Will ETHEREUM Keep Falling? Programmer explains.

go live on YouTube and we are alive guys welcome to this evening stream here in Sweden it is evening it is half past nine and today we will talk about the theorem and the recent helium price downfall and really talk about is it significant has anything happened because many people are are worried and are basically asking me Ivan is it anything spectacular going on with this video is it anything note noteworthy going on with the actual developments is it the technology is it the interest what is actually happening to the project and so that is what we will explore today and also we will look into the future what is actually going to happen to you see Liam in the nearest year or two years and what is the future of this decentralize acknowledging I see the chat rolling amazing to see all of you here guys welcome Friedrich welcome mark welcome cue amazing to see all of you here ask question guys I think we will have a Q&A at the at the end and also I think this format will be a bit more relaxed and we can just hang out for half an hour or so so right first of all first of all we will talk about the actual price what has happened and so something that is interesting to me is that many people think that something has happened recently when in fact I would argue that recently nothing really has happened I mean a theorem is just following the same trend as Bitcoin nothing is really spectacular going on with the theorem and separately it’s all going hand in hand so if we just look at the following at the following metrics let me just put this up here let’s see guys well as you can see here’s the Bitcoin chart and since the beginning of the year around here we were at these peaks and now we’re going down we had a little valley here which we have recovered from a now where this kind of flow low levels and so a theorem is quite similar although after this little Valley it has dropped down even more however I think it is a lot due to the actual interest I mean with the technology and nothing really has changed I mean technology is as it is I think it is all about the interest and the truth is people are losing interest in the whole space in the whole crypto space and personally I think it is a good I mean it is good because we actually get time to build things we actually get time to you know sit for ourselves really evaluate what we’re doing and really build something meaningful and this is something I talked a lot about that when we have all of this hype hype cycle – we have people just rushing into the space we have done new money coming in it is of course amazing for the prices it is of course amazing from a speculator standpoint but from an actual technical delivery standpoint it is quite bad because it is very hard to see what is good and what is bad and so as we can see a theorem has been dropping a lot when it comes to public interest and so of course I’m looking at Google and the etherium searches on Google and we all read these lows and last time we were here was around October so I think there is a clear correlation between the public interest and actually the price and it’s all about Pisa cycles this is also something I talked a lot about on this channel that for example when I when I started doing YouTube during the spring of last year it was all about the theorem if the idiom really took off during 2017 and both when it comes to prices both when it comes to actually people learning about the theorem and during the spring of 2017 when I started the channel everyone was just talking about the theorem and then kind of Bitcoin took over this country over during the summer and the attention shifted from a theorem to Bitcoin and nothing really happened to a theorem for several months we were around we were around $300 for a very long time let’s see if we can actually see it yeah I mean about here this what I am talking about the attention shifted and then now recently of course we see all of this hype and all of this excitement about cryptocurrencies as a whole but all in all I mean nothing spectacular has happened recently and therefore this is nothing special in my view a theorem is just following the general down the trend we are seeing in this in this market something else that is interesting is that a lot of kind of negative aspects of a theorem happened last year so I have actually done a talk on this about the different hacks that have happened I have linked it in the description if you’re interested and you do not have to be a technical person to understand this presentation but I basically explained the the most known hacks in the history of etherium and how they happen and when you look at this presentation when you actually understand what I’m talking about even if you’re not a technical person you will realize that the mistakes made in these smart contracts that really allowed the hackers to exploit the vulnerabilities these mistakes are quite simple I mean they’re quite simple now that we know that the hack has happened they are quite simple now in hand side when we look at these hacks however of course the holy theorem ecosystem is new programming money in the way we’re programming aetherium I mean really programming financial digital assets is kind of new and therefore in my view we still are discovering the different vulnerabilities we still haven’t found discovered the best way to build the apps we still haven’t discovered the best way to build bulletproof code we still haven’t discovered best practices I mean if you are an engineer yourself you probably remember the days of Maya scale and you know early days of PHP and you use MySQL for database and you for example didn’t validate strings you didn’t validate user input so those were the days when there weren’t a lot of best practices for PHP and MySQL now all of you people who who are not programmers probably don’t understand what I’m talking about but it’s all about discovering as an industry the best ways