My Kids And i Season 3 Episode 5 – Soul Mate Studio

[Music] [Music] with my friend ray Raymond is that my beautiful smoker hey junkie does not good for your system our dad said you’re an ogres visitor is your name August or what well if you like a schooner tuna it’s alright girls okay it’s alright my friend here Raven very good friend of mine is a very great day okay who’s gonna be staying with us with just a little while structuring bad distraction my sister’s mind well you see you know dearly hey mister you don’t speak about our boom like that oh do you know her all right everyone food is ready oh yeah I know I messed up all right I messed up big time shun he just messed up maybe sign date one wretch waiting to cheaters me to the case of them uncle waiting to do it but because they’ll be disappointed and not believe that your uncle is a junkie don’t you think he’s fucking crazy Muto so what are you Faramir you know what you’re trying to say like like why is this Alisha let’s not even do this right now all right what do you want yeah fuck this and my sister told me if she told me everything how you left United State dude she’s doing time for you right now and chill you never cared about her you don’t say I’m dying you hanging a warm beach chacorta let’s see listen listen this don’t tell me that don’t tell me you see buddies enough half-million-dollar or No Deal man is inside me I didn’t ask for it okay your sister volunteer ridden oh and besides I wasn’t being a good mom to the kids she was a junkie you must is a junkie yeah no you’re not refill my sister is a junkie but you ain’t on money my sister’s money I tell you son you can’t do shit my brother listen if you don’t bring them don’t have them nervously kids by Latin getting back but we’ll talk about it worried something we have to leave anyway no way when we do get that be perhaps me but you must be sick of stairs let me be your son this is wrapped alone this is my sister screaming what’s trying to say don’t tell me that don’t tell me they’re my sister’s fight they don’t die for you Megrahi in my sister’s body and now she’s impossible shit even possible Dolly Levi da da da da da slap don’t leave out da slice enough money money money here’s your room so please make yourself comfortable the AC still active what about a fan there is no fun here cuz the Izzi is working but I can’t seem to find any phone for communication right here case I’m gonna call you for some so what do we do about it or you might not have it fun no I live in this house and I’m always available you can call upon me at any time trust me you don’t need my number as long as the toilet it’s functional real good think I ain’t gotta hang up Rob now you got you got cards like pants of the way cuz I hate cats bug bitches pseudo real like I said enjoy yourself let me finish what I’m doing in the kitchen Wow enjoy myself will walk with a vibrator I’m a better respect McGinnis oh my cousins so my toe gets your back [Music] [Music] what are you up to moon girls I know this may be sudden so he goes but I have to leave the house besides you’ve all decided to stay away from me listen I know my stopping you from traveling so la is unfair but I couldn’t think of any other way to avoid my dream I want to see you girls happy I really do and I can’t give anything just to make you happy even if it means walking away from your lives I’ll gladly do it well you don’t have to leave what’s really I have to so that your father can take you all to LA that’s me see oh you know that’s not possible there’s never a leave without you in it please okay we are sorry for the attitude you have acted towards you I meant to never happen again mom we need your rights we can’t do anything with dad alone please try living again [Music] all right does that mean you ain’t going again I’ll stay here for you girls you got to make you all happy all right thank you don’t try to leave again I also do really I’m sorry all right let’s unpack [Music] I thought you said it wouldn’t open my minor is that sigh I was looking up instead of maybe they were silent are you ethanol ethanol okay but I thought yes I used to drink but I don’t perform I said when I have fever or headache I think you move I’m talking about brutal – Chi Chi and stuff like that but brutal – yes but I kinda stuff like that no I don’t how can I think okay what is there so I go catch fire now listen careful as long as you work here okay you stay away from those things all right from who – okay get the damn gate [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] would you please stop this [Music] I keep on living everybody Oh Your Honor what Queens free me go go go I keep for a living Miss Piggy we see never see yo bitch ass motherfucker maybe for the last time open ESMA sales come to haunt me how do is about the gym your wife at even worse Trish has brother the junkies here wait which are you referring to your ex-wife in Ely yeah there’s a huge problem he bumped into me and even you are located me now is my house causing havoc with host I took him to your house what am I supposed to do he threatened to tell the kids about their mommy if I didn’t man you messed up ooh I mean how could you take a joke at your house okay now what research request land kids bye bye to them the keys don’t move your mother’s gonna live confused I added again win things straight like you see a skin fold anything sighs came to me money from the heated ATT and I’m not gonna give it to him Trisha volunteer to to time for my sick alright he understood what the consequence is where she knew she wasn’t good enough for the kids she