hello guys I already made a video show you guys how I made this magic or I would just explain how to apply the oil and the coconut water on your head I also put the video in the description box below and I will spray it in the coconut water on her head before she started using this magic oil he was really very damaged and that she is the one that actually said you need to share this video with everybody and I was spreading the coconut water we make sure you wet her hair I will use it to massage applied on her edges and we measure this coconut water wet like you know saying wet I will make sure it with her hair so damn much if you are using this oil you are seeing great result don’t forget to come back to this video and they commit in the description boss to share the testimony with other viewers thank you [Music] [Music] yes verily My Morning Sun such a fatherland good day and that if I am done I would just control heart not your head down it’s very very good to control your head after using this coconut water don’t need to risk of the coconut water just leave it and I color your hair or back like this before she started using this product her hair was really very damaged she was very shy to show her hair in camera she was very shy she came back she said free do I need to give you a testimony I need to thank you me sharing all this with you guys I am doing a lot and I know in the future time I will start to say all these things I’m sharing with you guys free a lot of people I’m making the oil they are selling they are making a lot of money by this special grace of God and we start to say free those dyes magic oil for hand crews magic if you want your hair to grow stick with freedom size and then I will start to say and then of August or September by this special grace of God you will be using this oil twice in a week to rub your skull applying all of our edges on your scalp no too much just a little bit twice a week and then you will be sprayed in the coconut water on your scalp once in a week nothing we waste because this oil is magic and they don’t forget that I have three YouTube channels freedoms life Fritos dice and that is very well freedom beauty I will link the three YouTube channels in the description box below people feel it has just come we must never stop to apply it all over husk up and I will make sure to massage hot stuff when massage a husk up dos crash dog scratched just up in you will see how I’m dumping in my fingers just up press it a little bit don’t scratch don’t put a scar on your scalp press a little bit allowed the eye to wet your scarf but don’t use too much oil just a little bit even if you have a boss brace or twist any hairstyle you are happy try to be up spray the coconut water apply the oil twice in a week and then the coconut water was in a week on your scalp don’t forget to subscribe to my head Changi freedom spice I will be uploading the tutorial video of this head on my channel freedom spice don’t miss out the tutorial video and I have three YouTube channels freedom spice freedoms life and this very one freedom beauty and I please check the 3 YouTube channels out if you enjoyed this video give a huge thumbs up share with friends and family thank you so so much for watching this video and I will catch you guys in my next door [Music]

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