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hey guys welcome back to sky talks crypto my name is sky and today we’re gonna be talking about litecoin and we’re also gonna be talking about Dan Neil because someone on my telegram which I will be linking down below in the description they asked me to talk about Dan Neil and instead of typing a big long answer I thought you know what I’ll make a video like Cohen has really been having just a wild wild journey it went through a defeat at the beginning of the rebound phase and after the eight week long market dip seemed to be over it lost its long-held place as the fifth best currency in accordance with global coin a ranking list so at the moment it’s number six but you know this seems to have been a bit of a catalyst for growth ever since Eos I said yes that time every time I see say EOS ever since EOS pushed litecoin down to the sixth spot it seems that like coin team decided they will go full steam ahead into beast mode like when started off the day yesterday with a pretty interesting tweet sweet started off with a question and that question was does your business except like coin and then the tweet went on to invite all litecoin users and interested parties in messaging the team for a chance to get included in the project they are working on so there’s not there’s not a whole lot else to go on there are no other statements included in the tweet that could include more details on the project however it’s not that hard to guess that like coin seems to be making a campaign for the mass adoption of LTC with this campaign it is expected to see an abundance of small and medium sized businesses turning towards light coin as one of the payment options for their products and services in other news wiki leaks now accepts light coin for purchases WikiLeaks shop team announced on April 25th at their shop will now accept LTC as one of the payment methods for their shop even the fact that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is strongly supportive of the idea of decentralization blockchain based privacy and hundreds of different applicable causes that call for block technology it’s really no wonder that WikiLeaks merchandise shop announced this via their official Twitter page also litecoin and wyrex wyrex has announced recently that litecoin is now going to be accepted besides from Bitcoin on their wallet app they also stated that they have decided to use litecoin simply because they have had a chance to determine that litecoin is faster and more secure than Bitcoin while it also has lower chain fees which makes it one of the top desirable coins as well as that the wire X team also added that they believe that like coin will soon be accepted by massive brands and that’s another reason why they have decided to enlist it as one of their payment methods so in case you don’t know what wire X is it’s actually a wallet app designed to accept all kinds of Visa debit cards and also offers Bitcoin as one of the supported payment methods and now like coin charlie Lee the founder of like coin said selling his entire stake feels like it’s not the right decision in short back in December there was quite a bit of a kerfuffle that’s not a word but yeah about Charlie Lee selling his entire holdings of litecoin and he recently said in an interview that it feels like it’s not the right decision which is a strange use of tense because it’s like that sounds like you’re talking about Lee you you were in the process of doing it you’re going to do but yeah he said that after the recent fall all in like Quinn’s value however he says he thinks it’s the right decision long term as he tried to make like coin a truly decentralized cryptocurrency sometimes you got to do things make decisions that short-term seem a bit iffy and maybe but long-term is best for everyone involved like coin at the moment is one hundred and fifty two dollars and 51 cents it’s up four point twenty six percent market cap of eight billion five hundred eighty-one million eight hundred seventy eight thousand and seven hundred forty dollars our volume of four hundred four million eight hundred seventy nine thousand next I want to talk about Dan Neil I might be pronouncing it wrong wouldn’t be the first time I pronounce something completely wrong with it so let’s get into what Daniel is all about it’s a fairly recent crypto and it’s also a crypto under a dollar basically it is a crypto currency AI trading and investing bot assistant and it claims to be the first I created to help cryptocurrency investors and it’s designed to help you make smarter investment decisions you know I’m sure we’ve all made a few foolish investment decisions and yeah basically you access it through a mobile or desktop application it can manage your crypto portfolio and your trading accounts and you can ask questions through a messenger style interface or just sit back and let the algorithms do its thing it just based on IBM’s Watson Watson is an intelligent system that applies advanced technologies for information retrieval knowledge representation and automated reasoning so basically the app collects processes and analyzes raw data from a wide variety of sources using this IBM Watson thingamajiggy and this allows Daniel to deal with large-scale data sets with intensive hands-on cognitive development and of course Daniel also gets insights from blockchain and cryptocurrency data it can identify for instance insights from structured and unstructured blockchain and cryptocurrency data it also gets metadata from things like concepts and news and keywords sentiments and emotions relations and semantic roles the cool thing about it is that like IBM Watson it’s a it has a natural language understanding tool for advanced text analysis and emotional data collection which means it’s able to analyze the way people really speak online not the way we formally speak so I mean I guess you could say it’s just like down with the lingo you know so for instance you’d be able to be like hello Daniel can you tell me how people feel about the ripple project or you can open it up and just ask a really basic question like you know what is home ec go can I buy it and the app will respond with a basic overview of what oMG is it’ll give you the official website and development goals as well as places that you can buy it so you can ask emotional questions I mean like related to cryptocurrency or just really basic questions and use it as a kind of a Siri Google type thing yeah so I can retrieve and analyze messages that’s post that are posted to social networks like Twitter for example Twitter it would be the main one I think because Twitter is a big place for for crypto after that I’d say is you can also share your knowledge and get rewards and you will get rewarded in dan tokens let’s actually have a look at the token yeah the Dan token their service is built on the ethereum blockchain and the token e is an e rc 20 token benefits from the reliability of the theorem network for Daniel ecosystem transactions so the token will be at the heart of the use of our intelligent assistance service so subscriptions content proposal rewards and more so it’ll be a monthly subscription so the actual beta launch won’t be until q4 of 2018 but I feel like this year is just moving so fast that it’ll be here like tomorrow when it comes to the team Daniil is made by estonia based company named daniel assistant this CEO joseph Bedminster he is the he’s also the founder he specializes in software engineering and has previously worked for companies and startups in France on a freelance basis on a freelance basis he also co-founded a startup called bong Bonanza and secured the position of chief technical officer he’s also previously worked at IBM and that’s where he initially discovered Watson’s services so let’s take a look at the numbers right now it’s 21 cents and it’s happening it’s having a good time it’s up 54 point 47% this is a really nice chart market cap of five million six hundred thousand a volume of eight hundred and thirty six thousand and a circuiting supply of twenty six million and a total supply of 69 million and working you get it you can get it on hit BTC IDEXX and DDX they have a Twitter and a subreddit overall I’m a fan of it I think it looks really dope I think it’s something that I would use this is more of a long-term investment because they’re not launching until the end of the year but I can I can definitely see it going to a dollar by the end of the year definitely by 2019 that’s my official price prediction bearing in mind I’m not a financial advisor so that is all for today guys thank you so much for watching and for listening since it’s Friday I will tell you to have an awesome weekend and I will talk to you on Monday

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