How Meghan & Kate perfectly curtsy to the Queen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

meagan Markel and kate middleton showed off perfect matching curtsies on the balcony of buckingham palace during trooping the colour on saturday the royal sisters-in-law and prince harry displayed a rippling effect of honor to Queen Elizabeth during the celebrations keith showed off her expert curtsey first followed by megan and then harry bowed his head in respect at the sight of his grandmother the Queen Megan has had months of practice to get her curtsey down pat she debuted her very first one on Christmas Day with the royal family and she had season pro kate by her side as she showed the time-honored sign of respect to the monarch kate would be the perfect royal to show Megan the ropes the Duchess of Sussex was spotted curtseying to the Queen as the head of the royal family arrived back into the palace following her tour inspecting the massed ranks of the troops BBC commentators hound Edwards remarked that this was likely one of those moments akin to the Royal Wedding when you suddenly realize you’ve arrived he noted that Megan was speaking quite frequently to her husband Prince Harry during her time on the balcony and suggested she was likely going over royal protocol the BBC’s Royal commenter’s pointed out that Megan appeared remarkably confident alongside her new family the ceremony marked the first joint appearance by Prince Harry and Megan since returning from their honeymoon two days ago while Megan was dressed in pastel pink her husband Harry was fully clad an official military uniform the Duchess of Sussex his dress was by Carolina Herrera and her head by Philip Treacy the royal couple stood alongside Prince William and Kate Princess Beatrice bride-to-be Eugenie and Sarah Ferguson and Zara Tindall husband and wife were earlier greeted by the sight of hundreds of Guardsmen lined up on the parade ground the Duke and Duchess married exactly three weeks ago today in the memorable Windsor ceremony the Queen 92 travelled to the March without her husband the Duke of Edinburgh who did not attend after retiring from public duties you

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