to do things discovering the best way to for example structure an IC o—- contract I think structure and IC o—- contract is something at least we have discovered I mean if there is something we as an industry know how to do that is how to do i CEOs so I think for sure we might have established good best practices when it comes to raising money through smart contracts and therefore and therefore we still need to discover the rest how do you actually build a good multi-sig wallet well the piracy hat which is one of the most significant hacks in this space happened due to a mistake in in a multi CD contract so this is for example something that we as an industry at that time when the hack happened still weren’t too good and I mean parity it is done by serious people that is that was that was the thing that was the most mind-blowing to me that parity hack it’s not just you know a couple of amateurs building a wallet parity hike was done by serious people and so one we’re realizing this fact that even the best developers make mistakes that can end up fatally we also need to think about the future how do we fix it so historically historically we have had some bad news in Nigeria now hack is probably the most significant hack because if cerium actually split into two theorems the theorem and the theorem classic then we also have parity and a few other hacks but so we as a community are thinking ok how can we fix this how can we make smart contracts more safe how do we make it easier for developers to build smart contracts is it anything we as a theorem foundation I’m not a part of a Dream Foundation but over here of course I’m I’m just imagining their thought process so they’re probably thinking is it anything we as a serum foundation can do in order to make the process easier and yes yes there are things the film foundation can do and so this is what I wanted to show you today what has the film foundation done well I want to bring your attention to a new programming language called wiper wiper so as you probably know currently we are using solidity to program with idiom smart contracts and if you want to learn solidity we are teaching it at coding that I have non tech comm and the whole problem with solidity currently is that it is easy to make mistakes it’s not that the language itself is you know technically bad it’s just that people are using this language and they’re making mistakes so there are these arguments that you know what solidity is a bad language I do not think I do not think that solidity is a bad language guys I do think that we just do not have enough experienced developers in solidity and we have a lot of amateur developers using solidity to program serious contracts I mean sometimes sometimes you hear that a web developer just switch the jobs from being a JavaScript developer to a solidity developer and something you need to realize is that web development building websites or mobile development building mobile apps is so extremely different from smart contract development from actually building the central applications how is it different well a lot has to do with the mindset because if if I build something in JavaScript and deploy a website let’s say for example I have I have my HTML and then I add some logic with JavaScript and I realize that there is a bug I realized that my website is flawed there is a bug in my website so what do I do well I create a fix for the website and I reapplied the file and that is really it very simple to fix mistakes which has ended up in we have ended up in a position in the web development space that high that the bugs are easy to fix it’s easy to deploy new and new fix and fix the issue however of you realize that here that here you have a whole other paradigm when you’re building smart contracts when you’re busy building decentralized applications you have this issue of number one immutability and when I say issue I mean issue from a programmers standpoint of course the whole idea is that applications should be immutable however however if you have a bug you’re basically screwed and this is something I’ve talked in this presentation as well that I mean there’s a whole new mindset when you’re building these Android applications you are building basically a house you’re building a house and you’re not able to change that house I mean it’s not that you can just redo the foundation of your house and so in that sense I really welcome the advancements such as Viper and I think this is something that will propel the development community and so one of the most one of the most important things in Viper is this is this focus on different things number one security that as they claim it should be possible and natural to build secure smart contracts in Viper what does it mean probably means that the language itself has a lot of checks it kind of is your babysitter you as a programmer and if you make some stupid mistake VIPRE will not compile wiper will tell you that you know what do not do that this is not the best practice so what I really hope is that the if student foundation really looks at the most common mistakes insula disease that people have done and looks at the patterns can we identify something that we can implement on a language level to prohibit all these stupid mistakes people have been making and so this is number one number two is language and compiler simplicity the language and the compiler implementation should strive to be simple I think this is obvious in engineering this is this is all about simplicity you you better build something simple with few moving parts so that it is easy to maintain so that it is to upgrade and for example if you have a project and it is very complex it is very huge and you have a few people working it maybe one person leaves the team and no one else can understand what the hell and that person was building there is a huge problem in many programming teams that you have these people building terrible code a building code that is unreadable