Rita Ora – Girls ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX Music Video Reaction

hey guys welcome back to my second channel so right now kind of a emergency update because on all these videos though every reaction VI dudes like always on the spot because they’ll just like somewhere out like oh just release music and I have to react to it so it’s so it’s a bit of a quick one point three minutes ago rio released a video for girls featuring Charli XCX beep your ex and cardi B as you guys know that song has had a bit of controversy you might not know how I feel about it well I like the music and to be honest I didn’t think it was about message anyway it’s a fun song is a fun pop song he’d good to show you know I literally rushed to my seat to film this video I actually really liked the song it’s a bit like yeah it’s a bit old-school pop but I love that you know definitely would have done really well 2014 to 812 2018 mmm I feel like trap and like hip hop some mean like influence on pop music cuz I’m in there yeah I’ve been waiting for the video I’ve heard a lot about it I heard that it leaked and I couldn’t find the leak I’m so bad like just cuz I’m such a sad and I was gonna try and find the leak I couldn’t find it um but I also kind of watch wait as well because this video like obviously I don’t know I feel like ivory and like everyone that’s involved and put a lot of work into his projects I didn’t want to like just I don’t know why did it to actually be like when it came out yeah so I’m excited about this but before we get into this if you didn’t know this in my second channel I make videos on another channel which is my main channel I guess it is it’s not I guess but yet on that I post videos such as vlogs and funnel things I’m a bit going for and go through a brand identity crisis I mean I don’t know what I make but at least on this channel I know it can make reaction videos and feel comfortable in that so that’s what we do today I’m gonna be rats into girls by Rita Ora featuring kind of a Charli XCX and baby Rexxar I love all the artists involved my hand just killed me I just got my hand tattoos the other day so my hands kind of like draw anyway the thumbnail looks pretty cool it’s just got really just like a lay there like that so pretty cool let’s get into this let me ask you a really important question imagine you just I swear every like reaction be I do I just get and I’ve been on every video before I can actually watch it that’s something my videos can’t relate to let’s start off with the first screen so we’ve got a wide shot media a lot come in there with kind of off-center looking like it’s not an exact center of the screen I don’t feel like but is them these bunch of girls with reimagine being one of them or not I’m not okay okay okay so the singing off right okay I’m kind of I am really excited cuz I think this song I I’m not gonna lie like I heard the version on Radio one like what was it last year the live version and I was like wait and frik forgot Xavier and when this song came out I was so excited so like I am excited for the video like I’m not hoping it up is enough right now [Music] yes feels so good video okay ready what we’re gonna go yes okay [Music] not a close-up of the map man I was like intense that was like full-on like fisheye lens of close to the mouth I was about Alex well Charlie looks real good really looks good as well yeah it’s very like old-school I thought this video would be so polished and clean you know with the sound as well because it sounds very pop I’m like I feel like it’s very they’ve done like well to go and do the throwback look cuz that’s really trending down the minute actually as well so good job girls mr. zebra try to talk about when Charlie was see-through bras it’s literally just know that like it’s not it’s not really know [Applause] yes they’re big yeah okay she’s so extra bebe Rexha so much she’s just so extra and I just feel like she’s like relatable in that way no it was like she just herself like she’s just so struggle yourself God lives as well that Charlie doesn’t this song let’s just talk about that just right [Music] okay fucking futuristic as fuck Wow just like a switch I’m like retro-futuristic why this kind of me remind me of just a huge giant pigeon like sometimes that’s no way as well I ain’t gonna be I just think she obviously she was the Cylons I’m not doesn’t help he she was reminds me of engine and the noise she’s like just I don’t know I’m just like gonna get roasted by my name [Music] [Music] [Music] okay I love it where I seen but I knew they were gonna kiss I was waiting for it and that is a moment ladies and gentlemen oh that’s a fucking moment okay okay I see what are you doing that okay that’s cool so let us talk about the video real quick no I did really enjoy it I feel like it was I’m gonna have to watch it until I really get you know like the vibe because usually after a video really what I listen to a song more but after that I feel like I was just like oh yeah this is like it now this is the end bike of the song like you know the hype but I don’t know maybe all after a couple more watches w oh yeah like I’m really well listen to that song now you know cuz that’s the vibe but yeah what did you guys think of the video I know it was like it was really nicely shot it was like there’s so many cool scenes and I felt like it was very cinematic at times it was really fun I really enjoyed it what do you guys think let me know down below what do you guys think of the song as well cuz I know there’s a lot of drama with the song maybe not so much anymore because it’s been a couple weeks but yeah let me know what you think and I’ll see you guys on next video thank you so much for watching today be sure to subscribe in turn post notifications and also to my main channel as well yeah I’ll see you guys see bye guys [Music]

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