My Kids and i Season 3 Episode 6 – Soul Mate Studio

[Music] [Music] what are you up to mom well I know this may be sudden so he goes but I have to leave the house besides you’ve all decided to stay away from me listen I know my stopping you from traveling so la is unfair but I couldn’t think of any other way to avoid my dream I want to see you girls happy I really do and I can’t give anything just to make you happy even if it means walking away from your lives I’ll gladly do it well you don’t have to leave that’s really I have to so that your father can take you all to LA without me see oh you know that’s not possible there’s never a leave without you in it please okay we are sorry for the attitude you have acted towards you I meant to never happen again mom we need your rights we can’t do anything with dad alone try living again [Music] all right does that mean you ain’t going again I’ll stay here for you girls you got to make you all happy all right thank you don’t watch it believe again I also do really I’m sorry all right let’s unpack [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] no shithead you’re sick in the brain what kept you so long did you see did he decision to get a life huh you heard her cook you yourself if we touched you in fiber hey do something unfriendly we knives right so what is little news oh did you see that shit on me wait if you’re right we have rights let me tell you some real kicker hey kids let me tell you some real quick you’re being huh see mommy yay mommy will you talk to me right Africa give me right here is Africa demand their business so try and mind your business don’t try no Poconos I don’t need you Poconos it on my fare you don’t poke your nose I don’t need you Poconos it on my face you don’t poke your nose now let me taste some real quick next time you’re trying to poke your nose into my face i’ma walk your ass like that your ass like that are you done yet you can see that to our backs talking to me talking to me your mic up huh with you men do you do what’s this what’s all this right they the communication having my right to communication this is no joke all right all right yeah because you’ve gotten all you’ve gotta creep I don’t know oh right I said you can stay just stay away from my kids got something to consider [Music] goddess dad that man should be arrested and detained by not for what he’s done yeah I know no but don’t saw was upon me in trouble he was actually driving my car with an expired license I wish I knew what that man is cheating our house dad we don’t like that dude he’s not nice where’s more right now Oh mommy still at the hospital she’s with the O’Connor he noticed and what the many hookers in Nigeria okay because now you were still a developing nation there are more poor people damn rich before then let the government print more money for the poor people that I had seen the poor well I do too you know I do the government just came pretty money anyhow alright they have the money to the cash flow of money they need to regulate the economy alright so what I see live in our house [Music] yeah welcome to our house your complexion is not that bad but blood is beautiful my name is Claire but please can you do me a favor and do I trust me with that yet all right already girls be like okay she’s been in the hospital and been through so much pain well you need to encourage her okay I’m sorry no problem how many can I want here’s why no problem yeah but now Adam I will knock me down oh I don’t think he’s around why do you ask is there a problem my dumb say good knee say good think we’ll have band Omnivore’s be to new concept call me ah no good ‘no forget just ignore him okay we’re here we’ll take good care I already got one thank you though just make yourself comfortable let me get you something to eat oh no no thank you [Music] [Music] this time your food is ready yeah thanks I appreciate that bill I appreciate that so I’m also your beautiful black is beautiful I’m not interested to be you’re interested why you like you know you are getting some time away I came in some temple in some type of way some type of leave you are Kimmy so happily some type away some time away basis usually don’t do this trust me if the likes of candy be constant appeal the likes of Rihanna comes to my pillow in your modesty will get a wood down there swoosh the problem which is feeling like right now I’m just doing this for you because I like a so what up like I said the food is ready [Music] [Music] it was because I brought myself die in Africa single little machine out there go see the laksa Nicki Minaj a very common all over me Peru lobby much like [Music] how do I get rid of this junkie I can’t believe it is in my house with a gun and that means if I do anything crazy he’s gonna hurt me all my kids why now I thought everything about Tricia is behind me now why does he have to show up now that I’m finally happy with a woman I truly deserved how am I gonna reject this can’t go on from my life are you okay look even look was no baby in it it’s about this girl that were brought into the house maybe she needs help to get back on her feet and she can’t go back to Hawking she needs at least three weeks for her leg to hear properly which means we have to do something to help her which is now our responsibility all right so what do you have in mind thinking maybe we can do the cubic an employer okay [Music] oh fuck – do I hear me I would say fuck you do right you do right well I’m not angry that you couldn’t well what kind of bug is it a guru a Goomba I don’t shitty squeeze you could season news is rahi in this company dog give me what you fancy huh no what you tryna see right now listen to me I’ll listen real girl wimpy no way all your life the lipid wasteful teach you the way shit is done right here I like this video do right here I like there when you want to dance dance the Millennials do the real shit but already has one way once ty Organa we’re know as one status between I cannot make the fuck all this shit that’s going Tran say what is spitting I cannot be image what is it taken all being shit now let me teach you do with shit is being done let me teach you the millennium dance what did I say in a Hoku melon lady you want to teach me I said let me teach you the millennium dance okay so they cozy onion does bananas we can listen on this real good respect back igloo Marie what did I say I say respect my conglomerate they say we respect our Michael Young with glue and your money that’s what I heard respecting my coach soccer soccer are you all ready y’all ready y’all ready y’all ready what did I say so this [Music] and I did no no I don’t you know I want something me not again Jesus working this made speak couldn’t this in English no bells for me no bass never goes to Mary corsets mmm then she gets Palmer training it to help you for your job and not just pick decent English have you heard I had so I know you didn’t wind up make a new bitch we tried my best well in it I mean ago teach Minnie no gosh you suck can be your friend if you act nice [Music]

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