and very hard to understand then they leave the team and everyone is just let’s not touch this at all it works we do not know how it works we do not know how this guy even built it but it works and no one is allowed to touch it this is what we call legacy code in our industry and so of course whenever you build something for example a new programming language it should be simple and the compiler should be simple as well next up we have out that all the stability and that the viper code should be maximally human readable and it should be maximally difficult to to write misleading code guys if you want to see misleading code which should do is let me let me show you guys if you want to see misleading cold we’ve actually done on on this channel let’s see I’m an on take obfuscation like one of my very very first videos on this channel is about obfuscation I mean for all of you guys who do not know my pass here on YouTube I mean this channel star is started as a programming channel for a few weeks and then I kind of discovered my my audience with cryptocurrencies which I loved a lot and so it’s not that I was a programmer on YouTube for very long I initially thought okay let’s do some programming videos but then in a week or so I switch to cryptocurrencies and blockchain but so in this video I basically show that you can write some insane code that looks I mean it looks like it does one thing but then it does something completely different and so the whole idea was solely with the Viper is that it should be very difficult to do something like I do here and so forget my haircut I mean these were the days I mean it but it wasn’t that long ago I mean it was just a year ago let’s see so yeah I mean here I build some apps that look like they do one thing they do something completely different and you might be wondering what what is this good for who would use such apps well it’s all about writing malware I mean if you want to write malware you want to write it in a way so that if someone just looks at your code it looks like it is doing one thing when in reality does something completely different so definitely go check out obfuscation here on the channel if you’re interested and so when it comes to a theorem and when it comes to smart contracts you have to realize that when you have a deal between two parties when you have a deal between two businesses for example we have the business being done on the blockchain one party will construct a smart contract maybe both of them will construct the smart contract together maybe there will be a third party constructing the smart contract between two companies for example so this is a new realm a new paradigm we are entering when we are really talking about business being done on the blockchain so the reason why this is so important is because when we have the case that it is difficult to write misleading code it is difficult to write code that looks like it does something but in reality does something else it means that it is harder to trick each other it is harder for me to to to write some kind of contract show it to you make you accept it make you insert funds into the smart contract and then it turns out this contract does something completely different so definitely good progress so that was number one I mean we we started talking about the price and the fact that the price has declined and for all of you new people watching we basically concluded that nothing special was happening the price is just following Bitcoin and the general downward trend we also mentioned that the interest for if theorem is falling and now we’re talking about the future so what VIPRE is one aspect of the future another as aspect is charging and charging really has to do with scalability how do you solve these issues currently on the theme where the whole network is just slow you cannot process many transactions in fact when you do when you execute a smart contract on a theorem all of the nodes need to execute it and of course how can this be how can this be scalable well it is not scalable and this is why we see problems with for example cryptic eatest and so sharing is an interesting idea that Vitalik really pushes and charging basically means that instead of having one huge huge network and blockchain one huge blockchain where everyone is executed instead we have small worlds we kind of divide our state our state of transactions and our blockchain into smaller worlds and then in these different worlds you can have different things going on independently but still you have a kind of global consensus and global security of the system and so who knows how long time this will take I mean I mean it is not it is not easy I mean it’s definitely not easy and then therefore this has taken time maybe we will see shorting in some form at the end of 2018 however I think it might take even longer because we’re really talking about the whole new paradigm and charging is really only one aspect another aspect has to do with proof of state theorem is really the biggest project pushing for proof of sake and really want to live proof of work and I think last week we did this video about proof of stake versus proof of work which one is the best and basically if theorem is the biggest project that wants to switch to prove of sake exactly when exactly how is hard to say maybe it will be in the next hard work maybe it will be in the next hard work in the form of this mixed version so for all of you who have studied this a bit you probably know that most probably if theorem will not just switch to proof of stake on you know in the day just one minute you know we flip the switch and now we go from proof of work to proof of steak instead in the beginning it will be a mixture so that in the beginning we will both have proof of work and proof of state running together and so each maybe maybe 49 blocks are proof of work and then one block is proof state so only five percent at two percent in the beginning will be proved a state