Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse – Official Trailer REACTION!!

hey guys screw blonde leave I’m Eric I’m Rick I’m countin em Eric and we’re back with some trailer reactions but the first one we’re gonna be watching is into the spider-verse we love spider-man here a blonde wig we love the MCU but this is not MCU this is Sony’s own little project so here are you doing which is an animated feature this is cool isn’t nothing like this yeah I’m just interested in its ass I haven’t seen it I mean spider-man that I haven’t liked yeah spider-man is amazing friends spider-man from the 90s yeah it’s all I’ve seen spectacular that’s all you’ve seen yeah dude the newer spider-man I always get to so many so I was gonna confused but it’s the one with Luke Cage and iron fist and white tiger tiger’ yeah it’s awesome it sounds alright it’s really good let’s go under the spider verse we saw that teaser for this walking would have been fine breaking news veteran saves the day you guess spider-man this guy swings in once the day zips up don’t cops run red lights well some do but uh not your dad there’s only one spider-man but there is another universe it looks it sounds like yours but it’s not my name is Miles Morales [Music] thank you darlin like me I know what happened to you spider-man you have money right I’m not very liquid right now I think you’re gonna be a bad attitude I’m supposed to save the whole world you can’t think about stayed in the world you have to think about saving one person one thing I know for sure don’t do it like me do it like you [Music] [Music] Sparky it’s amazing pack up whatever you choose to do you can you’d agree [Music] I love you boys you gotta say I love you back whatever you wanna say dad I love you Oh God when did you teach me that I didn’t it’s a little joke the team-building hey guys okay I’m Gwen Stacy [Music] dude mom’s gonna be so hype for that ourselves so we’re did like this comic book stop-motion you’re gonna feel it’s a girl look it sounds weird it reminds me of a 3d Iron Giant did anyone get that vibe no the only one proportions I was I was trying to decode what you meant I don’t know yeah I get it yeah hey look it looks great I mean I love the black suit like with the street clothes and stuff look – it looks great yeah some miles who is a ultimate spider-man right these are some different dimensions right I mean they’re yeah the spider versus bringing in a bunch of different versions of spider-man through him maybe I don’t know how many gonna bring in I mean there’s Peter Parker Miles Ben Riley spider-gwen yeah experience the newest weather I know I don’t really know this was a this was definitely an old theater hey yeah yeah I mean this is like Tilly McGuire ten years later after that third movie this guy yeah like you know which I like it was cool it’s interesting I love the pop-up stuff like the comic bubbles yeah all that stuff is really cool I hope it’s not a street fighter for thing where there was this amazing art style and they kind of turned it back when the real thing came out I hope there’s a lot of that not sure yes sir who’s that the Green Goblin and others I mean it could be a stylized Goblin agony like you look at drag exactly you reminded me of like orcas or something yeah bing-bang-boom yeah he has a huge rogues gallery it might be somebody that’s you’re gonna be like I don’t know I’m gonna guess screw goblin lizard or something I don’t know I would say I take green goblin they changed him and like some of the other iteration he’s much bigger sure brother than I go on a glider it’s like that some of them still have a glider but I don’t have like wings yeah so I mean it could be with being alternate universe what was it the spider-man 2099 the future one like they still have like green Goblin’s and stuff like that but they’re all very different we’re like in the 90s right so I mean is this like universes combining cuz I never see like any interdimensional travel or anything like that do they all they don’t all exist in the same universe do that no not normally no I mean in the 90s cartoon towards the end of the series they had the spider war where they used alternate versions of Peter Parker at that point where they were all spider-man well kind of but like they brought them in and one of them had like Doc Ock stuff one of them had like that mutation stuff going on sure one it was just really rich it had like an iron spider-man suit thing and stuff so this would be kind of the same idea except they’re not all Peter Parker universe spider-man’s they’re just other universe spider-man’s cool I also who’s curious if I saw what could have been this universes maybe shocker and maybe kingpin yeah just because like there’s a shot where like there’s like an explosion kind of thing after I think it’s after I’m gonna guess that’s Green Goblin this will though the shape of the face and then coloring I think there was also this here this guy just looks bigger yeah and then before that there was on the train well there was a he was fighting a Batman looking guy yeah I thought it was maybe the Shocker for like these like I think that might be the Prowler which is who devil Donald Glover played him in the MCU version it could be from this yeah it looks much more like the probably we’re not first thing in the purple coloring – yeah when I first saw it I thought that he had like more like shocker no I guess but it looks like it’s like the problem yeah yeah shocker with a cape either yes I think that is the Prowler yeah guess he was in a 90 minute cartoon as well yeah that’s cool spider-man movements look spot-on looks fantastic I mean quick and precise yeah yeah it’s kind of fun art style I’ll be I’ll be interested to see I mean I you know I don’t know much about it like is it a I’m assuming it’s a theatrical release yeah theaters Christmas I mean it’s it’s smart of Sony who has given Marv the MCU like you know they the line there their live-action mark you know to Marvel pretty much I mean obviously they make money from and stuff like that but then they can kind of like do their own thing here he doesn’t part of the MCU or anything like that yeah it should be great cuz I could think and do this kind of stuff like the animated cartoons that I’ve seen like Melanie was huge on the one I was mentioning with like Lucasian artifice I wanna say see the spectacular spider-man or ultimate spider-man or one of those yeah but like the whole storyline stuff my understand of that is just great mm-hmm and they cover so many different things but with this they could do a lot of that same stuff in an animated storyline telling I mean I think it’s a great idea business-wise it’s not gonna do the amount of money on live-action spider-man will yeah probably but it’s good it’s might be better for kids it might definitely be better for kids and you know and can you hear anything more right now is gonna do great I’ll go see it yeah absolutely I’m excited to see I just want to know what the stories are they’re doing if it’s gonna be all confined or if they’re gonna be one of many more coming that they want to do of like a story sure if you bring in a spider-verse like I feel like it’s not going anywhere to go there’s the answer yeah I mean I feel like there has to be kind of some kind of continuation from that yeah even the animated cartoon ones that have done that kind of stuff like they were like three part episode thing you know like an hour and a half just in there are little stories the only other animated superhero attached release I can think of is mask of the phantasm right the best Batman he’s amazing but I mean that’s been the only one right room animate the actual release yeah yeah it played a lot on TV too but it was released in the theaters select theaters but one of the best Batman movies ever it is I used me like so that was on TV that’s now in theaters kind of thing er no I mean it was released originally in theaters yeah like it’s an animated movie that was Leeson released in theaters like wide release okay we’re not counting like any of the other Disney movies or anything like toys all right heroes like that it’s not to be missed mainstream super super here okay I missed that for my god okay okay movies crazy spider-man into the Disney verse I think you know you’re just talking about Kingdom Hearts Disney versus stuff like that with that other trailer rigs going record break around with other stuff make sure you guys are checking out other videos other stuff coming up [Music]

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