10 Things YOU Missed in Maroon 5 – Girls Like You ft. Cardi B

maroon 5 and cardi B released their brand-new video for their song girls like you on Wednesday and it’s jam-packed with female celebrities so today we are going to look at 10 things you may have missed from the official girls like you music video everything from hidden messages to some star-studded cameos this is going to be a video you are not going to want to miss so make sure you watch this entire video also leave a like and subscribe to the channel to show your support and never miss a single upload with that being said let’s get right into the list number 10 so the first thing we are going to go over today is the meaning of this song altogether the new single talks about girl power in the video includes a parade of female stars from different niches of entertainment the music video for girls like you certainly does steal the spotlight from its lyrics the video includes Adam Levine in a lit room in the camera rotates around him every time the camera makes one turn around him a different female superstar appears behind him dancing and singing to the song Adam had a great idea of incorporating the idea of women power in this society as the female gender is often shamed upon in the world we live in today starring cardi is a featured singer in this song this furthers the point of women power but that’s just the beginning of our list today be sure to continue watching as we cover a lot more hidden meanings and things you missed in the music video number 9 cameos obviously the making of this video relied heavily on special effects and green screens to accommodate so many busy schedules and yet every time Adam Levine turned around to reveal a new famous face we were still surprised by just how many accomplished women agreed to do the video seriously there’s more famous women in this video than there is in the upcoming oceans 8 in fact there are actually 25 cameo appearances in this music video which make it possibly the most cameo film music video of all time the message of female empowerment can certainly be felt through each and every woman featured in the epic video and it’s a work of art that deserves to be talked about for a very long time I’m sure many of you didn’t catch on to each of the 25 women who made a guest appearance in this music video so keep watching as we unveil the names of each in every one number eight athletes an interesting concept of this music video that Adam decided to add was the grouping of different types of women everything from singers to athletes the visual goes through at all however the athletes in this video are as follows Ali Reisman during her time on screen the former Olympic gymnast locks hands with Lavine as they both smile widely Reisman shares her own message by wearing a shirt that reads always speak your truth Danica Patrick a former professional racing driver she’s the most successful woman in the history of open-wheel racing Alex Morgan ranked by time as the world’s top-earning soccer player she’s also an Olympic gold medalist and FIFA World Cup champion Chloe Kim she was the youngest woman to win an Olympic snowboarding medal at age 17 and went on to be a four-time X Games gold medalist so we have four athletes in total who all have different stories as to their fame this is definitely something to think about as the music video plays out number seven political leaders another group of influencers that maroon 5 and cardi added to this music video were some of the top women political activists and leaders this group may be the most important piece of the music video is not many women are elected to take role in the government however I think Adam had the idea of telling people that women can be part of any organization and government roles are just one of those political women in this music video are as follows Sarah Silverman a fearless stand-up comedian unafraid to broach topics of racism sexism politics and religion she’s won two Emmy Awards and starred in her own Comedy Central show Angie Rivera an outspoken immigration activist she founded ask Angie the first advice column for undocumented youth in America and was the subject of the documentary NOLA the Ghassan mafia Ellen DeGeneres a writer producer actress television host and LG et activists she’s hosted her Ellen talk-show since 2003 Ilhan Omar a politician from Minnesota she’s the first Somali American Muslim legislator to be elected to office in the United States Jackie fielder an activist and writer she’s an enrolled member of the three affiliated tribes and an organizer with muzaka talks in the fight for standing rock many of these women lists did not only take aim at political roles but also star in television series and much more there are some very powerful ladies who make Adams idea even better number six actors model celebs etc while some of the faces in this music video may have been a bit more subtle Adam made sure to incorporate some people who we could just not miss some very well-known while others not as much here are some of the actors and celebs who starred in the video Ashley Graham she’s a model who has appeared on the cover of Vogue Harper’s Bazaar glamour and Elle as well as several Levi’s campaigns Lilly Singh better known as superwoman to her legions of online fans she’s a YouTube personality vlogger author and actress originally from Canada Rita Ora the British singer and actress who scored a huge feature on DJ freshers how do we know she had the most number one singles on the UK Singles Chart in 2012 Elizabeth Banks the actress director model and producer is most famous for her starring role in the Hunger Games film franchise and her acting directing producing role in the pitch-perfect film series beanie felstein the breakout star of Lady Bird also joined the Broadway cast of Hello Dolly alongside Bette Midler in 2017 mary j blige the