but of course the ambition the ambition is to go to prefer state completely and how long that will take is also a good question that we still do not have an answer to and this is also something that we as investors and we asked the community film community need to realize there is so much that needs to be done and I’ve just outlined a Viper I’ve outlined them sharding also there is plasma which is kind of a layer to solution on the film where you have your etherium chain and then you can kind of split off a child chains and really take some burden off the main chain when it comes to computation and put it on a child chain you also have the ZK snarks I think ZK snarks will be used more and more on the III on blockchain going on to the into the future and so you see it is this whole cocktail of things that somehow needs to be put in place maybe maybe not of all of this and maybe not all of these things will be a reality maybe we will realize that you know what plasma is not really worth it we have a new solution or you know what a Kasper doesn’t really work I mean I highly doubt that Kasper will not work out because there is just so much energy invested and also there is so much political capital invested now this is something many people do not talk about but you have to realize that in blocking space it is not only about you know resources when it comes to actual development and money there is also a political kind of fight going on so I think I think Vitalik has Justin invested so much of his political influence into Caspar so I have a hard time seeing that that Casper will just not happen I think Casper will definitely happen but the question is when also on the horizon we see us on the horizon will also seek our Donna and the big question is how will those fit into the current stage and how will a film react to those new competitors in the space because there is an ideological different there is a fundamental ideological difference for example in a serum the whole idea and ideology is that we should be as decentralized as possible I mean we should not we should not mess with decentralization in any way and therefore we have solutions such as charging that everyone should still be able to run a node on their computer on their personal laptop and this is how we want to structure our network euros is a whole different paradigm it’s a whole different ideology and this is also kind of a clash of ideologies and a clash of of thought schools so Dan Larimer a person who is kind of behind us and also steam it and Beecher’s his his thoughts cool is that you know what decentralization is relative and the whole idea with us is to have delegated proof of stake so if you have 21 block producers who are basically producing blocks and then all of the stakeholders can vote for who will be the block producer and so the whole process there is that everyone doesn’t need to be a block producer everyone doesn’t need to be mining and so in that sense is just different and I think the future will tell the future will tell which solution is the best but currently we see this kind of fight when it comes to structure when it comes to architecture and the called– amo is similar to yours in the sense that using also delegated proof of stake and in fact there is kind of some kind of drama there is some kind of personal health personal fight so to say between Dan Larimer and Charles Hoskinson and this is something I tried to ask Dan Larimer on the stream when he was here on the channel but he didn’t want to comment on that and so in that sense in that sense I think this year will be huge for cryptocurrencies as a whole if if we will not see for example plasma if we will not see sharding we will just see new competitors and the question is how will this result how will this really be taken by the etherium community and how would then will the new comers really compete so that was my rant guys that was my rant for today let’s say let’s see for a whole oh my god I ranted for 25 minutes this is the thing with YouTube I mean it really teaches you how to how to make a huge rant so let’s take some questions also I need to drink p3g I mean guys come on come on guys p3g who cares yes I don’t care it is I mean it is one of those things that just just obvious smash coin I see oh and yeah I mean guys or I mean this whole should have ended with me presenting my Academy of course so I forgot but guys if you really want to be part of this of this explosion in this centralization if you really want to be in the middle of it all and build this infrastructure definitely go to coding that I won’t take that calm so this is a course we are launching on the 1st of June we will teach you programming from scratch so you do not have to be a programmer you do not need to know anything we’ll teach you number one programming from scratch we’ll teach you a theorem and programming on a theorem from scratch we’ll teach you programming with nem from scratch and also programming with us I do not know of any course that is similar this course is going to be absolutely humongous it is launching on the 1st of June if you buy it before 1st of June you get 50% off and you get it for $89 I do not know yes I mean who else has course like this please show me I do not know anyone I think we are the only ones and smash the lights by the batter I smash the likes and on Facebook give me all the hearts bit connect them smash coin needs proof of existence can Dan will be able to scale that’s the entire point we do not know okay that is something we do not know and I think we as a community need to be more careful about making statements this is also something I have been talking about before guys that you know what add so many people just make huge bold statements they are so freaking sure about their thing and they are for example totally convinced that proof of steak is better than proof of work in all aspects or then we have the other side and they are you know totally convinced that proof of