My Kids And I Season 3 Episode 8 – Soul Mate Studio

[Music] [Music] yeah – you should have Bowie in a house he doesn’t deserve to go scot-free after everything he has done she’d be pretty by now I know me but you don’t will be getting himself in trouble as well if he door starts remember his car was used in knocking the innocent girl down I I thought he has explained the reason why he canceled his friends are you girls you need to understand mom when is he leaving a house soon according to your father but right now we need to help her by employing her to work here as a maid I know we don’t really need to meet right now but let’s do this as a way of helping her please you know she’s not fit to resume her Hocking business hmm sorry same house stay here is temporal of course honey it is and I’m sure she will have a great deal especially man that you girls are going back to school yes yeah I would say well go to school back yeah in Nigeria oh Jesus come and take me already me you yo do you know you really am only one broke my dick oh my good it was you focuses on talking about but you me and Ken evil speak good English the money want to trust it given got respectful if those five you old man like me the city Shiraki Dean what do you do it’s the detail that you got right said I mean decent normal machine or we bring right here almost wasn’t when she dies for the last one that’s already too late it’s awkward is grandma is busy [Music] [Applause] [Music] been written lately listen I give you some two hours and it doesn’t last taste on why you waited for your wife to come through so I can learn to ease please okay [Music] the d-league okay please all right but let’s talk about it in the evening when I get back leave my room my wife is here this is it better for your wife to know what is going on right now so she can stay the out of your life maybe you deserved own happiness in this laughs you’re the stuff making my sister go to make my sister go through us is going through right now in jail it was your sisters decision if you can give me consequences yes oh just look at you okay so it’s late your kids let’s talk about it when I get back and eat all right I’ll communicate with you [Music] hundred more those push-ups as it cuts into the points where he just badges into our bedroom he’s never stepping on my bed no baby saw so he was trying to quit taking some push-ups that’s all you seriously saying that so you stop threatening me well you act like you know how junkies behave he’s gonna keep coming back for more money and try to blackmail me even more man go back to the police wasn’t a wise thing you did I’m glad you realize the mistakes I’m just trying to get rid of this guy okay I need to go back to wherever he came from LA wherever I don’t give a he’s becoming a big threat to me and it constant reminder of Felicia don’t we both know that you know acceptable too if you don’t give him anything you know this guy look I just need this guy to go alright I need to go away maybe I should just arrange for a kidnap kidnap yeah Oh Scott I mean that we are trusting the police to yourself I don’t think you still need to give this guy money that way he’d come and stay away from you [Music] by children now who did already you abouna Wamba Makai Bhuvana hey hey troll zoo number one you don’t budge it to our room back at your knock before you enter rule number two you don’t like dresses as kids Poonam tweet cuz thats us speak it to us who know before you don’t speak to us a strange language move number five you can take a bath ourselves we don’t need your help rule number six always budgeting and catching odd first speaking to us finally rule number seven we don’t need a nanny so get the hell away from us we don’t need you [Music] Daisy Surgenor eyes like seriously tell me about it what’s this six million naira that’s like 15 grand this is a piece of cake and take the money all right that’s all I can offer you right now that’s all I got like I don’t tell me that I’m so kicked up don’t give me some piece of don’t do that only I need your joking right little key ring chick Raymond I need you to leave this country right now take the money go back to La Strada life [Music] listen Oscar start a new life so what you trying to say huh me guys I tell you my pedigree what I’ve been known if I tell you what I’ve been knew if I tell you what I’ve been doing United State nigga you will Ronnie you don’t wanna be no in this field of Queens in New York City I love Peter all over me what you want to see it right now make it what you want to see much if they’ll make it ten million all right shake doing part of the deal anyway it’s not what you’re trying to say I am part of the deal I ain’t part of the deal el skirt but I tease some Oscar no wife no keys go yeah everybody know be I carefully leave I kill for leaving so can we [Music] [Music] [Music] naoki what happened that was attacked at SAC yeah I mean we were attacked we you and whom remember way back from a business meeting in two guys just jumped out of the car he attacked us and they beat us all did he take anything from you yeah just no no they didn’t a car cause it to the morning and they they worked they would have taken your money we thought he’d seen you not look at your face so sorry okay bubbles your friend stop stairs what’s