Full Video: Rowdy session in Senate as Dino Melaye resumes, decamps to PDP

so order 42 is the matter for discussion impossible beautiful to the senate president before commencement of the president of the Senate refused to allow the claim unless it satisfies that the matter definite with the present I told you that we have devastating windstorm in women on Friday and about hundred houses were blown of people were rendered homeless and they were taking refuge in other places wishes are all right distinguished colleagues same as sentiment has come to meet be on the matter wants to wreck or leaks do you know Malay Cokie waste mr. president I draw very holy inspiration this morning from order 14 of the rules of the Nigerian Senate’s mr. president if I have your not I want to read privileges are right enjoyed by the Senate collectively and by the members of the Senate’s individually confirmed by the legislative of these powers and privileges art 208 lots of the Federation 1990 and other status or by practice presidents usage and customers mr. president my very respected colleagues I am in your midst today alive by the grace of God mr. president I am a manifestation of the declaration that there is a God I want to start by appreciating God’s supreme control of the universe for manifesting that though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil I haven’t appreciated God for his love and kindness and protection over my soul I want to especially acknowledge the Nigerian Senate under the capable leadership of the irremovable president of energy resonates I want to thank you for your love for your concern for speaking for me and for defending the cause of democracy mr. president my respected colleagues I’d of my heart mr. president I will not also conclude my appreciation without appreciating the indefatigable and indomitable Speaker of the House of Representatives and indeed the House of Representatives members I find them immensely I thank them sincerely for showing that an injury to one is an injury to all mr. president I particularly thank my constituents men of honour women of oh no children old and young or could you weigh senatorial districts not only for showing law for praying for me was for defending my mandates that when I couldn’t help myself when I couldn’t fight for myself when I couldn’t speak for myself they spoke for me they fought for me and they stood by me especially the really recall the Phils recall exercise orchestrated by the governor of Gogi states I thank them immensely and I appreciate them and I pray the Almighty God will continue to protect everyone from that senatorial districts are indeed tank cool guys I tank googles and especially I also appreciate the People’s Democratic Party for making statements during my recall exercise and asking everyone to stay back politics have been shown to be not to be individualistic but to be about issues and purposeful to the national chairman of PDP and indeed the executive of Peoples Democratic Party in cookies States I salute you I salute you I salute you I want to thank Nigerians in general for showing me on common law for showing me that they can stand by the truth at all times I thank Nigeria’s I thank Nigeria’s at Franklin generous and I cannot stop banking and jurors when I went to the social media when I saw the kind of supports I got from Nigerians then I am prepared encouraged to continue to do only those things that will promote the integrity and prosperity of this country mr. president I thank every one of us I want to say I am Alive because God defended me and I will just I will not take your time but I want to say that mr. president the Nigerian police attempted to kill me twice one through the application of a chemical substance and the second time through injection the actually came with an injection to inject me but God intervened and to him it won’t be the glory forever and ever and that is why I put these parts of the holy book that he whose seeds in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty I will say of the Lord he is my refuge I thank the Almighty God for being alive and I want to promise Nigerians that because of it alone I have seen because the magnitude and intensity of affection that I have seen I will not do real I will stand by the truth no amount of intimidation harassment arrest name-calling blackmail plan Tate allegations with the tried meditation from chaplain in discourse the battle to salvage this country from financial scavengers and economic Kanka wounds to me is a battle of no retreat no surrender we must salvage this country together we have more Dakota to Colorado for this country so I want to say as I get better my voice gets better it will become louder and I shall not cease to continue to ask questions where necessary mr. president once again I thank you I thank you for your show of love for your show of comradeship I thank you for everything you have done mr. president and I say in your own life mr. president and that of my colleagues afflictions another rise a second time but I want to conclude by saying that we must not allow these to discourage or get on this enchanted we must be pulled in to ask questions the executive can not cow the legislature we must be pulled at all times and speak truths like I’ve always said if you speak the truth you die if you lie you die it’s better to speak the truth and that so I thank you I thank you I thank you I have a special request to you mr. president that because of the trauma I went through and I’m still going through mr. president I want to seek your indulgence that you will call or decided that I am to look for a comfortable seat for me on this side of the divide because I am no longer comfortable sitting here so I want to ask mr. president that you mandate decided a time tomorrow to look for a seat for me on this one as divided of the chamber and that before you do that today through the help of my walking stick I will take your comfortable seats close to Papa General Senator David mark pending when you get me a comfortable seat on this side I want to thank you very much I see no retreat no surrender [Applause] Santino please sit down sit down sit sit sit sit down wonderful mr. prison this is could you please sit down sir so the minority lit up [Music] distinguished distinguished colleagues centered in ermine I came on order 14 on his privileges let me as he said work thank God for his life let me on his behalf and on behalf of all of us thank all those that gave him all the support to ensure this difficult travel he’s been through and I think that that’s let me just think that we as members of the National Assembly have always shown now whatever happens to one happens all I appreciate all you for all the support and we will continue to speak with one voice and be there for each other the last points I just want to comment on centrally know you you made a request which I can’t see the reasons which use which are asking why you now want to sit is it you to your injury or due to this and I think that as far as I’m concerned sent to dinner you know I see no you wanted a seat I take note of your requests and I take note of your of your view of your comments yes Dida was a president mr. president very respected and distinguished colleagues mr. president would have a machine hotel refuge in order 56 3 but before then was the president before I read let me welcome my younger brother friend and colleague senator Dino Malay with this Samba a happy that we are back we wish you very speedy and expeditious recovery mr. president senator genome la remains one of our distinguished senators of the APC stop mr. president mr. president mr. president very distinguished colleagues on this side let me for the first time reveal that the seat on this side our data arranged I’m more comfortable I said therefore 80s and I know how the suppressant I’ve set here for the last three years and I know the difference we have therefore the best seats – Jim – uh policewomen brother on this side if you this ain’t mr. president we’ll find another one here for him having said that let me read the provision of our standard level two six three and it’s treats every senator and this is particularly referring to senator de na Mele when he comes into the chamber shall take his seat and shall not at any time stand in and of the passages or gangways mr. president very distinguished colleagues unfortunately we don’t have choices when we come into this chamber because we are elected those who elected us first for us we had to sit and therefore the seeds that will now be given to senator Dino has to be on this side : then we can find another seat for him including my seat in Kanata my seat so mr. president I want to add that our cheap week girls are brand-new Afsaneh type you know submit to say the president [Music]

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