My Kids And i Season 3 Episode 7 – Soul Mate Studio

[Music] [Music] yo shithead you’re sick in the brain what kept you so long oh hey dude just did you see did he decision get a life huh you cook you yourself if he touched you in fiber hey do something unfriendly green eyes right what this little me did you just say that Oh me wait wait if you’re right we have rights let me tell you some real quick fry hey kids let me tell you some real quick your being huh seen nothing yet Amanda will you talk to me right Africa give me right here it’s Africa demand their business so try and mind your business don’t try no Poconos I don’t need you Poconos it on my fare you don’t poke your nose I don’t need to poke your nose it’s on my face you don’t poke your nose now let me tell you some real quick next time you trying to poke your nose into my affairs I move your ass like that your ass like that are you done yet you can see that’s what bugs me chuckling me Yoga new yoga learn you are all gonna learn sonski say about me and you could say okay I understand that your parents are linked my baby’s day hmm no one died for mm this happy not 2001 life yes then my mom icon therefore 2001 I don’t be so sorry about the fact we are going to Cairo my dad so I can do I can’t is there I’ve only work I gotta do everything where was it due to took care of myself hmm knowing that yeah yeah yeah mom ah that prison mug to need assumable ah it might break the will never take de Vaca fall he goes my parents my wife and I were talking we’ve been discussing and to see how we can help you out and now we have decided to offer you a job as our house-made if you’re up for it uh-huh house-made you don’t like it Oh madam and I didn’t go be dads yes now my dream job see example they took care of the ideas of the elves they took care of everything for the cuisine I would like to drink Oh give me the job then consider yourself employed oh my god say my gun go employed me as yours gasps ah okay anyway it’s fine um my wife will show you around ah what where my money anak look Emma go to a function okay get out of my way [Music] what’s Fleance I said I mean my more you’re telling me sort of listen listen you’re joking me right they’re taking me for a fool like a plume you’re not taking me serious anymore right hmm it’s this new is this like a tunnel I’m going out okay you are you’re embarrassing me in my own house okay and I’ve been come about it did all my weight my sister’s else more yours this is my sister’s crib nigga don’t say I don’t know how do I he came about to squeeze nigga no say don’t tell me nigga you owe me your business my wife is in the house okay reduce your voice fine three fingers give give three more days my nigga three more days he’s gonna give my money y’all know what the penalty is me get them away anything you get you money can I can I just leave the one in case nobody so I think you should know Barry the rabbit is nobody else cares a housemate no come on girls I know how this may sound to you but we need to show love and care to that innocent girl she almost lost her leg due to careless driving no dad she should have bullying a house he doesn’t deserve to go scot-free after everything he has done she’d be 20 by now I know honey but you don’t will be getting himself in trouble as well if he door starts remember his car was used in knocking the innocent girl down I I thought he has explained the reason why he can’t sue his friend to you girls you need to understand mom when is he live in a house soon according to your father but right now we need to help her by employing her to walk here as a maid I know we don’t really need to meet right now but let’s do this as a way of helping her please you know she’s not fit to resume her Hawking business hmm sorry same house stay here is temporal of course honey it is and I’m sure she will have a great deal especially now that you girls are going back to school yeah I say well go to school back here in Nigeria oh Jesus come on take me already I’m a single load up we go ah no no I don’t you know no one’s on TV not again geez working this made speak good in this in English you know bells for me no base never goes to Noriko seats then she gets all my training it to help you for your job and not just pick desserts English have you heard I had so I know you are dear Amanda make a new bitch who tried my best well in it I will not go teach many yeah gosh you suck can be your friend if you act nice [Music] okay I’m gonna do Cydia okay it’s just one man one man terrorizing my wife and my kids with a gun I don’t know him I’ve never even seen him before my just called me and said you showed up at the house with a gun and now we have my wife on my kids I’m just praying to God they doesn’t hurt come god what am i doing Raymond is gonna open his mouth once he sees the police with me how could I arrest him without my wife and my kids knowing about no no I have to discharge this policeman I can’t risk it getting them yes I am this comic is I need to find out the situation hello mama how are you yeah what’s going on where he has gone nothing good what about my wife or my kids okay all right thank you I’m on my way home officer my good man just