Portugal vs Estonia 17-0 – All Goals & Extended Highlights RÉSUMÉ & GOLES ( Last 4 Matches ) HD

[Music] just below 30 degrees Celsius now evening at Lisbon whereas you can see he is back its first friendly for Portugal they’re a bit of a breather following the Champions League finals successfully in Pepe returning to this team that is the standout news an aside it’s showing seven changes from that beaten by goal to nil at Wembley almost a week ago one-nil defeat against England only ruined – Tracy Aaron golden II Loker arashiyama – neo and Xiao Mario keep their places though Santos is opted to rotate on Draco mesh machine EO charisma these particular with across and this time Ronaldo has provided the finish doesn’t need asking twice back in the groove and straight back on the scoresheet for his country but how about that for an assist from Ricardo charisma on his 50th yet setting up goal number 57 for an out Oh in the red of Portugal the night he moves with it warm of Louis V goes appearance record any doubts about the main man going into the final since they’re certainly won a couple of years ago and this is his opportunity tonight to silence them this is some star just escaped the attention to the Estonian offense completely unmarked banana the political engine charisma generates real power from that sort of range never going to miss that one record-breaker is at it again what’s below as best in that Champions League final despite his crucial contribution in the shootout the Santos had to film all sorts of questions yesterday to just exactly how fit Ranaut is go all the difference it’s going further at the Estonian Defence again this is ricotta charisma it’s deflected it’s in four to nil [Applause] all of a sudden they’re racing away with it and then leave it for the breakthrough charisma with a key role in both the creek valley girls will trigram this one himself it was the hefty deflection on the attempted crossbow that’s carried it into the corner over the line I think before he got attached just behind the line [Applause] and he to title winner with projectx this season going into the finals in fine form should have a major part to play from Portugal he has happened tonight we’ll go down as his sixth goal for the national treatment they actually think that was a deflection was there it’s just that wicked bend on the ball it’s charisma stole all right ran out of trying to get a tighter winning craving on the line but it had crossed the line wonderful piece of technique again from Ricardo Quaresma skipper is having none of it Michelle Mario is going to get his toe to that first and win it back gets it back from ronaldo cristiano ronaldo does it again three-nil portugal before half-time and it’s another for the skipper [Music] and they put the issue almost beyond doubt before the break and soon it’s going to be a question of how many for Portugal in the second half how many for Cristiano Ronaldo who has three trips for the national team already defector potentially preventing him for another tonight dos Santos decides to benefit of a breather he’s intending to claim for tonight that he’s the man again has made the difference involved in the build-up Michelle Marriott there is to finish it off infinitely look like the passively pledges the shade behind it looks a bit of it from the way he was able to react here now though keeps those goals coming since excessive Susan Clarisse scored at least half the century keep it up rotation now every time the field in City Street rooks delivery but it’s equally effective and it’s for nil danila Pereira is the plan to profit very congested penalty area but it was still left unattended to convert from right in front of goal for his first ever goal in international football impressive first season at FC Porto now a goal to take into his first major finals with Portugal another assist for Ricardo Quaresma as an excellent delivery despite being outnumbered he made the head of his take him up effectively enough in their Estonian with six times for poor throw that made it in campaign last against Boavista thence month this is best ever scoring season the three that he got with Mara typically to me to McLaughlin before head Renato Sanches to Adair the subjects proprietor playing Perez go it’s co-founder goalkeeper and he’s killed it [Applause] it’s gonna end up Carol Metz and that sums up their night five-nil on the our charisma in four floors for and it’s not down to a moment of brilliance to some opposing misfortune he’s just crossing all sorts of panic in that penalty area by his mere presence [Music] wicked fall in and that didn’t quite know how to deal with it unfortunately for him and for Estonia strikes Carroll met she knew very little about this the midriff and into the unguarded now since Aprilia girls tonight this wasn’t one of them that Portugal won’t necessarily care the night when they’ve given the supporters the Estadio de luz plenty to settle here on the home side another census so he doesn’t know the meaning of the concept this is Ricardo Torres marathon it again it’s six bills and charisma has his second goal of the night wasn’t going to miss that one he’s been involved in five of the six on his fiftieth cap for his country and he is making a compelling case to start against Iceland in 695 when Portugal will start as one of the forum teams going into the finals in France on this evidence it’s been a real roller coaster ride in the Portuguese shirt for Ricardo Quaresma since his debut some 16 summers ago you only ever scored during that time five goals for Portugal before tonight he scored another couple to remember this evening during curacy with a finish while the more conventional than its first since there’s emphatic as is the scoreline here there’s something about a statement of intent now talk to you all tonight gomez Phillipa dangerously intial or said 7l the girls keep coming and there is of the mention on to this course it as well [Music] and having scored just once previously for his country now has two in his less three matches [Applause] whatever they were expecting from this final friendly surely the events tonight now have exceeded those Andre comas the creator on this occasion then got a little fortunate because his first touch of vigil and let him down it bent back into his path it smartly enough to capitalize he’s offering them now another option infant they’ve girl it’s more viable option in front of goal for Fernando Santos and they deploy without an out center forward figure [Applause] Victoria [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Erica Reza Indiana mentor ear toe elder Postigo cristiano ronaldo only pile a pillow cutscene [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] what [Music] potato paratha zero solubility no sale America Laputa a caso de segunda parte de propiedad Italian dare to commit a sin and up in separate us Jenga movie a tocar la pelota evidence pero el Centro cabeza [Applause] [Music] so stressed and resented pauletta l40 theater who are them again no Rosario cellar Aitchison okay vocal centro havana low-sodium our condo Violetta Oleta curio Paquito cilantro part a parcel on tape west regresa Basia trois cierra la marca de pelea para very silly possio given otra vez alas L Astro widow palsun concerned Apollo cuidado [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Casa de Portugal ill Travis El Centro commodity most as you know system test there’s a coastal range oh come on dramatic Ariza okay Perez accompany us oral defense or quandary lagron Caridad a Rinaldo El Centro egg analysis Paul de Solace yeah Jagger Estonia horuseus agua in Tolosa defense mode official forum our to Porto Rico prevails in Nadia Reynaldo Ava’s manga story Vega a gurgle I still eat a Cristiano Ronaldo average Salah say intercooler manga nyet Portugal Asia missile polar like suits lucuma Cristiano Ronaldo Vera was the Little Caesars one of us a lesson Pollux arias this is sadistic perceives atmega8 said the same at selfie call point leader that the yeah me to be warmest ropa they you read the piece of all talk is that Cristiano Ronaldo a superpower curricular content coal oil as in with Agata half [Applause] we had fought the world online attempt a Stallone zavasta like ocarina which were used among black ice tea and the sella sedet of allowance people believe [Applause] see vitam terrible sorry miss mizuna [Music] get my spot to be able to interpret mr. fear put the potato my father got a notable disease [Applause] a nice amount 10 Thalia similar saw fish got prossimo Cyrus came out after that awful terrible appeal ago [Music]

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