work is better than proof of steak when in reality of course there is there is something in between no algorithm is best in the world and I mean in that sense maybe Caledon will solve all of the issues maybe Yeo’s will solve all of the issues and therefore I do not really like the rhetoric when people are saying that you know what heõs is going to kill aetherium yas is going to really replace this video we have no idea maybe maybe not we still have to see I mean predicting the future especially in technology guys especially in technology is maybe one of the hardest thing you can do if not the hardest so we should be very very humble in that regard why is yas popular if it is not the centrist it is decentralized but the question is what is what what is centralized what is decentralized and this is something that they are rethinking I mean I us is not centralized it is just a whole other paradigm and there is this argument that is made that it was in fact is more decentralized and for example Bitcoin because in Bitcoin you have huge miners and that there is nothing you can do about them you they misbehave there is nothing you can do about them and so yos basically claims you know what in news we are going to have huge players producing blocks but you as a community we as a community can always change these block producers by voting in proof-of-work mining there is no way to kind of vote away a bad player in if that was the case I think beat mine would be voted away long time ago but they aren’t proof of thirst proof of douche proof of cuddle proof of weak hands I mean guys come on there is this project with proof of weak hand which is and I think it is a bit stupid ice witch probing language to learn for a career in blocking so this is something we do at causing a time I’ll take that home of course you can learn it by itself it will be ten if not hundred times harder but you can try learning solidity and try programming on a theorem and before that I mean the thing is it could be easier to learn in JavaScript to begin with because there’s just so much more resources on JavaScript there are so many more books there are so many more videos it is easier to learn JavaScript from scratch than to learn solidity from scratch yourself so in that sense I would recommend to just learn programming maybe Java maybe JavaScript maybe Python so you know what programming is how it works and then start with for example solidity bullet proof proof proof of proof yes will be proof of success go JavaScript if you want to and this is another thing I mean I remember during the summer I did this videos where I kind of told people how to start programming and I think during the summer my recommendation was to start with Java and it is not that I really think that everyone should do Java I really think that usually pick whatever you want pick Python pick Java pick C++ pick whatever just pick something I do not think it matters guys what 9 we should pick maybe do not pick C++ because it is kind of in depth and it is really low-level you kind of dealing with all this low-level memory management but if you pick Java or Python doesn’t matter or JavaScript doesn’t matter pick something and learn it and then it will be easy for you to just learn a new language because many people think and ask me for example Ivan what if I pick the wrong language I pick the wrong language I studied for two years well your time is not lost even if you pick a language that is not very popular you still know programming and it is so easy to just pick a new language I mean the language doesn’t matter guys you should create a voting system using a theorem or do video showing how something like that will be done okay so what do you mean by both like election or something could be done goal-line I like going a going is nice but there are some pain in going as well who decides who gets to vote is there a board so how do you mean everyone can vote in if you have to–if you have coins you can vote in ears see is for games yeah I mean for games but also for hardware I mean all these chips embedded systems even scratch scratch your chip can i okay can I pick COBOL do not pick Kobo yeah I mean guys do not pick some old weird language from the past because it is not a lot of resources but still if you want to learn COBOL maybe you can find some old just speak one of those you know modern languages and then which one you pick doesn’t matter C and C++ for beginners I mean it could work I mean also guys my first programming language was C++ however I started when I was 9 and it wasn’t like I used C++ to its fullest potential when I was 9 I did C++ but I kind of used it like Java I didn’t go crazy with all of you know low levels operation low-level operations I kind of used it in a way that resembles Java a lot so you can definitely learn a lot by learning C++ and you do not need to go go hardcore low level low level programming German yeah guys if you want to learn programming language a language you should pick is German absolutely important and absolutely necessary hi Ivan how long will the course 499 be available it will be available and seen until June the 1st June the 1st I signed up for the course can you give me a certificate I will give you a certificate we will give you a certificate and this is something I’ve talked about before but the certificate is just like an honor for you it is that you have made a lot of progress you have done all this work I mean it is just like this thing I mean this thing I got for from the Swedish people and from BTC X and it is that I’m kind of the blockchain person of the year in Sweden it is amazing for me I really I feel appreciated and I see this as kind of a horrible badge but it’s not like like I will take this and and you’ll go to job interview and place it on the interview table and say guys I received this glass thing oh and if there’s much like this as well with YouTube I mean I am very honored and I’m very humble guys that you appreciate