confirmed that he’s gone he’s left them so I guess I can drop you guys back at the station yeah yeah oh no no no I don’t care how much money so far Oh God you need to settle us illegals point man yeah I don’t think you okay you need any information to keep your calm you okay I’ll be myself all right guys don’t know a home would let that channel hey what’s going on here mommy couldn’t let us watch cartoons and these sheets up Hey but mommy wanna watch cartoons you do that later right now so your room [Music] don’t miss them I don’t want to have a problem with you in this house I believe you had to stay for a few days and then leave us in peace or while at sets do me a favor stay away from my girls I don’t want to have this conversation with you again excuse me swinging an ass like swedux like good morning wow you know you just saw face like morning sunshine may you always remain like tomorrow tomorrow that would never die now always Fuuka Fuuka Fuuka you reminded me of one girl who I did when I was in Congo sorry when I was in coming home that one girl although Jennifer Jennifer from azubu you know I was in Cameroon and I made that gear now looking at teenagers you are everything about the beautiful music on a roof nope yes Cameroon exactly woman let’s go back to be precise long low I’m a maybe a long long that’s one bang Cameroon would become a room Bhavani a cocky legacy you Nana cracker negative let me tell you I was not dear just by mistake I was not there just by just I was there by Phaedra father was federally and locally and be stately and living governmental in posted as a military man to walk in coming Sugiyama to be precise you idea you are like say so Jaffa ha me I’m me officer soldier officer and amid they are all dissenting righto finito so you be obvious I’ll be so JAMA now but didn’t you can’t do forget as you get more ordinary get mom for I get save your visa for good oh I get ya okay I know you’re surprised that the truth is that I’m here if I die they do my idea hi yes there is a what we call a neighborhood practice novel practice that will your neighborhood practice interaction you interact with the neighborhood then you practice with them in order to show your readiness your braveness your eagerness and you are Dilla teenis to become a full-fledged such a man that’s what I’m here then after something now they push me back tomorrow [Laughter] what would you do me for that so Jamal or those how many people say now Sudan you do knee he says we’re here as recurring this didn’t they talk to me now four of my men day yeah for this neighborhood for of the soldier people like me my man davia very signal words were wrong once we finish they will push us back to Barack happy to meet you ican’t is a vicious ordinary get more where they differ Gideon honest ABO when you see an officer of the law that is what we call salute into the front is the different like you Brigid that idea [Laughter] yes you bring it bring it down ah does the one thing I want to let you know hey you see my as now you don’t know my status my my current status who this man is forget automata and the police I thought I’m the one my food supposed to change instead of giving me the one one needs they used to give me give me a try do you pray to elevate and to benefit this one because of my past or visa or theory secondly no one knows with tonight no onions in my food saskia you know Gasca is the military he’s okay hey don’t you know you’re so hyper beginners that we are come now not the office and not Wei Lin Lang the other side you brought the food me not taking it back you know very happy Zen meet you save me ha I do like these I put it I hope [Music] how could you how dare you light for me keep your explanation to yourself this marriage is over wait don’t [Music] I’m sorry was a drink you had a dream yeah yeah it was quite unpleasant it’s all about it was good that’s what you’re about my dream who are your budgets at the bolts I had a dream that I slapped you I don’t know what happened but I slept you and you didn’t take it quite well you slapped me yeah but you know that I’ll never do such a thing now and I never raised my hands at you you know that way it’s all right mr. buckston not up so no I was just a mad room [Music] [Music] [Music] hey begin with anyway I know that was overcome it became symbols PPC you listening this what is nice about that we we can go meet for bed [Music] you won’t be easy because no Caniggia we can always obedia dignity to sleep I saw what you did I don’t see anything but for me ah this is children now put it already you abouna Wamba Makai Bhuvana hey hey troll zoo number one you don’t budge it to our room back at your knock before you answer rule number two you don’t like dresses as kids Poonam tweet cuz thats us speak it to us who know before you don’t speak to us a strange language move number five you can take a bath ourselves we don’t need your help rule number six always budgeting and catching odd for speaking to us finally rule number seven we don’t need a nanny so get the hell away from us we don’t need you [Music] Daisy Surgenor ice like seriously Tommy or bounces [Music]

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