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[Music] thank you so much everyone for staying with us on the program welcome back so we like to tell you that the reaction of former President Olusegun Obasanjo about the situation we is raising alarm that the government of the day is planning to silence him just would like to tell our viewers now that we’ve been trying to get the reaction of the government to what the former President Olusegun Obasanjo said my initial reaction from the presidency is that they are not ready to join issues with a former president just yet we will keep table on the matter and we will update you as we get more information on the issue we were speaking earlier on the program with a lawyer mr. Danny Allah Luda studio now where one of the Senators who spoke on the issues of the president’s phone pronouncement is Senator Dilan Millea representing Kogi West in the National Assembly is fourth and perhaps we’ve seen him since that at the back you about is arrest and detain detention thank you so much senator Tino Malaya for talking to us on the program he seems to have some very strong views about the president’s pronouncement on the June 12 but the lawyer that we spoke to earlier on said there was nothing wrong about the pronouncement of the president basically I want to start by saying that the pronouncement of the president is very very encouraging and boots chief thank you are Beulah and chief Jennifer Amy deserve even more than the pronouncement of mr. president these are patriots who defended democracy they freely the module is a philanthropist a great Nigerian that deserve to be decorated but my own post elation is very clear that according to the National almost at the provisions of section a paragraph to and paragraph 3 to clearly stipulates that only a living person can be so decorated and my assertion on the floor is that there’s a need for also amend the present provisions of that act in order to accommodate this deserving declaration and honor to these great Nigerians I am saying that the law is the law no matter how beautiful the situation is no matter how wonderful we try to look at it we still have to do all this within the ambit of the law and all we need is for the executive to propose an amendment to the bill totally to the arts as it is right now and because we are talking about Jennifer Amy and I’m chief M coagula who are two great Nigerians on that one week this act can be amended to show respect to these great heroes of democracy so that the pronoun know that the president can now be in tune with the provisions of the law so that was my post relation and presentation on the floor earlier today we understand that the government Twitter that those pronouncements who will take effect for the future perhaps they even said as far that there won’t be a public holiday on June 12 but as it stands right now politically speaking what place does this the decision of the president and the pronouncement has ahead of 2019 I would just want to tell you that the president of the very public of Nigeria is a politician the managers of the presidents are politicians if they gain political mileage from their pronouncements we still politics or the most important thing is that chief anchor Beulah and chief clarify Amy are two prominent Nigerians whose record of history cannot be eroded they play their part in the stabilization of what we have today as democracy because they paid their prices at various times so I want to say that whatever pronouncement it is it can be devoid of politics because as I speak you cannot separate a politician from politics so that’s my conclusion on that it appears that you you have some bone to pick with your party for example on the day that we resumed plenary you said that you saw snakes on your seat and you have moving to the other side which invariably you understand what is means and the parliamentary post video are you planning to leave the APC ever item for me to carry out my legislative responsibilities and need to be comfortable and where I was sitting before it’s not comfortable for me at all anymore and in order to manage my trauma and even the trauma I’m still going through I need to sit in a position where I will be able to be comfortable to carry administrative duties and I’m very comfortable where I’m sitting now and that is where we wish to continue to sit to the end of this dispensation would you be contesting again under the platform of the APC for your present seeds and Kogi West when we get to that bridge we shall cross it definitely will be contesting on the platform of a political party since there is no independent the issue of independent candidates have not been signed by the president but to tell you if it is a PC or any other political party for now I can say but what exactly are your views about your own goings especially the internal politics of your party will hurt you speak loudly on the floor of the Senate you have a problem with your party I don’t have a problem with my party but my party may have problem with Nigerians because of the way it is presently been run I will not run away from the fight that the APC is thick and it’s not only sick but equally suffers from what I call it dreadful congenital abnormality they say need for amelioration there’s a need for palliation without there’s still time for that to happen I can tell but there’s no doubt that a PCC but yes will we close the conversation tonight in 30 seconds senator genome la what exactly is happening especially with the executive and legislative a relationship in and in Nigeria presently what are your views in 30 seconds please I want to say that if you expect a romance between the executive and the legislature then you’re an enemy of democracy we we can partner to make Nigeria progress but that’s not that’s not supposed to be an able man because we are supposed to check the equities were supposed through oversight there’s equity and when you see two friends going into the same room and they come out laughing deceiving themselves so what is happening is not at MoMA what is happening is actually the consumer responsibility of the legislature to check to be as I go to more and it is not strange senator do you know mal a member of the National Assembly representing cookie well senator district a member of the APC thank you so much for time tonight well that’s our show for tonight everyone many thanks for being part of it I’m sure mark Emily [Music]

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