency space and before that Mr Dan Moorhead had already ran the tiger hedge fund so he comes from years of experience and went hard on crypto and it’s probably the biggest crypto investment fund that I can think of a lot of people definitely say so and this guy said today that he sees easily like crypto currencies which are like a 420 billion dollar market cap today hitting easily four trillion dollars through usage of blocking technology and they could possibly even hit 40 trillion dollars that could just be you know the start of it so this is a guy who definitely has it he’s created a vision and he’s investing at his own life and his company to get behind what is probably the biggest revolution it’s like buying the dollar I always say before the dollar was a dollar like I said it or meet up yesterday you’re able to get in the ground floor for certain things and and it’s really remarkable so it turns out that pantera capital only invests in two coins in the majority of sense they had Bitcoin and they have this coin called Icahn the article said but I’m pretty sure that when they said Icahn they didn’t mean that iconic coin that I talked about before that’s up 50% that has no volume no liquidity but people obviously got hyped about it they probably were referring to icon or icx which is more reputable luckily that coin is up a little bit today too it’s up by last I checked like 16% and I also wanted to share with you guys the potential for aetherium to hit $2,500 but before the end of the year so I’ll link to that article as well below so mr. green over from Devere said that there are three main factors that are a confluence of really pivotal things that are occurring that are gonna cause the theorem to hit this and beyond and continue the significant increases in price through this year next year and the year after that through 2020 and that’s because of the proliferates of trading if they’re being used for trading decentralized exchanges the amount of tokens it’s creating and the volume for that we’re also seeing the fact that smart contractor taking off a theorem was the first major smart contract platform that was built and it’s being utilized by major fortune 500 companies as we see with the varium Enterprise Alliance and we also see that cloud computing is taking off with the theorem like golem that we talked about for and other projects that are building to allow us to share resources globally in a decentralized way without having to trust you know centralized companies that are overcharged like before so these plus the fact that he sees that regulation the cryptocurrency sector coming is inevitable and that is going to be leading to more consumer and investor protection and greater long-term investment confidence in the market so these are really some some great bullish things coming out and I think it’s going to be a phenom in a month ahead I look forward to seeing some of you guys at the crypto investment summit here in LA Angeles and that’s gonna be taking place on the 30th and hopefully I can meet a lot of you guys out there thank you for having me guys thank you for joining the show and I will catch you the next time remember to hit like if you like this type of stuff make sure you subscribe to all our all our different social media and leave your comments and thoughts below okay okay this is the first time I go in the pool how’s this thing waterproof yeah it is oh it is do they have

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