[Laughter] well I was born in Lagos and after my best my dad took me to the United States who spends about four years in Las Vegas Nevada and afterwards we moved out Daniel City and the United Kingdom spent about four years there also and we moved over to Germany I spent about three years in Germany which is very lovely opened a Europe and from Europe we went back to America or not the United States this time we spent about three to four years in Mexico and there we went to China we spent about three to three years in China and afterwards we came down to Africa from South Africa and I I stayed in South Africa for like seven about seven years or so and then we came down to Nigeria Nigeria today Vegas back to my move back to my city Wow you may have been around the world she must be very good in geography oh I forgot to tell you I forgot to tell you we spent about four years in geography also geography City try a little bit but just wrong [Laughter]

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