hello guys in this video I will be showing you guys another great way of making magic oil that would grow your natural hair to start I’ll be using two coconuts you can use how many as you want can you stand it and I would just break the coconut and the slash so that it will be easier for my blender to blend the coconut [Music] and they if I am done PCC the coconut I’ll go ahead and blend it with warm water not cold water warm water [Music] lions roaring in the Morning Sun searching for the lung good day people feeling like the light has just come we must never stop the way [Music] I would be using this very want to do coconuts rice tomorrow and I would just leave it to tomorrow these are what I will be using later veggie have fertilizer in the aloe vera and I would just go ahead and the fitter the oil removed the oil from it as you guys are seeing right now we just use pull to remove the the oil and I will allow it to bar for five minutes I will load the gas the first I have video I made a lot of people are selling the oil they are making tons of money with the oil I’m so happy that I was able to shed such great ideas and a lot of people are giving testimony or the fast I showed you guys don’t forget to also check that out I will put the link to the video in the description box below and go ahead and cut the aloe vera inside the boiling oil like this oh Allah the boat true just cook for five minutes and like I said before loaded glass don’t forget to follow my channel YouTube channels free doors life free those ties and this very one freedom beauty subscribe to my youtube channel thank you so so much what I would do not to keep the water this water I’ll be using this water to be detangling my hair spray in this water coconut water sometimes on my head I will put the water inside this ball hair spray ball and I will place it in the fridge time I want to detangle my hair would be spraying a little bit of this same of this water and if I’m also happy braids or coral sometimes maybe twice in a week I will be sprayed in the water to be using the coconut water to massage my scalp this water is also very good for your skin before you take a shower especially this soma just pray in this water on your skin leave it for 75 minutes before you we go and take a shower is very very good for your skin also very good for your skin not only hey [Music] that is girl income and then I will add the oil to CUDA before I would press in the veggie have fertilizer inside the oil like this depend on the amount of oil you are having if you are having much oil pressed in more veggie fertilizer the birds of just week we will always take a stand [Applause] go ahead and put a little bit of rice inside the oil and I will cover it up and shake it you we give testimony of this oil I have a lot of great ideas on how to grow natural hey I was so make part 2 video to show you guys how to apply this oil on your head if you want me to show you guys the part 2 video how to use this oil on your hair don’t forget to give a huge thumbs up to this video comment in the description box below if you want me to do the part 2 video share with friends and family thank you so so much for watching this video if you enjoyed me sharing these great secrets with you guys and I bye [Music]

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