My Kids And I Season 3 Episode 9 – Soul Mate Studio

[Music] [Music] hey who did that you know looks like someone’s as just up what’s going on looks like that’s what he deserves enough look I’m sorry about that my husband told me everything that happened I’m really sorry but hey you don’t smoke in my house you don’t are you for real yes for real I don’t get the shot enough for me you know on a serious note refer me call me senior cities are no longer officer this man here as a matter of fact of a mafia and traveled if I’m not referred to as the whole wide world during my peacekeeping mission as a military personnel I deserve some but I miss on visiting names named senior citizens in your food I hope you don’t have much plenty of air in yours you don’t want me they make I know who owned your views so when I bring the food addict or do any other yes there are not a second important thing if you go inside there now and fight for life juice ever why let me see war get on madam or you know drop carelessly just carry a good one I got bingo for you I think I’ll go bring this on when I go Karissa [Music] [Music] Oscar it’s part time to shove it up your pants at the Civil War right now what are you doing don’t you get the outta my house dad f-word like seriously well I’m sorry about that me but this managed to get out of here now leave away Justin him away what does that mean oh you have to say because it’s insane he’s do some vocal egg which is falling my kids died last year what he has to say so he can get out already no please listen this money isn’t what it’s be from is achieved it’s a fraud it’s a monster listen kid son listen real good right I just want to tell you some real quick y’all better listen up you understand did you google it it’s too right I made what’s the to leave lies about your mama no key in life but the truth is your mom is right early jail right bad nature to try for this big around here I swear to god it’s not telling you the truth your mom is right there suffering your mom is right there suffering a big chill but you know we’re not scared it’s your last move back tell me something or you don’t believe me don’t believe what I’m trying to say right now what I’m saying right there [Music] dear what if nobody believes me after telling them the truth about my sister that was a bond on in the cell but I also they already see me as a junkie and I don’t think they would believe what I see do I call a d20 millionaire on articles how can I let that get away with a huge amount of mourning my sister went to prison for maybe my friendship where the kids will make them believe me when they hear the truth maybe just maybe but how do I become their friend when they already hate everything about me please listen to me please and don’t listening see you Oscar until you tell me what the hell that junk in our house is and why you still keepin him – now I just try to understand that’s all I’m saying no you can’t continue keeping me in the dark and expect me to understand with you you either tell me his mission in this house I’ll tell the kids you’re up to something – anything okay look he is a business partner whose business has gone down the drain okay then I’m trying to help him out he’s affected by all these things Dave please okay I’m sorry for the inconvenience just just give me some time you leave soon I promise just a little bit of time please the kids are not safe with him in this house he can’t even relate with them without threatening to attack them Oscar what happened to you used to be opened with me on everything you tell me all your secrets what went wrong you need to bring back the old you because I’m not happy I’m not [Music] [Music] leave me alone I’m not kid oh okay I’m sorry my bad sir um I’m sorry ki do me a favor what do you want yeah I want us to be friends I’m not your friend hmm it can be your friend if car sink Salman Grande okay okay so what Suleiman granya it’s a primary I can’t sing there but I can sing for you [Music] [Music] oh good thanking you for what expensive food we don’t would be voting against show ha the D blesses W my mama and my papa don’t die I’m gonna print puddin somebody bless their move what’s going on here shut up good morning ma what are you doing I see makeup so weak I realize I don’t work finish I want to so slow yeah so you mean some that all of this is your breakfast madam these not leftover food hey Zelda octo true ad MacArthur indeed enzyme Evelyn you know they know could be peasant English food really yeah that’s how I do things here you would pack us food and give it to mama busy busy now it would be my more busy you don’t know her hey she’s the widow who lives down the street with her children so Pat this food and give to ha ha madam tegus a make them took one today I didn’t mean that ok Hey this food I give to her are you listening to me yes more [Music] ha hey that’s about food is that way with their music boom get a go Simba if you say open the fries Mickey took juice cold one make you happy – this food Mickey’s show it one is a packet I get to go busy ah and I don’t talk to make my movie don’t add a microphone make it in place a new blazer begin ah this money be good cool German man said this morning you got it busy now see I said you work for yourself now I’m a busy bee sorry to bother you there is there is this the bothering me I’ve been wanting to ask go ahead so I hope you not be angry because I don’t know how to look I go ahead ok and be quick about it I’m going out sub you cook this this man oh this guy kurudi banana what kind of wheat because I cannot comprehend the attitude and even the ice shop or means to get dissolution yes who are you talking about this is your guy with disorganized