my content and you watch me but this is mostly for myself and I also like the design of the button and this is this is why I have it in the frame and in the videos and I also like the design of this and this is why I have it in the videos as well but you know when it comes to certificate when it comes to this when it comes to this I don’t think it is the know optimal solution to get a job I think I discussed this on a stream before but to get a job you really need to be thinking about what kind of problems does that particular company have maybe you can build the prototype on a weekend and then you go to job interview you take all the knowledge you learned in coding that I want a calm and you build a small prototype and you show on the interview guys this works I mean look look at my computer it already works you press the button here you you click here and you have this application this is how I would use the knowledge in the Academy to get the job this is how I would use the knowledge from coding that I don’t take to get the job then you have the certificate as well of course you will have the certificate but I wouldn’t you know some people think that certificates are maybe some maybe some employers think that certificates are important I really don’t I need to you know I need to see something something physical that I can click maybe use as a user will love you guys I love you too I love you too thank you very much the certificate just recognizes the fact that a person participated in learning yes yes yes yes can you smell the like button guys I will not smell it I wa I will not smell fact I am a factory worker but I was a programmer all right why did you switch so the answer to the question in in the title well guess we answered the question in the title like in the first few minutes because the title is interesting but something that is more interesting is actually the future of a theorem but you can you can go back and watch in the beginning to really have the answer in the video in the in the title I will put certificate on my resume and github nice nice nice nice let’s see let’s see talk I’ll join your course if I fail making a small contact okay you are a builder maybe I think I mean I like building stuff that is true send the link it’s coding that I don’t take calm guys if you want to really understand the course you need to be able to just look at the at the domain on the screens and you need to be able to go to it yourself let me just now you can see the ending as well drugs some people say I am on drugs guys I am NOT on life some people are like what has this guy taken before before the livestream I am NOT on drugs that that is for sure Ivan can you comment on the progress of cryptocurrencies and regulation what is still required before serious investors jump in a lot is required and some countries such as for example Switzerland are really leading this whole revolution and moving forward at a fast rate other countries do not have any regulation Sweden doesn’t have much regulation and then let me by the way she’ll my let me let her let me she’ll our conference because this has a lot to do with the fact that we want to to create the spark in Sweden so if you go two blocks Pole that’s Co we have this conference in Sweden going on because we really want to put in place good regulation in Sweden to really bring attention from from policy makers and they you know we have invited Richard Hart well invited the coop entropica Pisa we have some ministers here and so our whole idea is to make an impact in Sweden and to really make regulation that is good for companies to really discover what the industry needs currently and to just bring investors from all over the world and bring companies from all over the world as well but you know something that we have to realize is that some countries will do it in a bad way and some countries will do it in a good way and so in that sense I do think that countries such as Switzerland are really moving forward when it comes to serious investors I think there just needs to be some kind of guidance and and some you know vague regulation not harsh regulation that just chokes the industry but just vague regulation to tell people that it is okay to own cryptocurrencies it is alright to invest in cryptocurrencies because many wealthy individuals who maybe got their wealth from real estate who maybe got their wealth from some other traditional industry that they do not know what will happen to their money if they invest in cryptocurrencies maybe some of them think that cryptocurrencies are you know this darknet money and that if they put it in their money in Bitcoin for example the state might confiscate or that if they put their cryptic their wealth in cryptocurrencies that their business might be shut down or something so I think it is just a lot of Education it’s a lot of Education that needs to be done and also there is to be some some guide meant from the regulator’s that say it is alright to do this this is how you invest this is how you do taxes this is how you do accounting this is how this works and because of this uncertainty I think many people do not yet move in I thought Richard cross yeah Richard Hart was really negative here in some wanna say some some months ago maybe you will be a politician guys I think I have many interesting ideas to be a politician’s politician however I just I hate this whole power struggle and all of this you know kind of politics and the different power games you need to play I mean I’m not sure this is something that I would enjoy doing so I see someone spamming it was many times guys I’m planning to do a video on ethos maybe in going forward I don’t have what lipstick do you recommend yeah guys my lips are naturally very red I do not even need lipstick and we see even more people spamming pow1 GDP are affected option industry I think GDP or makes make this industry more you need to be more concerned that is for sure because if one of your users