you know what today yo [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] don’t touch my chest I don’t don’t want to step my dog my dog dogs [Music] but I should get back let’s start moving shot movie Shack I’ll take you to the black to deploy eat breakfast in the sky black black Jimmy side that it’s a bitch I’m actually a nice guy yeah yeah yeah that’s a good trap but if I text you where you got to replan you might be glad then I rewind but you stay there this is so fine just ran off with I’m in an orange said – garters started I said babe I’m a big man man it’s me big gesture I make this tingle Pratt from way back and I’m a man you know you’re like that watch it – fine don’t look to my eyes [Music] I don’t dance my dog dance my dog does my daughter saw Oh God you wanna rise take your choice and may take you so I just [Music] do you mr. Fredrick to combo take your big man la de la demanda let me say my government namely this big shot okay my apologies do you mr. big Shack take the smoochie divine to be your lawful wedded wife do you know she divine take mr. big Shack to be your lawfully wedded husband I now pronounce you mr. and mrs. big Shack you may kiss the bride just 1/2 step gonna slack so I just want to step on a slide [Music] I’m done [Music]

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