at it is to refer to Raymond yes I yeah Redmond I cannot comprehend – oh no even the reaction all of them look what did you say your name was look at my name is automata 101 yet automatic or former do you still wanna keep your job here as a gate man right yes so you stay the hell away from my business you hear me stay the hell away from my fairs get the gate getting hit you get disordered because they get the damn gate so I did to get unconscious oh that really gets to watch your opening [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] beautiful how are you I know my stays up in here again Levite now call your turkey you know what budget inmates yes I know what bad can it means the reason why I want to explain you see I’m sorry I thought you guys I’m here to make up okay I come in peace [Music] we don’t need your budget so get the hell out of here I’m sorry a more fortunate it’s okay I’m sorry hey come back you want something wait up and see surrounding your face can never and you will never fit you gone look your Facebook middle I beg you I beg say I know he won’t get power so talk hang me sing with you right now make you don’t hop on get a I won’t go my kid damn you I need to talk to you I need to talk to Whitney help what didn’t we do wouldn’t be the process he knock me down woman wait God said madam ah that was a wicked Jezebel that good woman that little money know a lot idea – yeah with me see me I know hide my motto Paquito I said oh my hey with a girl ah no you wouldn’t be a black pezzi we don’t passes my level before because they don’t become a de seconded Zaza yes I’m rehab say nothin OBC got those children you not to not today yet from this sauce where this information comes in fact the person with them indistinct you talk I talked and I said look you madam Burnham but not what the woman will gamma-ray Nikon want them condi I don’t know what I’m not die that you can’t die this one hey Bobby Ramada well what did she do you when make you appear mother don’t say do my best oh man what does she do you want say Melissa gun it’s a mystery to me something well you know has Heidi walked for these house you ready clean and they sweep and cook added to everything I don’t want my pink like Jackie but it’s one single opposites so now they have preset person then you go just one food way goes you know he wouldn’t give me food give me space so so pastor like oh boy everything I do you do for yourselves they give you space to suck so the less of food and it sup sup sup photos of food okay now our name your problem if food niya problem then know Allah if you bring my own food to divide them into four pick three patch give me one part I did okay okay okay okay I known that stunt tell me huh no goes up my rat for a week I see a food in so for I take I don’t want that’s not I know my blame know goes up yeah I could do forever no no no no I know your beliefs important from K your belly day but I’m but you are you going to become a housemaid your husband forever look at me take of whom at aphorism she let any woman for now I could move from this house go out there go and start walking as a real Fred with the collapse fool mm-hm do you want to relent Suja what the Romania has hustle made forever this job not your only job I get him until I go come do you know get anything okay now let me tell you if you come out as a go get big office become a bad girl I’m I go like just go markets if you my if you market yourself and sorry if you go my cab I finish you come back then you know how [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] hoji vac jockey is still in your house my sister I don’t know what is wrong with Oscar anymore I don’t ever since that man came into our house oscar has been behaving funny and somewhat secretive gee I hope it’s not what I’m thinking loop are you sure there is nothing going on between them no skies monkey I can vote for him on that he said the man is just his business partner who we stay with us for a few days and now it’s over a month but have you approached your husband about this lingered stable I have and he kept saying he will leave soon I’m just scared for my kids not joke it was hot in one of those days the girls don’t even like him what bothers me the most is how Oscar ended up doing business with such a man ok listen you have to come down you don’t have to approach him oh he’s a junkie and he might just watch you just keep on talking to your husband I’m sure that very soon he will realize that keeping a total stranger in his house it’s a dangerous thing to do meanwhile try to find out what is the connection between them connection yes how am I going to do that I haven’t seen that man in my life come on seen him before so I don’t know how I’m going to get a very difficult choice charlie just just give it a try okay so starts from I don’t goes who I want LA save yet the teachers under student sucks big time in this climb mama buy new shoes I’m gonna make a lot of friends this time thanks darling it sucks having you as a sister hey it’s enough you two can continue staying at home while your mate is cool I know you had a bad experience in your former school but trust me this one is different and you’re gonna love it if we’re going back to school then we must not spent more than three hours in that school and then we’ll come back home no tea should get flogged me else I’m gonna sue them mom so my teachers that can take myself anytime I want and I don’t like chucks it’s all right funny I’ll look into that hmm I know you all want any but I just need you to give it time you’ve raised your mind school by the end of the month do I have your consent [Music] you [Music]

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