singer-songwriter record producer and actress is the recipient of nine Grammy Awards and three Golden Globe nominations Millie Bobby Brown the youngest person to ever feature on a time 100 list she earned a Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress at age 13 for her stranger things role Franchesca Ramsey the comedian actress and TV personality has made appearances on MTV and MSNBC as well as maintaining a six full YouTube channel tres Lisette an actress known for her role as the head waitress on the Amazon drama transparent she’s one of the first out transgender performers to play a non transpile gal gadot an actress and model originally from Israel she gained wide recognition for her big-screen portrayal of Wonder Woman Phoebe Robinson an NYC based comedian actress and writer she’s been published in the New York Times and Vanity Fair while appearing on numerous late-night shows camilla caballo the pop star who got her start in fifth harmony has dominated 2018 with the solo hits Havana featuring young thug and never be the same and is currently on Taylor Swift’s reputation to her now that is a lot of people number 5 another thing that you all may have missed from this music video is that Adam Levine’s wife actually comes up on stage we don’t really see people making music videos featuring their actual wives in fact most visuals to song these days star actors who play the role of husband and wife Behati Prinsloo a model originally from namibia who became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2009 she has walked in 9 consecutive Victoria’s Secret fashion shows oh and she’s also Levine’s wife and the mother of their two daughters dusty rose and geo grace not to mention animal Levine’s 20 month old daughter dusty rose just starred in her first music video and she’s among some amazing company in the visual Behati is seen onstage carrying the baby as Adam sings his lines that’s really cool that Adam decided to put his own wife and kid in this music video it just shows his dedication towards his family and what he wants us to know that every woman is strong and anyone can do what they want in the world it just takes an effort if you guys can’t tell already this music video is super inspirational and has a lot of meaning behind it either way let’s move on with the list number 4 JLo we had to give her her own spot as she is one of the most powerful and influential women in the world right now but yes Jennifer Lopez made an appearance in this music video as well a massively successful singer songwriter actress dancer and Purdue who was dominated the box office the charts and TV for more than two decades this cameo is one to take its own spot what’s interesting about the music video and why we decided to make this its own spot is because Jay is supposed to be the leader of the women in the group as seen in the video she is most likely the biggest celeb the scene what’s also crazy is that Jennifer actually just released her new hit single de niro which features cardi B as well so when is she not doing something crazy back to the topic of cardi B and JLo this is two music videos back-to-back with them together so this leads us to the speculation that the two may be working on more collaborations or teaming up to sing in dinero they sound like a perfect duo I guess we’ll have to wait and see number three for the last few spots on the list we are going to cover the meaning behind each verse of this song starting off at verse 1 the first first speaks about a broken relationship and it seems as if both are cheating on each other he spent some time away from him and she got even with him almost every night the relationship is reduced to solving problems after this verse comes the chorus the chorus of the song is very catchy and it speaks about how girls like you end up with guys like him and it’s a mix of fire they both love fun and games and would end up getting hurt but what he wants a girl like you when the dust settles as well number 2 verse 2 is really deep and has a very strong meaning behind it their issues have not stopped in the second verse either he flew back to her last night and he got high the entire next day while trying to sort the issues between them it seems as if all their day and night time is spent on conflict resolution which cannot be very healthy and for the bridge these lyrics of girl like you hints at the final breath of this relationship they have been up all night and morning trying to resolve their issues but he feels like this will be their last wrong number one and finally for the last spot on the list we are going to cover the one and only cardi B and her lyrics of the song this new verse is in addition through the remix and is done by cardi B she does not hold back in promoting herself in these lyrics not too long ago I was dancing for dollars no it’s really rude if I let you meet my mama you don’t want a girl like me I’m too crazy for every other girl you meet it’s Fugazi cardi B shouts out to her days at the club and certifies herself as too crazy the bow DAC yellow star also raps about what it could take to date her not a white horse in a carriage but Porsches and carrots are her kryptonite’s this song is extremely catchy but this music video steals all the spotlight the lyrics and the music video has little to do with each other however both the song and the video are impressive achievements I think the video was supposed to include the lyrical meaning at the end when Adam brings his wife on stage telling people that everything is fine but overall we had to cover the lyrics because they differ from the music video in many aspects just another reminder to enter the iPhone 10 giveaway we have going on all you guys need to do is subscribe turn on post notifications drop a like and comment the hidden message in the video [Music]

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