Rita Ora – Girls ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX (Official Video) REACTION

hey what’s up add on table my channel [Music] music girls it’s featuring 50 right some party B and Charli XCX this song had a lot of controversy behind it because of what it was portraying you know has like you know getting drunk and making out with women and possibly having you know sexual things done to them I know some people are saying where you don’t have to get drunk to do this you know you should not have to get drunk to you know explore with someone or to you know embrace who you truly are look what that side of you you know and understand what we’re saying they should have made the lyrics more better and yeah that’s just my opinion I haven’t heard this song at all really I listened to it like three times and after that I was just like I’m done with it this songs okay it’s not like something like oh my god oh no it’s not let’s be real here it’s just an okay song I don’t hate the people involved with this song I love everyone that’s on this song but the song itself is just okay for me also happy pride mom anyone after that’s by gay transgender this is your mom to embrace who you are to say fuck everybody else I won’t talk shit on you be your damn self I love my LGBTQ community so so much and I am just very honored that a lot of you watched me I think it’s so amazing and relating with me and just saying that right number day there’s actually a few people that said I hope they come out I don’t know how maybe I gave you confident I don’t know what I did but I just congratulations on coming out at my videos helped you in like any way shape or form to be yourself I don’t know but congratulations we were actually told me you know if you’d be ends will Twitter about that well that was really cool I was honestly move whoa that’s a big step my videos to that one but I do I look everyone I wasn’t raised to judge people wasn’t raised to be racist wasn’t raised to be you know some douche bag fucking prick I was raised to love people and just respect others and not be able to talk about what you prefer what you look like stuff like that I was raised right so pack my stuff put it back cuz my mom did that she raised me well she raised me to a young man but you know once again happy Pride Month to anyone out there that is by gay or transgender just know that I love you I support you and everyone wants to talk to you my teams are opening on Twitter so just a lot earlier Maddie and we’ll talk about snot there yes I’m always there so yeah let’s jump right into this if you guys are new please subscribe also if you would like please for notifications on cieaura notified every time bluetooth video here’s our reaction girls of the video and I really hope you guys enjoy it we in the jungle we have an iPhone in the jungle beats that’s quite a deal with service there’s no baby in the jungle haha [Music] oh you should know aqua down bitch where’s the do it one more time doing one my time that markets me movie format answer me [Applause] Oh baby oh my god why the fuck you have a low budget here which are we in the JCPenney in the fucking a fitting room Oh bill over time she looks she’s prettier yeah I love you know all the women in it looking good looking good [Applause] but are they not together they couldn’t go this together okay oh [Applause] we were designed the jungle and now we end up the fucking Blade Runner 2049 bitch that is literally what this is this is from Blade Runner kind of if you watch blade runner on 2049 there’s a scene where this slate stripper comes up to like this man’s balcony and it’s a projector thing that’s what it is hey good boy I saw that anywhere they kissed like some of those works on my dad thanks to me the thumbnail of this fucking music video ladies yes the views probably a jungle is a jungle for women is that some nipple beach that’s like free the nipple baby oh hey laughs all right we gonna talk about it though that’s one thing that I say okay so first off I’m gonna go into saying the music video was all right oh it wasn’t bad I’m a-gonna eight point three and that’s not being shady or anything just twenty eight point three I also didn’t like how they all were not together they wasn’t together I went to see them and like one shot boss together you know Rita Charlie Phoebe cardi B I want to see them all together like one shot at the end they should have all been together you know it didn’t make any sense this song how its portrayed everything bonded together hey I mean is what it is I mean they probably all were busy but I mean it’s called making time you know finding the right schedule to come together and fill it all together not shoot it in different locations and send it off put it together also bebe Rexha sparked looked very cheap what the fuck the quality in my opinion was bad I never I only went to look but come on it’s baby red so here the bitch has a number two saw him on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and she got into the lowest budget oh okay it’s like she was at what the JC Penney’s fucking fitting room and the mirrors checked her somehow why that’s whatever mommy Oh Charlies part was cool she looked really good I gotta say all the girls looked really really good they all looked great even the ones that are obviously families just like the backup girls they look pretty as well but it was just I don’t know there could be some more stuff done to it how old like I said I would look see them all together I’m surprised there was no choreography that shocked me I thought there would be like some type of choreography and then nothing um but I don’t hate the artist on this song I do not hate the artist but just the song itself is just okay for me the girls parts not bad girls that’s catchy you know not the part but it’s just a new place offering you guys they use what you’re watching and hopefully you are pissed by my reaction or anything I’m just being honest here I’m not gonna fucking front why are you trying to kiss ass like some reactors do bitch let me tell ya but yeah then you guys so much for watching if you’re new please subscribe and I’ll see you back when you think it over very soon live laugh and slay there should bye guys we can work from

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