yo the man himself guys mr. international i mister statistics has dropped the official music video – man don’t dance alright so we bout to check this out this is big shack it’s on his channel alright someone put the link to the video this is every action so i’ma pause it I’m gonna talk every now and then I don’t know why y’all be mad like you know why are you pausing the video so much bro if you wanted to watch the song why don’t you just go watch the video on his channel and I’m saying it’s called a reaction video for a reason but that’s besides the point y’all go check it out go drop a like leave a comment or him all that good stuff and if you enjoy my reaction make sure to drop a like leave a comment and sub to my channel for more reaction videos alright so without wasting any time let’s go ahead and check this out cuz I’m ready but let’s get it where that’s asked me [Music] but what is he talking like that what you impossible course like bro let’s do our girls gonna pull out a gun big [Music] let’s bro who says my Menzel’s a one-hit wonder it is slap bro this isn’t sort of beat listen to the bars come on now but who better than him this the best rapper alive aye he’s better than biggie better than – pop of course best rapper alive my todos motto does my little bro so I’ve heard this song playing but I’ve never actually listened to the full song like that so to be honest this is like pretty much my first time listening to the song and the video at the same time cuz the brief just dropped is you guys Cassey ho no look it’s only got two three thousand views alright I’m dropping like this is burning me you desert that light bar you desert that light man oh my god my dog does my don’t gun my don’t don’t my god yo that home why I look like I just sold Fetty WAP and Kyrie Irving in this video on my tweaking burn I don’t want to rule my I don’t want it like rewind the video but look man you’ve got to give it to this man bro he was a comedian he did a freestyle on the radio it popped everybody was loving it he okay let me capitalize on this real quick everybody missin let me make it a song boom made it a song it popped every one of the oldest songs live but is there gonna be a one-hit wonder Isaiah was probably not saying boom yeah you drop this he’s actually out here staying long in the designer my man designer drop and a after that yeah yeah you know what I mean everywhere [Music] funny bro what’s going on Oh bro I knew you was gonna do some stupid like wisest men not getting casted movies but like can somebody look off the rip like I knew what soon as the whole wedding thing started I just knew that he would do something stupid bruh this shit don’t make no sense bruh this man is hilarious bro you gotta give him his credit bruh oh my god look at that dance boy oh they hitting a little backpack here Dan so long my dog does with international phone my dog outside the video yo hello I know y’all see my boy kiss hey we want to run that back bro y’all see my boy kiss I’m because it just chilling right there are some ooh a lip broke this video is like this the end of the video really we don’t end it right here big shot a this this old banger brother this is a bagger everybody go check out this video right now go shoulder to him this song’s lit bruh umm I really wasn’t expecting him to come out with another I thought I personally – I find like it was gonna be a one-hit wonder but I guess that the man actually came out and dropped another banner for y’all come on son y’all better put some respect on this man named he I hear putting their work alright the songs lit I’m giving this song a nine point five out of 10 video nine point five out of ten my man’s was in Dubai he was in London he was in Paris he was a it was a Chicago not who was in the Chicago I’m guessing by your this track is a baguette though just look at him sitting there on the throne and then in a bag he just can’t I don’t know who the other guys are alright maybe those are some famous people in England I don’t get I know it’s gonna be people from England or whatever watch you need to be they’re gonna be like oh I don’t you know what this is you’re so disrespectful I’m not saying they’re trash or they’re unknown and I just don’t know who they are I don’t know everybody just like you guys don’t know everybody you know I’m saying plain and simple so if I say shout out to this person I’m sorry boyo this song is lit man big shot keep doing your thing bro guys let me know what y’all think about the track in the comment section you should boy based Chico thanks for watching and I’m gonna catch on the next video fam peace

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