LA Galaxy 3-0 Real Salt Lake All goals & Highlights Commentary_Ibrahimovic (09/06/2018) HD/1080P

an undisclosed injury so that’s one I’m going to be keeping a close eye on today guys back to you all right Megan thank you very much we saw that number there for RSL a minus 12 goal differential away and the galaxy hope that continues this evening they’ll have the ball to start this match and we are underway here at stuff-up Center as it will come back defensively towards the news its job a pontus you’ll find slot time it tries to heal them in uncle to turn the corner on of the old put on the brakes and find some more room here plays it in the three direct by ruse knack is not a good one he had a clear look at garlic it worked by Cory Baird to get himself open to get that cross in there’s no stock from distance over the ball Peru stock lifts into the area towards the spot but beheaded the pie galaxy trying to clear the area right now it’s trouble in the six inside of the goal there’s Pontius one more time trying to find [Applause] [Music] goal kick good ball here for Kamara will try to find the gent have to come off the defender and back to the goalkeeper Raimondo there left it goes from again quickly the cross in looking for tomorrow I got through outside but the defense did well therefore the Galman she set in the line possession balance he fourth in the league here’s the corner kick big rainbow into the area foul called against LA [Applause] Lenin back post once again the header towards goal go across now it’s a funny thing is all the tension goes on Ibrahimovic to see a lot of battling going on here’s the corner kick braid in Heber tried to knock it down jaws but it comes back on top of the box the shot towards goal finds up now for the galaxy it’s away from his defender for a moment now plays it through the late run by Perry just walk it off about a minute of added time we’re told a good ball here for bear tries the head of the goal and dies and right on to actually a long ball in for ibrahimovic but our referee now blows the whistle and that is the end of 45 minutes of play our second half is underway 0-0 he’ll brain it long cut down by Skell vic there this will be a foul and it could be a yellow card and it is a yellow card at Yogi’s so Sato over the ball and I’ll get past two defenders now lobs it back side looking for Ibrahimovic this is good for all Kabbalah he is on side come on corner kick here for the galaxy gianni once again you’ll playing this time for Pontius there was left for pop Diaz deflected a corner kick here for the galaxy doesn’t that go against it good ball back for sovereignty no core of the area please and in hand Bingham has to make the save that may have nothing or deflected towards his near post inwards the backside Pontius keeps it alive again a high ball and [Applause] defending going on here for the galaxy suberino working on rom may praise it back to the flexion Alexi Ashley Paul trying to get on this one he’s able to knock it and he’s knocked down that could be a card and it is Osco into the area one more time [Applause] 67th minute penalty area right now on top of the area saucedo onto his left foot fires at goal high and wide goal kick well Pontius now for the galaxy good ball here tall oh come on had the weight on it that’s a non-stop effort that’s a one-two spore rush not from distance doubling the looking dangerous as he tries to send it to goal it’s blocked by Romney by the way is the shot do and find its way the ibrahimovic into space this time outside all of ours off into really this problem come in towards Center pop lolene sends it on goal Raffaello makes the save in the behind the eternal ago [Applause] [Music]

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