can be a junkie won’t be the mother to the kids can see Oscar see you need to think over to talk to this girl but force I think he needs rejection for bear house he kept go through stay there I wish I knew what to do and you have to figure out something [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] you see my eyes you see my eyes what happened this is your fucking for him fucking friend what he did to me fucking fucking friend look explain what happened to me and who was the fucking friend I don’t understand nobody mind if the only person I think that is the only person I can speak fucking fucking shit shit shit my shit for my eyes before my eyes are you gonna tell me what happened oh you want me to go inside because I’m tired and I’m famished what happened to you oh yeah you’re not Doraemon I don’t know it in the color lemon do come here and pay okay you won’t drive out I stand a security pass either Raimondo you cannot travel Gasca the mondo corner is that fucking my eyes Ramon took my car away it took Ryoga as I stand to protect you because I know we get shit for my ass you can fuck my eyes tersh okay I can’t take you two of those calm down okay I’m sorry about it I’ll talk to him have it you tell yourself yes I borrowed money from outside huge of money Oh lit myself but now I cannot even see well I don’t know the color of your color problem I’ll settle you all right I’m sorry about that when I talk to him okay it doesn’t go get some rest okay [Music] [Music] a few weeks what he needs he speaks out of ten and it’s characterized wait look I apologize on his behalf okay I’ll talk to him it makes me adjust well so I need you to be patient with him you know this guy grew up in America it’s not even used to this environment it really yeah so you’re saying American hungry junkie the world its know what I’m saying okay it depends on the area where you grow up in the kind of friends you associate yourself or what I wonder how you ended up in business was such a minute well business doesn’t discriminate against anyone you encounter all sort of people when you’re doing business maybe look I apologize all right I’m sorry for the huge inconvenience I’ll talk to him okay excuse me hello yeah this is Oscar what where hmm okay okay I’ll be right there all right I’ll be right there I mean what is it there’s been an accident accident honey hold on wait for me yeah mom yo I need to rush home for a shower right now ain’t got time for these yeah you did you don’t see the doctor right here said I can’t live this stupid ass line rahi you were saying Google just like that yeah I need to let him know right now that I need a seat and a top what happened listen you just gotta listen to me right now at home let’s go striving okay I’ll straighten my car I mean your car ah what about whatever Kali is lonely so I was just riding this bitch right here she crisscross and and I ran over her doctor look I’m sorry okay I mean he’s my brother no I mean my friend he was driving my car listen to me you need to won this Monica was in it he almost won about this young lady plus he’s one of our parties very very bad just shut the fuck up shut the fuck up I will not sit my baby now grandma baby not on you right now you see what I’m talking about please don’t fuck my colorful name whatever go sorry what can we do together I kind of feel to me don’t worry about this this is my job I’ll take care of it my dear I’m really sorry for what happened okay I’m here for you you’ll be fine sorry you’re leaving me for all this shit like you don’t believe me let’s go listen Oscar he’s been a stick your head up [Music] please hey dude we’re parents we can’t seem to find them even that chunky monkey you know get get monkian and first so far for my project my name not much the trunk on my English nanano otherwise my English the monkey don’t get monkey then your English you know today’s when is that cannot I can comprehend I know if it on – dude what’s wrong with your face okay III got a sedan so I get to I go to I get I went to I go to open a bottle open limited the better defense why can’t he speak different English how I hate people of this nation nothing brings joy or nothing is fun in this place well I love the way you dance well I’ve seen secure cheese dance before I know it doesn’t know how to dance or does he just put on the music and let’s see if there’s any time to be real you want me to does the Vinny yo give me okay okay raise their economy ginger can they change me say okay no okay I’ll get a nice I can they say they’re not gonna change me show me the body now I look how way our look at that later we call it there I walk it one man it wouldn’t matter yes just cut the chase and lets us see your moves if you can dancer not kind of did you talk about [Music] now this will be better for my cup huh please note with you men do you know the trouble you got me to do what’s this what’s all this right hope they get several communication I’m having with my god right gotcha communication this is not a joke all right snap do things right now my house all right no more yeah we pick ups because you’ve got it all you’ve got are you crazy but no rules I usually you asking me to leave Oh in the street of LA New York City Queens breathe you don’t just leave my house that’s all over me thank you Steve my what’s this man I don’t feel right now don’t feel already don’t film grapes all right you can stay you can stay but just stay away from my kids and my wife right I said you can stay just stay away from my kids and my wife I said stay [Music]

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