in this room okay I’ll swim in the morning right now and you need a warm bath let me fix the shower for you okay I’m so sorry Duke [Music] dividends they did that day you what does it seem Adam naughty children see dokoni Kazan with them he did hurt me had me go Mukunda things they say he goes there to me and me gotta come over your house you can make such a hasty decision now they’re just kids and they grew up in America you don’t expect them to behave like Nigeria I know they can be difficult enough friendly sometimes but all they need from you is patience yeah which patient you can’t to know them like them can become dear friends but don’t this one is no rock this sense keeps our offices I’m gonna be do heard me gonna be calm because on them to bless it that you like me in fact they know who sent me my dear I know what you’re going through cuz I’ve gone through the same face yes I was once the house maid in this house until I got married to their father it was very difficult getting them to accept me as their friend but I’m with you you didn’t thought sig vests be house made for this house before I call my dog oh yeah but I am very home Weaver your ability is yummy first you to my dear god bless you mmm you know anything because you had an hour say ybz Moe’s house made the end of the murid yoga well it’s for the lucky ones okay this catalyst for a good next means it and without people say oh my yoga [Music] high-risk and Poirot please everything don’t they entered on the end like this one now I can spoil you won’t get now putting the color same you caster watch and you’ll say this but Ramos come from village I wouldn’t village they removed my rock I don’t play this one this one and this one step don’t know I don’t go ahead now which time I could win defects I would like to ask myself now will be displaced when I call you are calling me now – I’m my mind my heart survive another Johnny I’m not happy I’m not calling me what kind of to do this why not call me like yesterday I love you g so now you remember me today but I’m talking to you like this man you know say you happened on me now God you can remember me yes that’s the way yeah as I’m talking to you now I have a new job because we are working are you factory now I’ve been a busy lost an MPC but not still are you comparing I got my old car now my oka as you see we now have a room of my wife at a house of my own with a person my balance now you know same money good no I’ll tell you when to come and when you fish it down tell you when you’ve received not now not now yes yeah yeah yeah good morning I don’t get money okay no problem what one important in one important in that your father it’s official now tell your father to start drafting you will a marriage that marriage right and let any one day if it’s not one where they need money to Colette said don’t worry let your power your Papa pay the money once I land I will pay double that I Coletivo trust ago manager thank you I love you Isla my way know like we do I like you thank you you see that you don’t cut [Music] Hey what’s going on looks like that’s what he deserves enough you can serve all of us my husband told me everything that happened I’m really sorry but hey you don’t smoke in my house you don’t are you for real yes I’m for real don’t smoke it [Music] [Music] let’s come on Adam no my no no it’s indeed do my Blaine music CD picnic or are you sick well none save at least 60 people good now we will not be any more my sickness yeah has I wake up this morning how can they discover say whatever I do if I do that annually recorded digitally smirk ah dismay keep that missing one who said we deep in me what did you eat food I need food what’s the quantity like quantity no no more quantity knows a hundred Alecto shop was my cage Jenna no knock on special [Music] well the left of us did you try them away don’t say no say no goomy paysandu is he so good to relive to work on – I didn’t say mentally yes Mogens or zina left over big problem refresh your talk you’re the cause of your problem over feeding yourself come with me and take some ticks Markowitz a meet some accolades give us my plates I mean some accolades yo give me some accolades emini accolades give me some accolades yeah yeah give it some accolades I need some accolades yeah give you some accolades I need some Oh shine – give me some battle I said you tell me Mia please no no no no talking – god damn it did you tell you doing right now which one after what you one of my room did you tell my wife okay I didn’t tell her but she’s still gonna know anyways trust me you know just go more anyways okay that’s winning media Mara sure that my house yeah what’s going on here nothing and I hear voices I’m no vehicle reaches up in a business conversation very loud [Music] [Music] give you so much [Music] [Applause] [Music] see this crap hello beautiful how are you I know my studies up in here again Levite now call your turkey you know what budget inmates yes I know what badging means the reason why I want to explain you see I’m sorry I thought you guys I’m here to make up okay come peace we don’t need your friendship so get the hell out of here I’m sorry I’m more horrible it’s okay I’m sorry hey come back you want something wait up and see [Music]

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