one of your customers comes and says delete all my information you should be able to do so how is the question how will you be able to do so if you’ve put sensitive information on the blockchain well you need to really think about these issues one solution could be that you encrypt the information and you put the encrypted information on the blockchain and then you have the key to decrypt that information either that user controls that or you control it but you really need to you really need to think about this aspects I mean I just think that gdpr I mean maybe in five years we will look back at gdpr and we will think what a wonderful solution what a wonderful regulation that now data is being treated very seriously and that data is really not handled in this manner that is very restrictive and businesses can’t really do what they want with data maybe we will look at it that way but now during the transition time it is a pain it is a huge pain many businesses will suffer I think they will pick some poor business and make an example out of them by just you know placing a huge fee and really making an example of some business that doesn’t follow GDP or to really show guys look at what we did to this business we took four percent of their revenue or profit or whatever that rule is and you should all follow GDP or maybe it will be the case where our women intake that is a good question where are women in cryptocurrencies like people sometimes ask me Ivan do you get a lot of girls with with YouTube and you know all of that and guys I mean honestly it is mad it is mostly dudes that are rising baby because we are in this male-dominated space so that is a good question where are all the women my mother in law holds it interesting is price predictions I mean it is like predicting Bitcoin it is like predicting anything I mean it is how can you really predict it we can only think about well risk reward when it comes to implementing all of the solutions will with Alec be able to implement charging will Vitalik be able to implement Kasper and this is also an issue that I now realize that everything is hanging on metallic and this is something I kind of do unintentionally but I just did it and I said can beat Alec to it instead of can the whole helium community do it and so this is really can they deliver I do think that Casper will be delivered I do not know when I think that wiper will be delivered I also do not know when so in that sense when it comes to tracing and actually you know actively trying to time a different price point I do not do that and this is not nothing is this not something I enjoy doing either either either I’m just I’m just thinking about the long-term vision I do not know in exact numbers but I do think that we will see a lot of action in this kind of platform space platform for dabs when it comes to EOS and also in comes to Ichiro if he implements Casper does the end of aphelion why why what wire is so sure crypto baron why are you so sure that if he influenced Casper does the end of here that also comes down to the comes back to the fact that sometimes people are so sure about things and I’m just questioning do you really understand what it means I mean do you really know that the I mean what are you basing it on and this is you see all over over again and over again all right guys I think that is it for today I don’t want to do ether I don’t like ether and you see I mean this whole perception of aetherium has changed now for example in the comments guys you you are quite the bit negative about this video I think a lot has to do with the fact that we see so many new projects but if you just think about how it was maybe seven months ago everyone was super hyped about the hilum I mean the film was the thing but now people are kind of ha-hee theorem so definitely something to keep in mind that this I mean it can change so quickly a an interesting project can be interesting today and completely relevant tomorrow not not saying that the theorem is irrelevant but I can only say that the kind of mindset has changed also seven months ago months ago this there wasn’t that much composition and also the communities was very different I think the crypto community has absolutely changed during the past maybe four months and definitely during November December and January and and that time and this is also showing at conferences I mean now if you go to a crypto currency conference it’s all about raising it’s all about kind of profit the people you may meet there or in those hard core engineers and also this conference in Miami for example recently I mean they have their party at the strip club I mean the official after-party was at a strip club I mean it is wonderful I have nothing against that but it’s kind of we still kind of shows that the community has changed and there are now a lot of different people that weren’t here before when we had all of this geek take anarchist community just maybe six or seven eight eight months ago or a year ago so I mean community has changed we have new completed competitors and therefore the I mean the basic sentiment two words classic projects such as helium to worse classic projects such as Bitcoin is changing and this is something we need to be thinking about show us you are wearing pants yes that is the question am I really wearing pants or am I not wearing pants that will remain a secret guys that is it for today be sure to smash the likes if you haven’t on YouTube give me all the hearts on Facebook all of your Facebook users and I’ll see you tomorrow for good morning crypto 8 a.m. Central European Time UTC +2 so it’s Central European summer time that’s it guys thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you very very soon and if you’re new subscribe like and do all of this Bell button as always and we will be in touch have a great evening day all wherever you are and good bye yes thank you so much for watching you

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