Belgium vs Egypt 3-0 ✔️All Goals & Highlights ✔️06/06/2018 HD✔️Hazard Fellaini & Lukaku goals

look how far we on the bench still have really good atmosphere here tonight and those Egyptian fans also contributing to it terms she’ll 20 of them in the 15th so the teams on their way then Belgium versus Egypt and in Hazzard holiday the oldest player of this World Cup 35 years old just the 150 s and these going on at the moment as teams continue their last-minute preparations for Russia here’s the Belgian side it’s not far if not exactly what many think their best 11 will be in Russia apart from the fitness of van song company they’re sweating on at the moment so long seem on holding as the sweeper in that back three with how the world and the Tongan gets the go ahead he’s not actually in the 23-man squad but if company doesn’t make the tall look after waiting shortly the referee is remaining in glaze this is of course a friendly game and the need for anything too difficult as for the Egyptian lineup and many speculate this is how they could well be set for their first match of the tournament against Uruguay in the 15th in the catering burg Nomos allit of course hasn’t made it for this one which is of no surprise struggling to make it for that uruguay game oh and Mohsen leading line in the 43 1 formation that seems so in vogue these days hint of experience in that gypsy lineup typically and when far to the right back he’s made 125 games for his country in the substitutes the rest of both teams World Cup squads an embarrassment of riches for Belgium really beneath their sails before heading to Russia so off we go mitchum vs. Egypt immediately Belgium even winning the boys greeted with cheers Eden Hazard starts one of these lazy runs it’s chopped down before he can get past third gear [Applause] and this is worrying moments for Belgium exactly what you don’t want to see less than two weeks before your first World Cup match start blaring captain down injured Roberto Martinez understandably slightly worried field nine for Egypt hazard de bruyne up to Bruna puts it across not quite met at the far post and the car key missed it as well Belgium’s galaxies stars threatening early on and Tom ammonia in lots of space out here – after playing advantage first touch to the Kaku now de Bruyne up when it flips it through expectant crowd here in Brussels six in the box for Belgium whipped in way from Alma Derek Brasco my challenge there from 30 soon mr. feel like his shirt was being pulled and for a friendly there is a little bit of afters as well with juries mertens getting involved tonight Cal med has already gone in the pattern across as well a tape away from the tongue and only as far across again loses out careless touch and this is where Belgium the really dangerous hazard de Bruyne out hazard again back for the edge of the box cell hidari with the save lovely into play from the Belgians Blues mertens denied look at the build up there from the broiler and has a delightful and if you were to be critical as shot from Mehrtens was a bit too close to our heard Eric and we’re taking quickly mertens Martin’s decent cross if you can’t quite convert vixen to Drew’s mertens with Romney the car coots coaching abilities and you’re expecting the net to ripple really we’ve been a thirty first international goal in sixty five games [Music] soon Septimus a side shots block round tonight a good one in making this game feel like something more than an international friendly as hazard feeds ikkaku and mr. city and defender doesn’t recover from injury she probed chance for Egypt to grab the lead lazy marking from Belgium tomorrow and Mohsen be cursing himself box hazard sad still going hazard could save the car cou on the rebound Belgium have the lead it’s been coming Romilly the carcass 31st for the Red Devils but it was really made by Eden Hazard [Applause] disappointing goalless draw against Portugal on Saturday but something to celebrate here against Egypt [Applause] it’s simply been house up Carrasco Carrasco the hazard as with it to get it on target that aaron has a at it again here tangent now from reasons and we’re already starting to see the sighting passing flowing combination football we can expect from Belgium in this World Cup well as you can see there Belgium dominating possession of the ball which helped him behind them plenty of space are there Kevin de Bruyne up the Bruyne is still going penalty appeals were free not interested in France he gets away with it the only yellow card as well see what the burner feels that have got a little nudge in the back it [Applause] let’s get fighting for with fatty fatty looked have won the jewel then gave it again to Carrasco and how that finishes it’s a mistake from amid 30 that causes the problem and Eden has out punishes that mistake the Hold’em double their lead and hazard gets his 22nd in national colors in the grass go with the assist [Applause] and it could all be tracked back to war defending from 9:30 just watch it my night possession but much twice already once for a mistake his Carrasco easy enough say for as odd to bring up to growing a fancy a shot substitutes bench might seem a bit later but he’s got him around the back though the interception and some alder Diaries 158 which for his country Fellaini unfit absolutes up peripheral part of the West Brom scrub that were Roberto Martinez sending out some last-minute instructions so heading hazards game is done ran it seems pronouncement warm-up game before things get underway and the other side joins it as well of trouble he’s found Meunier Meunier aren’t there though his Fellaini said that alder where old just over these steps up to make people realize that egypt’s are not national goal for him tonight I’m a bit of a lone furrow up top too grown up to brine up not for the first time tonight [Music] all comes back Trezeguet in a very bad area but his Trezeguet Trezeguet slides it through until aside up to the side now Ramadan Trezeguet lays it off Ramadan and I’m still going remanent sabe [Applause] [Music] you can’t already tell by the booming town daddy’s got around the back here space at the far post poor effort from moon yet for some impressive natural width to this site building Hazzard will come on trust your ball finds Carrasco that outlet out wide Yannick Carrasco Carrasco cross not cleared Falls for Carrasco Carrasco spilt by the keeper the Pharaohs on to the scoreboard comes off comes [Applause] and as I that’s ye but to do for them if they’re to get out of their World Cup group de bruyne up straighter out at the short corner al mohammed ii looking towards decent enough performance that’s why Fellaini Belgium have the icing on their cake Maren fellaini gets his 17th for his national side and the easiest of those 17 without doubt the Red Devils delightfully walking the ball into the net hints that tired Egyptian shark side have been chasing shadows all evening Eleni on the score sheet look how far we [Music]

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